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For those of you who have emailed me questions I thank you, there are 5 parts of this series available to view on the LIVESTREAM platform.  This series will complete at 7 parts.  If you have any questions please email me at and I will endeavor to cover them in the next 2 parts of this series.    This work is based on the TRUTH Codes book which is available in both hard copy and pdf and is available on the main Karen Dover website.

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“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


Walking through the veils of illusion in TRUTH

As the energies now begin to expand and to deepen the human life experience is one that is becoming richer and richer at all moments of all moments. Many of you may now be anchoring just how amazing the human life experience is in relation to the DEPTH of experience that can be experienced at any one moment. It is to be remembered that your human vehicle is upgrading and shifting NATURALLY through this process, the challenge if you will is to allow the upgrading and the shifting that is unfolding through you, around you and within you.  The universe is by DESIGN and the human vehicle is a miracle in itself, it has merely been kept in a lower vibrational frequency, so when it begins to work with and to decode the higher dimensional frequencies it will automatically and NATURALLY begin its own evolution process.

As you move through these intense energies it is important that you surrender to the NOW moment, the human logical mind is not too keen on the NOW moment as it has been TAUGHT to project into the “future” or the “past”, both scenarios designed to keep you from accessing the NOW moment and allowing PEACE to be anchored. At this moment in time take a moment to understand how you FEEL, take a note of your surroundings and what is going on in the NOW moment, PEACE can only be achieved NOW moment to NOW moment. NO ONE knows what will happen in the coming few minutes, that is the miracle and the excitement of the human experience.

To have your life planned in minute detail and to try to then steer your life so that you are holding tightly on to one outcome will see you attempt to place the constraints back around you, a bit like a prisoner being freed from prison only to run back into the jail cell and close the door once again.  Indeed it may take some practice to be able to stay in the NOW moment, after all you have been TAUGHT and therefore practised being in anything but the NOW moment for your entire existence on this planet. Compassion for SELF is therefore a must at this time.

An experience is what it sounds like an EXPERIENCE, said experience is never repeated for all is unique and energy moves and shifts at all moments.  “Past” experience is a tool of the old 3D earth created construct and will attempt to stop you in your tracks at this time. Remember you are akin to a child learning to walk again, you may appear to be in the “same” human form that you originally incarnated into but you do not exist in the same dimensional energetic space. Expansion is available to you at all moments of all moments. It is the human logical mind that traps the experience and tries to frame it into a solid creation, this is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.


This may see you move and shift and your guidance and your experience become very fluid indeed, it is also to be remembered that guidance and perception of said guidance, whether this be in the form of personal guidance taken through by you from the universe or through your dream time state is not set in stone. It is not something to be held on to tightly, it will give an outline that can be expanded beyond at all moments. Many of you are trying to get a definitive hold on something that JUST IS and many of you are attempting to find a path that is already created for you and one that you simply need to walk down. Again this is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities. There is no DEFINED path in the New Earth, this would negate the actual expansion and experience within the expansion.

This may be confusing to you at a human conscious waking mind level and this is merely the human logical mind attempting to define something that JUST IS, the old 3D earth created construct was a KARMIC construct, there were defined paths based on frequency vibrations which were static, this is not the case in the New Earth frequency realities.  The frequencies within the New Earth frequency realities are FLUID and can be moved through, around and within as you choose.

At this time you are asked to walk through the veils of containment that you have been TAUGHT exist, these are the boundaries of your “jail cell” within the old 3d earth created construct. What do you believe that you cannot do? the universe and the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH are attempting at this time to show you that the “solid wall” is nothing but a heavily disguised veil. Your expansion is entirely your own choice, there is nothing that you cannot do in this your human life experience, you have merely been TAUGHT that you cannot do it.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Birthing the “NEW” through, within and around YOU in TRUTH

There is much movement in the outer waking world at this time, the fluidity will now continue to build and to expand and it is vital that you not only release but begin to CREATE for as you release the old 3D earth created construct then YOU are asked to REPLACE that which is released with YOUr CREATION in TRUTH.  This is done by actively dreaming, this is taking the components that you wish to see ACTIVE in your outer waking reality and begin to breathe life into them.

This is not only done on an energetic level but on ALL levels of your BEing, the ARCHITECT, DESIGNER and CREATOR of your New Life experience upon this planet earth is YOU.  In essence you are being handed the reins of your life moment to moment, as you become more and more adept at working with the New Earth energetic frequencies you will begin to NATURALLY create and move into expansion. The challenge comes as you release, for the emotions may appear to swamp you at times, you may feel as if you have taken a step back when indeed you have merely dissolved a SOLID block that has been within you. As you allow the release then the fluidity will begin to move on all levels of your BEing and this may be challenging.

