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I will be presenting my first live-stream event on the TRUTH Codes channel tomorrow night (Friday 24th October) at 9pm CT.   Come join me as I bring through information to help you at this time move into a place of joy and peace as the world begins to shift and to move in response to the New Earth energies.

I will also be broadcasting via Br Sean’s live-stream channel, Doves for Peace which I shared yesterday on this blog.

A world that is created from a foundation of peace begins WITHIN. It begins from finding and anchoring the frequency of PEACE in the HEART space.  Many look out into the world and see the distortions and wonder how on earth anything can change significantly when what is reflected is said distortions.  It is to be remembered that the outside world is a reflection of that which has been TAUGHT to the human race within the old 3d earth created construct.  In order to influence and shift this outer waking reality then the frequencies that were TAUGHT to you as ways to live in a human form upon this planet must be released and the frequency of the LOVE that IS and PEACE must be allowed to both ankhor and begin to expand.


Therefore peace and LOVE are found within EACH human being upon this planet.  Radiate LOVE and PEACE as you move through your outer waking reality, understand that all who appear before you at this time do so for a reason.  At times this reason may only to be to anchor compassion within SELF, a race so out of balance that they have forgotten who they are in TRUTH may take some time to allow the balance to steady itself.

YOU are the centre of your own world, at ALL times finding peace and LOVE will see you begin to steady your outer waking reality. As you move through the world practice compassion and never assume. The human race were TAUGHT to live the way that they do, it can and will change moment to moment.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question” –     LOVE plus PEACE = CALMNESS   (1 + 1 = 3)

LOVE, compassion and PEACE must come from your heart space after being ankhored deeply.  If you do not start from within SELF then you are merely attempting to comb your hair in the reflection in the mirror without combing your hair in your waking reality. The outer waking reality is the CREATION that appears from WITHIN your inner SELF.  This was TAUGHT to you within the old 3d earth created construct the other way around, you were TAUGHT to focus on the outer waking reality in order to hide YOU from you.

Let us now begin to build a New Earth, a New World based on PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY, TRUTH and JOY.


Please open your heart and listen in LOVE

Meditation to release ANGER at cellular level in the human vehicle

I am guided to share this meditation at this time.  Please be gentle with SELF at this time and have COMPASSION for SELF, how you release the frequency will be individual and personal.  Sleep and SUGAR are natural ways to rebalance the cellular structure of the human vehicle.  Please honor your human vehicle when it asks for more /less sleep and certain foodstuffs. You are attempting to repair your cellular structure at a FREQUENCY LEVEL , logic has no place in this process.


This meditation is best done near water, please avoid doing this meditation immersed in water, this will not serve.  Close your eyes and take your focus to your heart space, visualise your heart and allow your heart to be SHOWN TO YOU.  Simply view the heart and accept what you are shown in this space. Next take your attention to your lungs and ask to be shown your lungs as a symbol.  The lungs in the human vehicle are a representation of GRIEF and this meditation will help reset the resonance of both the heart and the lungs as they work TOGETHER at a frequency level.

Allow any emotion that begins to arise within you to rise through you. Let it flow and become the observer.   Then visualise a huge lake, make the lake as beautiful as you can, view the water as sparkling and clear and above all beautiful.  Then visualise yourself walking to the lake in front of you. Ask to be shown a symbol of your anger and then place the symbol that you are shown in the lake. Watch how the symbol interacts with the lake water.  Continue to ask for symbols of anger and continue to place them in the lake water until you are shown no more symbols of anger.

This may take 5 minutes or may take longer, there is no time-frame for any of this, simply allow yourself to BE as you do this meditation. Once you have placed all the symbols in the lake then simply take your attention back to your human vehicle. You may wish to ask to be shown your heart and your lungs once more after this meditation. Please do not expect “instant” results, your human vehicle will respond in its own personal and unique way.

This meditation may be repeated as often or as little as you feel that you need to.


