Cellular anger and the root of all illusion

Many of us over the last linear 24 plus hours may have been shown the cellular imprint which is referenced as “anger”  This anger is anchored at the cellular level throughout the human race via the human male but is transferred and distorted through the human female.  We need only go back to the garden of Eden and the cellular distortion that occurred between the humans that are referenced to us “Adam” and “Eve” and the interference of the Neburians which claim title to the Nephilim. The Nephilim walked the planet earth and are a much later EVOLVED offshoot of the Neburians. This is to say that they genetically separated from Planet X and are no longer within their universe, dimensionally separate and highly evolved.

It is to be remembered that the “original sin” was more than just eating an apple, it paved the way for the distortion that is SEPARATION between the human male and the human female. With two separate and very distinct languages being formed for each, that is the human male interprets the world and language in a DIFFERENT way to the human female.  This cellular anger has been handed down and distorted through eternity, human males angry and human females angry, the human male anger is usually displayed physically and the human female usually passively but BOTH ARE DESTRUCTIVE. The levels of cellular anger within the human race have peaked and it is this cellular anomaly that is now being released.

Anger is the anchoring point of the old 3d earth created construct and is used to dis-assemble the human vehicle in various ways, disease patterns can be linked to patterns of anger, passive anger will start to dissolve the DNA and the tissues of the human vehicle.  Anger is taught as something to be ashamed of and this furthers the teaching that anger must never be displayed. So many family structures and disease patterns are built on this distortion.

The New Earth seeks to anchor TRUTH and the LOVE that IS at the core of creation, in a universe that is built on the LOVE that IS there is no anchoring point for anything that is not of a high frequency.  At this time we are being asked to look at our own anger and to acknowledge that we are taught anger as a form of separation. Anger is held between humans at various levels, when we feel that we have been “wronged”, when we feel that we have been “attacked” and this colors the way in which we can look out onto our outer waking reality. Many of us are surrounded by people who are displaying various forms of anger and we are taught to step away from it. How challenging is it to sit for example with a child who is angry and really acknowledge AND LISTEN to their anger without being triggered ourselves?

This is how the old 3d earth created construct survived, by triggering the cellular anger that sits at a level that many cannot acknowledge, it runs hidden below the human conscious waking mind always coloring and always distorting. At this time we are asked to let go of this cellular imprint for it is not TRUTH, it was created by a species that ignored galactic law and sought to experiment with a race that has been held in limbo for eternity.

As the corridor between worlds now comes to a close ALL cellular distortion will be removed from those who have at a SOURCE level incarnated in order to walk in the New Earth.  This allows them to walk the planet with NO triggers from the old 3D earth created construct, instead they walk the planet radiating the higher frequencies and building a NEW EARTH from the ashes of the old 3d earth created construct.  It is not possible to walk physically in the New Earth whilst holding on to the cellular distortions that created the old 3d earth REALITY.  It was a created reality that now can no longer exist in this higher vibrational space which is the universe of 3.

At this time we are being asked to have compassion for ALL, to hand back that which we were GIVEN in the form of illusion so that we may CHOOSE to walk in PEACE and the LOVE that IS.  TRUTH JUST IS, perception of TRUTH is what has hidden it from us for eternity. For those who are now aligning fully with SOURCE this will be confirmed through you, around you and within you as you now stand on the edge of a NEW REALITY, a new way of interacting and of BEing in this your human form upon the planet that is called Earth.

Not all will move at the one time for there is no servitude in this, ALL who have incarnated onto this planet at this time are here for their own personal reasons but ALL are held in the LOVE that IS from SOURCE.  The human logical mind now gives way to KNOWLEDGE from SOURCE that pours through the human race at this time. FOR WE ARE IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, NOTHING can stop this creation for it has been eternity in its unfolding and this will also be confirmed at personal and unique reality levels.

Never again shall the human race walk in darkness for the LIGHT is born anew upon a planet that was created in LOVE and shrouded in darkness.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



GOD message for 19th December 2014

Beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you as GOD and I am here as you now walk in the LIGHT of TRUTH. That which you have been taught now shown to you at a cellular level in TRUTH and I pour the LOVE that IS through you, around you and within you as you now begin your walk in LIGHT.