For in human waking form many of you have been taught to distance yourself from the pain of the emotions. At this moment you are asked to feel the pain as it is released. This may take moments or may take longer, there is no time frame on this as YOU are the one who has been holding on to the patterns. Tears are the way in which the human vehicle releases pain and tears must be accepted.  Let me be clear on this next challenge, you are NOT being asked to relive the pain, you are being asked to acknowledge and ACCEPT that there is pain there.  At no point in the release are you asked to step into the trauma or stay there, indeed the release and the momentum of the actual release will see you sail through much of this process in ways that may leave you breathless.

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

This is not the process that you have gone through within the transition process either. for any of you that are sitting thinking “yawn, been here before” look again. At this time you are asked to RELEASE the patterns and the frequency, it is from the patterns of frequency that the behaviour comes from, it is not the other way around. It is not possible to have the same behaviours and reactions when the frequency is released, the frequency CREATES the emotion reaction and behaviour. This is what has been hidden in plain view for the human race.

The energies now seek to heighten and expand, for many of you this may be an intense time with no “let up” and no “respite” and this is deliberate, this is a release process, it is not a walk down a memory lane of pain as this has no servitude, you did and experienced what you did/have based on being TAUGHT a distorted frequency believing that the you were other than YOU ARE, therefore LOVE and COMPASSION for SELF is paramount at this time as well as for every sentient BEing in the universe.

There are no “bad guys” and “good guys”, there JUST IS, it is what you have been TAUGHT to believe about this planet and this universe that seeks to show you other than JUST IS and this is also to be released. Holding on tightly to duality and who is what and why will see you in chaos as the outer waking world dissolves and become fluid. The world as the human race has been TAUGHT is now barely there, it may look similar but it does not FEEL similar and this will become more and more obvious as those who have taken human form begin to thaw out and to move and shift in TRUTH.

TRUTH JUST IS, the perception of TRUTH alters hugely as you move through this process, remember ALL JUST IS, what you perceive to be can change at any given moment, ALL JUST IS, TRUTH now anchors across, within and through the human race as a race that has been blinded to ALL THAT IS is now given clarity of vision and depth of experience beyond anything they have encountered.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show 29th October 2014



A reminder that I will be LIVE on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show at 7pm EST (USA) on the pyramid one network.  Join me live as we discuss the energies that are flowing across the planet and explain how to work with these energies to find peace in a world that appears to be anything but peaceful.   Call 843 300 1399 or join us in the chatbox.


Acceptance of ALL that IS at human conscious waking mind level

In order to move and shift in frequency there has to be an acknowledgement and acceptance of that which is presented.  For many of you at this time the ability to dismiss what is occurring around you is no longer an option. From family patterning that is now presented as unworkable to situations where many of you are becoming tired of “repeating”, all is moving into place to be released, prior to this it must be acknowledged and ACCEPTED at a human conscious waking mind level.

There are many, many teachings that seek to teach you to disconnect from what is happening at any one moment. In a world where the outer waking reality is extremely uncomfortable at many levels of the human life experience it is vital that you acknowledge and accept where you are at this time and find peace with this.  You are where you are meant to be at any given moment as the walk out of the old 3D earth created reality is one that you are being guided with. Remember you came here to this life experience in order to release the KARMIC dimensional realities that you have lived within for eternity. ” YOU CANNOT fail at what you came here to BE” (- HCoO, thru Karen Dover) for only YOU ARE YOU.

You may at a human conscious waking mind level ask why it is important to accept the outer waking reality when you do not like it, remember ALL JUST IS, it is the teachings that seek to teach you that it is one way or another that is seeking release at this time.  Therefore accepting the situation AS IS will show you what it is that you are running that seeks to teach you otherwise. There is no “negative” nor “positive” in TRUTH as ALL JUST IS. Again the teachings that you have anchored deep within your human vehicle seek to teach you that something is other than “JUST IS”.

ALL is a frequency and ALL can be moved and shifted but not until it is first of all seen. Many at this time are attempting to ignore what is placed in front of them. This “distancing” is a deep teaching from the old 3D Earth created construct which seeks to teach you to accept your own “version” of what is presented to you.  To work to release this filter you must accept that ALL JUST IS and this will then illuminate what you have been TAUGHT to believe about the world in general.

It is to be noted that it is not enough to simply to work at an energetic level at this point, it must be brought into your physical waking human conscious mind in order that you are able to translate the life that you have been living into a context that is understood at a human waking mind level.  This works to bring the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH through into your physical being and into the waking world at ALL levels of your BEing. Many people are okay with working energetically but then separate themselves from the energetic work by separating that work from who they are at a human waking mind level.