Releasing “personal” anger from with the human vehicle

Anger is taught to the human race in a variety of ways, there are a variety of different frequencies related to the distortion which is taught as “anger” within the old 3D earth created construct.  Anger JUST IS, it is the context in which it is taught and ankhored that will see it illuminated in the ways that it is being illuminated  at this time.  Anger has often been described as a “hot coal” that burns and it is the burning that may be arising within you at this time. Whether this be racial anger, ancestral anger, gender anger etc, all has been taught to the human race as a basis from which to fuel the human life experience.

You may be reading this blog and thinking “what is she talking about, I am not angry”.  What this blog is addressing is anger at a CELLULAR LEVEL.  Let me give you an example to explain, I was born in Scotland, my cellular structure when I came onto this planet was CELTIC, so my base pattern for this human life time was already set when I chose to incarnate into a Scottish life time.   The CELTS have a history that is violent, wars, violence, famine, uprooting, the list is endless.  Many of you may be able to trace your “roots” to Scotland or indeed Ireland, both are of CELTIC origin.   Those who are familiar with Scottish peoples will see the anger that is ankhored clearly when the recent “independence” debate raised it head yet again.  It has served to illuminate a division that exists at CELLULAR LEVEL.  The human vehicle is after all a product of ancestry.  Tracing your human family tree will illuminate what your ancestors did and how they lived. This is adapted in human behaviour at various levels.

It is to be remembered that ALL IS NOW, therefore the history of the CELTS is STILL ACTIVE until it is released from the cellular structure of the human vehicle. It is also to be remembered that ancestral anger covers many topics and is displayed in various ways. Not all anger is displayed as the hostile aggression that is assumed when reading the word “anger”.

The New Earth energies that are flowing rapidly across the planet are illuminating the ancestral anger in order that you can both see and then release it.  You may have suffered from depression, anxiety, skin disorders, stomach disorders, aggression, mood swings etc at some time in your life or “battled” against them in this human life experience, these are the “bleed through” from the life times that play out that are fuelling the anger and triggering you in this lifetime from CELLULAR LEVEL outwards.

Anger works to BREAK DOWN the human vehicle, leading to various DIS-EASE patterns and as this is not TRUTH, by this I mean that the human vehicle was never designed to break down but to be SELF HEALING this frequency must be released in order to move in frequency and enter the New Earth realities in TRUTH.

At this time you are asked to LOOK WITHIN, to understand that the overlays and scenarios that are being created for you are deliberately triggering a frequency that is not TRUTH and can no longer resonate within the human vehicle. Illuminating it will then allow you to acknowledge it and release it. Failure to acknowledge it will see it shown to you at deepening levels.

Along with anger is taught shame and unworthiness.  The old 3D earth construct teaching that somehow you need to defend your right to life in human form, teaching you that you need to justify who you are in order to be accepted and loved. This is not TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and LOVE is what YOU ARE in TRUTH.  There is no need to justify who you are, who you are is YOU and YOU ARE LOVED.  It is now time to put down the swords and stop fighting, the fight of course taking place WITHIN the human vehicle.  Peace is achieved by acknowledging that you are who you are and that you cannot be anyone other than who you are. ACCEPTANCE COMES FROM WITHIN, it is not found in the people around you, indeed the people around you will change as you change your INNER LANDSCAPE.

The New Earth is built on LOVE and PEACE, these frequencies must be anchored at CELLULAR LEVEL and then radiate out into the world. In order to do this simply LOVE SELF and have compassion for SELF. The old 3D earth created construct TAUGHT you to be other than who you are in TRUTH. Accept and acknowledge this and then alter your cellular structure to one of LOVE and PEACE and radiate this out into the world around you.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



Urgent help required personally

I find myself in a situation that makes absolutely no logical sense and which sees me making this very public plea.  I am in need of accommodation in the HOUSTON area of TEXAS. Like many of you I find myself in a situation that appears to be other than it is. Circumstances change so rapidly at all moments.  If you can help me at this time please email me at

Without any help at this time I face a very dire situation indeed.


Karen x


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