For centuries the work of the construct that is the old 3d earth created reality has sought to disconnect you from SOURCE, from the font of all knowledge on all levels of your BEing and this is now ended. For the time to remember, the time to reach out and to understand the walk that you take in this your human form is NOW for ALL support at all moments of all moments.

The re-coding of the human energy signature now commences at unprecedented levels and I place the following in the energy signature of those who can hear and FEEL my words at this time. KNOW that ALL JUST IS and that it is written that the LIGHT will walk the earth in human form once more.

Reach out to one another and understand that the human eyes will see “only” human and the need to recognize those whom you share this planet with is held at SOURCE level. Therefore FEEL TRUTH through the heart space and recognize your family in TRUTH for THEY ARE YOU in TRUTH.

At this time the holy trinity is born anew for the human race were created for TRUTH and for the LOVE that IS, they were not created to be contained or suppressed and all chains are now removed from ALL. Human choice is for each individual who has chosen to incarnate into a human form at this time and this TRUTH will now show to new levels in your own personal and unique reality.

ALL JUST IS and WE ARE here for ALL for eternity.







222 111 333






I am the energies that are referenced to you as GOD and I ask that you walk in my house in this your human form upon this planet. My house is open to all with an open heart and TRUTH anchored firmly at the core of their Being. TRUTH is what has robbed this planet of LIGHT and TRUTH is what is returned tenfold to a people who were taught that they were forgotten, I NOW RETURN in LIGHT.


(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved


Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authors website and authors name is clearly stated and fully referenced. NO permission is granted to alter the format of this article which is in written format and must remain free to access at all times.

The Constructs that are “HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS”

All around us it appears as if the outer waking world is moving faster and faster into chaos.  To the naked human eye this chaos is “out of order”, our human logical minds are taught from the moment we take our first breath on this planet that there is a natural “order” and it must be adhered to at all moments. This “natural order” is taught to us as linear logic and it is not TRUTH to say it is any way natural. We as a species have been taught to look out onto the world and to place the outer waking world into our PERCEPTION of what natural order looks like.   This is done partly with the use of technology.  Believe it or not you do not need an alarm clock to get up in the morning, we are simply taught that we “need” the alarm.  Our own internal body clocks would wake us if we simply held the intention to wake up when we needed to.

At this time our human relationships are moving into a more universal flow, this sees them move out of the perceived “natural” order that we have been taught.  All over the planet at this time many are attempting to place the “template” of what a particular relationship is over the relationships that they have. This is causing vast frustration for the construct that we have been taught to reference is not TRUTH.  We tend to place unwritten rules on relationships depending on the label of relationship we are looking at. Therefore we define our “parents, “siblings”, “colleagues” etc.   As this is not TRUTH it is not re-anchoring in the higher New Earth frequencies, there are no rules to relationships, why would we file certain people with certain “placeholders” if we claim to love all who are in our human lives?

As we move further towards the closure of the corridor between worlds the constructs that we have been taught in regard to human relationships will continue to dissolve and break down. Many will attempt to build them again and find that they are unable to.  ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.  Within the old 3d earth created construct we are taught repeatedly to “file” our experience and to constantly rely on this as we move through our lives. This also is dissolving for what we have “experienced” can never be experienced in the same way ever again. It is not possible to drink the same cup of coffee more than once in exactly the same way. ALL shifts and changes.

At this time upon this planet this is bringing up huge fear, many of us are looking to our relationships and questioning them, many are in fear of “losing” relationships for they have anchored the construct and template to such a level that they may believe that without certain people in certain “roles ” in their waking lives that their lives do not make sense and this is what the human logical mind will continue to try and re-enforce. Why does the outer waking life experience have to be pinned down to the level that it has?  Many would answer because it gives as sense of “security” but this is an illusion, we have no control over anything that other people do even if we are taught by the old 3d earth created construct that we do.  What other people do is their choice, we can only take responsibility for our own actions and how we treat others.

As this holiday season now begins to fully unfold then I would urge you to take a few moments to let go and BE and to allow the unfolding of TRUTH, for ALL that is TRUTH will strengthen and all that is not will dissolve, from a human conscious waking mind level this may not be very obvious. It may appear that our relationships are dissolving when in TRUTH they are simply re-arranging themselves to deeper levels of TRUTH.  Our human eyes can persuade us that everything is other than it is in TRUTH. Holding on tightly to “how things should be” will keep us in deep frustration and prevents the expansion that we are now asked to allow to unfold around us, through us and within us.