It is not “spiritual” to work at an energy level for ALL in this universe is ENERGY in TRUTH, it is the frequencies that have been anchored within the human vehicle that seek to distort the decoding of the frequencies that exist around you.  Therefore it is not helpful to try to place situations, events or scenarios in any “boxes”.  ALL JUST IS.  Indeed the separation of who you are at a human level and how you energetically work is one of the greatest distorted teachings that exist within the old 3D earth created reality. ALL are ENERGY and ALL came from SOURCE, just because you believe that you cannot work with energy due to a teaching that you have been TAUGHT does not negate that YOU ARE ENERGY in TRUTH.

To view another human being and assume that because they do not “actively” work at an energetic level is therefore to walk in the blindness of the filters of the old 3D earth created reality. The human race are comprised of human vehicles into which an ENERGY has been poured. No one is “asleep” on this planet no matter what is presented, many are “ACTIVELY” asleep helping the human race move into the evolution that is now under way. To separate yourself from the human race and place yourself in any “category” is still separation, it is merely disguised separation.

Now at this moment you are asked to accept the outer waking reality and to ACCEPT ALL JUST IS. Only from this position can you then take the necessary steps to alter your outer waking reality at this time.  This acceptance clears the fog of the veils of distortion. It allows you to see that which has been hidden in plain view, that a race has been kept separate, divided and in pain for eternity and this race is now at a point where they can release this distortion and move into UNITY in TRUTH.


“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Finding Balance as you “let go” of the old 3D earth created construct in TRUTH

For many of you “today” may have reached your consciousness in a huge wave, many of you may feel slightly off balance, weepy, extremely emotional or extremely tired. The energies are peaking today in response to the New Earth heightened energies that are now flooding across the planet. I have been guided to pre-record tonight’s scheduled LIVESTREAM session and this will be available to view from 10pm CT (USA).

It is important to realise that you are at all moments releasing the tight grip that the old 3D earth has on your human vehicle. As the outer waking reality begins to take on a more fluid dynamic this may trigger you at deepening levels, hence the creation of the 7 day “TRUTH Codes- Finding Peace within” sessions.  It is important during this time of major transformation that you are able to reach deep into your heart space and to calm the storm that may begin to try to take anchor there.

YOU are not your emotions, they are simply frequencies that you have been taught to ANCHOR deep within your human vehicle. The New Earth energies are working to release this ANCHOR and to detach the frequencies from within the cellular structure of your human vehicle.  The rising of emotion deep within your BEing is not a sign that your life is out of control, it is a sign of FLUIDITY and must be acknowledged as such. The captain of your boat is YOU and you can choose whether to sail the boat or allow the boat to be buffeted by the storm that is created on the release of the ANCHOR.

You have been kept anchored deeply to shallow waters in a harbour that you have been taught is a “safe” harbour but this harbour has become your jail cell at a human conscious waking mind level. The movement of you through the millions of dimensional realities that exist within the karmic dimensional timelines has seen the boat become waterlogged and you have been unable to sail to new experiences, going over and over the same deep patterning and deepening the water-logging of your boat.

Now you are asked to pull up your ANCHOR and to allow the boat to sail the seas of human life experience. As the winds of change begin to blow into your sails you can allow the movement of your boat out of the harbour and the timber of your boat to dry out as you let go of  deeply held emotions. This allows your boat to gather momentum and allows for you to set sail to new shores.

At this time you may be at the very edge of the harbour or you may be hauling in the anchor. Both scenarios may bring up a sense of fear or bewilderment with you. At a human conscious waking mind level you may not have particularly liked where life has brought you but you KNEW it and now you are asked to let go of all that is “familiar” and set sail.  Like any voyage of discovery there may be an essence of both excitement and dread. After all how can you set sail on a sea that is unfamiliar and where are you setting sail to?

You are setting sail to a NEW EARTH and a NEW WAY of living. The journey is the experience that you will pick up along the way. You will go from hardly knowing how to sail your boat to understanding the WINDS OF CHANGE and how they move you to new experiences. You will become familiar with the WAVES of CHANGE that move your experience to deepening levels. You will begin to find balance as you move around your boat and often you will dock in harbours along the way to rest, recover or gather more information.

CHANGE is now becoming more and more fluid, as a race the human race has been TAUGHT to fear this frequency and yet it is hidden in plain view. for ALL changes at all moments of all moments. Your human vehicle may look the same as it did 5 mins ago but it has changed in frequency for ALL is energy and energy never stops moving, it is never static, it is fluid and now you prepare to allow this fluidity to enter your life experience and allow the movement that the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH has brought you to this dimensional timeline to experience at a human conscious waking mind level. For ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



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