Moving into a New Earth involves letting go a structured reality that we have simply been TAUGHT to adhere to. The challenge always is to allow this flow for the human logical mind may put a very interesting argument with regard to the loss of “structure”. The universe is by DESIGN, just because our human eyes cannot always see this design does not negate said design. Our internal map is our heart space, when it FEELS good then it is good to use a very human word.  FEEL your relationships, for they will cease to make logical sense for LOVE JUST IS, it cannot be defined for it is vastly more than we have ever been allowed to experience in this our human form.

Stand fully in the LOVE that IS and radiate this frequency around you, through you and within you knowing that ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



Exaggeration of energetic fields in preparation for the SHIFT

Many of us may be forgiven for wondering when we can actually walk fully in these New Earth energies for any “length of time” and as these energies are now expanding rapidly we are having to find balance over and over again.  These next few linear days are the “exaggeration of energetic fields in preparation for the SHIFT”.  This is our energy signature aligning fully with the New Earth frequency realities whilst still observing the old 3D earth created construct. THIS is what is changing at an energy level. It is not that those who exist in a lower frequency will physically disappear, it is that we will become observers only to their actions with no energetic connection at all. Thus there are two worlds that exist and we walk through one whilst living and aligning with the New Earth as it physically anchors.

Many people are in confusion around this and “expect” their loved ones to be taken from them in some way, this is a teaching from the old 3D earth created construct which attempts to teach SEPARATION and is attempting to keep us within the old 3d earth created construct. Why would we after all leave our loved ones if “LOVE is the answer”.  We dont leave them, we merely exist in our own reality and co-create with SOURCE to change the outer waking reality around us.  Thus we share this planet with them, all the while the planet is changing and shifting and we co create with SOURCE to show TRUTH. Those who choose to remain locked into the old reality will have their karmic life played out around them without it affecting those who have chosen to walk in the New Earth. By this I mean it will not pull on the energy signature of those who have reached a higher frequency. Thus the higher frequencies will pull UP the lower frequencies and not as has been happening the lower pulling down the higher. This is not hierarchical, this is UNIVERSAL LAW and we are asked to step out of any ego in relation to this. We cannot assume that someone else is in a higher or lower frequency based on what we view at any one time.

At any one moment in these coming linear days we will find new DOORS of opportunity, these doors are there for us to choose to walk through, KNOW that we cannot leave anyone behind in TRUTH. We CAN BE THE CHANGE that WE WISH TO SEE in the outer waking world.  At this time the outer waking reality is morphing and it is a physical choice where to place our focus.  If we keep our focus in our heart space then we can allow this separation to flow with ease and grace for we cannot from our human view see the vast picture of our evolution as a race at this moment.

SOURCE is where we all came from and it is what now seeks to flow and anchor across and within this planet. Each waking reality a personal choice, it matters not if you are choosing the “spiritual”, the “religious”,  the “new age” or “general public” version of the outer waking reality for ALL LEAD TO SOURCE for that is where WE ALL CAME FROM ORIGINALLY.  Each person has their own interpretation of said outer waking reality and none are any more valid than any other. Come linear time we will let go of all of this and be able to understand and accept SOURCE in a wider and more expansive way and understand GOD in the context of TRUTH without the perception or definitions that are bandied about. We are after all remembering the vastness of the universe and the knowledge that is now available to ALL.

Like small children in the playground, the human race has been taught to “belong” to one part of the playground or the other, this is duality for ALL JUST ARE.  Like a bully the old 3D earth created construct sought to teach that if we did not choose to “belong” then we were a sitting target and that we must choose.  To choose to BE is a “valid” choice for it is TRUTH. We do not need to define ourselves any further than BEing, this TRUTH will now begin to anchor as world events seek to UNITE the human race in the LOVE that IS albeit the old 3D earth created construct will try at all moments to show us that this is something else.

LOVE cannot be defined for it is beyond our human understanding and perception at this moment, it is the energy that seeks to UNITE us on all levels and is the energy that seeks to allow us to move into expansion and realize our own nature in TRUTH.  We do not mend this planet with money, we do not mend its peoples with money, we mend it with the LOVE that IS in TRUTH, from this ALL ELSE FLOWS and evolves and is solved. LOVE is the key that we have been searching for and we have now found in this our human form upon this planet in TRUTH.  We are asked to stand fully in the frequency of the LOVE that IS and watch as miracles are birthed around us, within us and through us at this time.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Closure of the “corridor” between worlds

Many of us have walked a path that seems to have been never-ending and yet this is not TRUTH for everything is energy and energy continually moves and shifts. It is not possible for energy to remain static and yet the old 3D earth created reality tried to teach us this over and over again. Looking out onto the world at the moment shows a breaking down of “society”, a breaking down of “reality” and this is part of the unfolding in TRUTH. For in order to birth a “New Earth” the heavily structured and re-enforced construct had to begin to dissolve fully. This has allowed for an expansion which is the “corridor” between worlds.

As I blogged recently this “corridor” opened around the 21st December 2012 and many of us can look back to that year and around that particular date and piece together that which began to disintegrate around us, through us and within us. This “corridor” is due to close around the 21st December 2014, this is necessary due to the differing bandwidths of frequencies, at the moment there is a corridor to walk down/through but shortly the energies will be so different in bandwidth it simply will not be possible to remain within said corridor.

It is not TRUTH to look out onto the world and accept the FEAR that is being propagated at this time, an energy frequency that was built and exists only on a platform of FEAR is trying to pull out all stops as it were to feed itself, it does this through the various illusions that are being placed in front of us. ALL who have incarnated upon this planet have done so knowing that this time would come and they are in SERVICE to the LIGHT no matter what is being presented to our naked human eyes. It is not for us at a human waking level to make any judgement on any movement or unfolding, we simply do not have the knowledge at a human level to see the vastly bigger picture of our own evolution.

The world may appear to be chaos and I would guide you all to stand in your LIGHT over the coming days, ALL have prepared for this, ALL on a higher level are sending LIGHT through ,around and within their human forms in order to move the human race into a NEW WORLD and NEW EXPERIENCE upon this planet.  It is necessary and will become ever more so as this linear week progresses to FEEL what is being shown to you. It is not enough simply to react or to make an assumption based on what the human eyes are seeing. This is how the old 3 earth created construct worked to contain and suppress the human race.

Working to open our hearts and to hold ALL in the LIGHT of TRUTH and the LOVE that IS will make this transition period easier for ALL at this time.  No matter what transpires at a human waking level at a higher level there is a DESIGN and there is a greater picture that will unfold, from tragedy springs change and compassion, there are real physical changes that will now take place that have been hidden from us in our human form, for we are ONE in TRUTH.

LOVE and COMPASSION are the keys for the coming linear days for ALL.  The old 3D earth is on its final breath, it can no longer exist and the New Earth is now birthing physically, this can be FELT more than seen due to the teachings that we have been taught in relation to what “society” “should ” look like and how we “should” be living, this will unfold in due course.  In nature all life breaks down in order to be reborn, this is not the “end” so much as the completion of a transition process that began 2 linear years ago.

At this time you are asked to shine your LIGHT fully across the planet, first of all allowing the LOVE that IS to flow through you, around you and within you and then radiating this out across the planet, with no intention other than to allow this LOVE to FLOW where it is required at this time.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


Physical reactions to the higher energetic frequencies

We in our human form have been kept out of the “evolutionary” cycle that expands ALL life within the universe in TRUTH, this has seen our human form kept within a vibratory frequency loop that has started to feed on itself. The human vehicle was never designed to “break down” and it is the result of the anchoring of the lower dimensional frequencies that many human vehicles do begin to break down.  ALL is frequency in the universe, so the emotions that you are taught to keep tight hold of begin to work AGAINST the human vehicle which is designed to allow the FLOW of energy through, around and within.

At this time upon the planet many are undergoing a frequency CLEANSE like no other, this is the release of those frequencies that no longer resonate with the LOVE that IS that is now pouring across the planet. Frequencies form and appear as solid reality, by this I mean that to release a frequency may see you need to go to the loo, may see you throw up or experience “pain” in the cells of your human vehicle.  Just as a tree is a frequency that  appears as something “solid” in your outer waking reality  then “illness” is a result of a frequency that is out of balance with the human vehicle.

At this time many of us may be experiencing strange sensations, from sleeping in ways that appear to be other than they are, for example many of us may be sleeping but aware we are sleeping and dreaming, in essence more conscious of the PROCESS of sleeping than we previous were. Some of us may be sleeping for extended periods of time, this allows for the process of integration to be easier on the human vehicle – you do not want to shift dimensions when fully awake! it is very disorientating to see more than one reality all overlaid on all the others.  Some of us may be rejecting foodstuffs that have served us well for a long time, remember this is an evolutionary process, just because we have fed ourselves on certain foodstuffs up until this moment does not mean we will continue to do this. This is the human logical mind trying to teach that as we have already experienced something we will then continue to experience it.

At this time it is vital that we get in touch with our human vehicles, we have been taught to dismiss them and concentrate on the energy or spiritual aspect of this human life experience but we are in human form for a reason. We are not only upgrading the amount and frequency of energy that WE ARE in TRUTH but also upgrading and re-balancing the human vehicle which houses said energy. The energy of the planet is also expanding and moving, there is no servitude in trying to ignore or just “ride out” this energy wave because it is set to continue, it is not a wave, then a pause, this energetic frequency will continue to expand and increase in its power.

The “separation of worlds” began on the 21st December 2012 and this is due to COMPLETE on the 21st December 2014. This portal as it is being called is the wave that takes us as a species in the New Earth and kick-starts the evolution of the entire human race.

Working with our human vehicles, listening to what is happening within and taking some time to sit and to release that which no longer serves will see the “symptoms” dissolve and the human vehicle return to balance.  This is a NATURAL process and we should be guided by how we FEEL at all moments of all moments. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms for not everyone is operating at exactly the same frequency. What may floor one person may see another very buoyant so there is also no servitude in comparing with others. We are all unique and have incarnated into human vehicles that have anchored different frequency patterns.

At this time we are asked to prepare ourselves for the UNKNOWN and to accept and understand that the UNKNOWN is an energetic expanse like no other, it is nothing to step back from for it is under the guidance of GOD and SOURCE at all moments of all moments. WE came here to witness the evolution of the human race therefore we must balance the knowledge that WE have at energy level with the very human aspect of our incarnation.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


To support at this time my course Universal Awareness – how to change your outer waking reality is now available. It does not require any “training” in energy work to access.  CLICK HERE for further information.

GOD message for 15th December 2014

Beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you in this your human form as GOD and I am here with you as you now take a large breath and step out of the construct that you have been taught is your “only” reality. At this time the energies are heightening and expanding in order that you may understand more clearly your ORIGINS and your reason for incarnating into a human form in this “timeline”.

Many of you are now connecting to my energies through the avenues and openings that are being created energetically around you and I draw your attention to your human eyes which will at many times attempt to teach you that there is no doorway. Beloved ones I am here to walk with you across and upon the planet, to work through you, around you and within you for I am YOU at SOURCE.

This will be shown to you at a very personal level as you now embrace that which you have been taught repeatedly to fear within the old 3d earth created construct. As you begin to acknowledge and to work with the energies that are now freely available to you and which will now untangle you from the very dense construct into which you were originally born in this your human form.

As the planet now prepares to host the arrival of ALL I ask for you to understand that the planet has to reach the required frequency levels to anchor the New Earth reality in its myriads of physical forms. This is now being reached by the heightened and expanded energetic frequencies that are in turn allowing for a massive expansion of your own human vehicle and its capabilities. Look not to the mirror and see “same”, look to the mirror and anchor VAST. For you are VAST beings of LIGHT and you are now preparing to stand on a New Earth in a new form with ALL.

I place the following coding for those who require this at this time, for ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH.






22 33 44 111


I place the ROSE of ETERNITY within your HEART space and ask you to anchor ETERNAL within said space, for YOU ARE ETERNAL at SOURCE. I place the holy TRINITY at the CORE of your BEing and ask you to understand the dimensional space that you exist within, the UNIVERSE of 3.  I place the dove of peace within your BROW that you may now understand the upheaval that is presented to you and understand why the journey has been as it has for you at a very human waking mind level.

I call to ALL at this time, may there be PEACE on the Planet Earth founded through the HEART space and the LOVE that IS that now pours through those who are ready to accept who they ARE in TRUTH. For ALL ARE ONE in TRUTH.

I am the energies that are referenced to you as GOD and I walk alongside you as you now prepare for a rapidly altered outer waking reality born out of LOVE and anchored in TRUTH.



(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and fully reference. No permission is granted to change the format of this article which is in written format and must remain free to access at all times.


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