Exiting the Old 3D earth reality BOOK NOW AVAILABLE

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

My latest book EXITING THE OLD 3D EARTH REALITY is now available.   It can be ordered in e-book or hard copy format from the main Crystalline Sanctuary website.  For those who have pre-ordered this will be sent out today.

Information update on karen-dover.com

I am at present uploading various further information in relation to the next phase of human evolution in the UNIVERSE of 3 to http://www.karen-dover.com.  Those who listened to Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show this week will have heard me explain why I am choosing to use the word “evolution” in place of “ascension” as the human race are now moving into full evolution of their species.

The awakening process that begins the evolution process has been termed the “ascension” process but this can lead to the belief that the process is one that leads to a finite destination within THIS human life experience and this is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth higher dimensional frequencies.   The human race were prevented from accessing any evolution in TRUTH due to the frequencies they were taught to anchor and the constrictive dimensional space that the planet itself was kept within.

With the movement into the UNIVERSE of 3 this process has been corrected and the evolution process has now kick started and is now expanding in TRUTH.  To access the New Earth higher dimensional frequency realities you are asked to let go of the construct that was taught to you as the old 3D earth created reality and the human life experience upon planet earth.

Events, scenarios and timelines will now unfold that show TRUTH to new levels for the human race as a whole and as you move into full alignment with your SOUL your personal reality will shift and change to reflect TRUTH at the levels that you have chosen to ANCHOR at cellular level.

I have uploaded information in relation to the THIRTEEN GUARDIANS of the portal of the New Earth frequency realities that resonate with 528mhz.  This information was channeled through me and is placed to confirm guidance that many of you have been receiving in your dreamtime/meditations.  As a representative of the THIRTEEN GUARDIANS in human form I am now offering the service of alignement to the portal of the New Earth at 528mhz.  This will be confirmation to many of you, to those who have chosen to enter the New Earth frequency realities via other portals it will mean very little.

To order an alignment that will see you fully aligned energetically and fully energetically move into wholeness in order to birth your creations at a human waking level in your outer reality please email me and I will invoice you.  This service is done at the moment on a one to one level and done via telephone /skype.  You will FEEL the call if your SOUL has chosen to walk through this particular portal.

ALL portals are now accessible to those who have taken human form upon planet earth.  For further information please visit http://www.karen-dover.com and click the tab THIRTEEN CRYSTAL GUARDIANS where you will find their own words to the human race at this time.

My work now expands in TRUTH and I am in the process of setting up a physical academy that will see the remembrance and teachings of the THIRTEEN be birthed through the human race.  More information will be forthcoming in due course.  For those of you who are interested in studying at the academy please send a registration email to info@karen-dover.com with FURTHER INFO ACADEMY in the subject line and you will be emailed further detailed information as it becomes available.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


AA Gabriel Message to humanity 22nd August 2014

Beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I walk with ALL as ALL now prepare to move into the higher dimensional frequency realities that have been opened to the human race.  No longer walking in the shadows of the old 3D earth created reality construct the human race are now able to walk in the LIGHT of TRUTH and to activate the higher dimensional portals in order to move into full FLOW of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.

At this time you are asked to focus on the dream that resides deep within your heart space. To focus on the LOVE that IS and pull this frequency through, around and within your human vehicle. That which has been guided by your SOUL is now blossoming in the outer waking reality which is your human life experience on Planet Earth in TRUTH.

ALL stand ready to support the movement of ALL at this time and you are asked to place the following coding into your energy signature:





33 22 11







I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I walk with ALL as the New Earth now blossoms fully in the outer waking life experience of those who would term themselves human upon the Planet Earth at this moment.


(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved


Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and fully referenced.  NO permission is granted to change the format of this article which is written and must remain free to access at all times.


Release of the “human family” blueprints in TRUTH

As the New Earth frequency realities continue to expand and manifest on the higher dimensional energetic planes it becomes necessary to release fully the blueprint that is “human family”.  As I have blogged previously the release of the foundation blueprint of “pain” in relation to the human life experience is akin to the operating system upon which various “programmes” were then able to run. Many of these sit hidden in plain view and none more so than that the blueprint of “human family”.  How many of you allow your human family members to treat you in a way that you would just not allow someone who was not a “blood relative” to?  How many of you at this time are feeling the huge energetic pull to remain in place from said “human family”?

It is to be noted that many have incarnated onto Planet Earth to mirror these blueprints very concisely to you in order that you are able to first of illuminate them and then detach from them.  I am not stating for one moment that your human family are to be excluded from this your human life experience, quite the contrary, but it is to be noted that the teachings around “human family” are restrictive and containing by their very nature.

As the human race now move into a new way of living and BEing it is necessary to expand BEYOND where you have expanded and this expansion is continual, many of you are under the impression that the “ascension” process is a destination. Expansion is the NATURAL evolution of the human race. It is has been halted and prevented in the previous energetic space that the Planet Earth resided in so the opening part of this “ascension” appears to be very fast and expansive, you are if you will simply “catching up” with SELF.

A new way of living and BEing cannot birth whilst you are held tightly in the rigid paradigms of “human family”.  Indeed it is within the paradigms of “human family” that the teachings are first of all anchored, it is where you are TAUGHT what it means to be part of said family, what is expected of you in relation to your human life experience and the unwritten and unspoken rules of acceptance are laid down.  Many of you at this time may be experiencing huge tension as your human family attempt to energetically pull you back into place whilst you try to expand.  Letting go of the teachings allows for you to move into expansion and as you allow the expansion you allow the space for their expansion also.

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

I am not stating for one moment that you are controlling or allowing their expansion, expansion is personal and unique and no one can “Pull” or “take” anyone else along the same exact pathway.  By allowing yourself to move into expansion you change the energetic signature of your human vehicle that allows those around you to make an energetic choice, of whether to remain in your energetic signature and expand or to move away in order to expand at a different rate. It is NOT TRUTH to assume that your human family have made any decisions at all, indeed it is not possible unless you conversed with their SOUL to determine the path that they walk and this must be acknowledged and worked with. There are many teachings within the old 3d earth created construct that seek to teach that someone who has not declared themselves on a “spiritual path” are somehow asleep. This is highly distorted for many who walk a spiritual path are as steeped in teachings as those who would state they walk no path.

This is a PERSONAL human life experience and you now stand on the verge of moving fully into your OWN PERSONAL human life creation experience. Each human being is after all a reflection and a facet of GOD who is the prime creator of the UNIVERSE of 3.  Struggle, pain and tension are born from the teachings of the old 3d earth created construct. Allowing all to release and standing in FAITH and TRUST of your SOUL at this moment is the way to move into fully expansion for TRUTH JUST IS and we in TRUTH lose no one in this our human life journey.

Those who are able to reach your energetic signature frequency will walk with you but note that they cannot walk the exact same route, each route is personal to each SOUL, they can however help illuminate that which your SOUL is trying to get you to see, the SOUL is in alignment with SOURCE and CREATION at all moments of all moments.  (For SOUL re-alignment please visit www.karen-dover.com where I offer personal alignment sessions).

At this time you are asked to breathe and to allow your SOUL to show you the miracle that YOU ARE in TRUTH. From this is created HEAVEN UPON EARTH, there is NO requirement to walk in the darkness and pain any longer. The choice is always before you even if you do not physically see it you can FEEL it. At this time you are asked to follow your HEART and to KNOW that LOVE JUST IS as you now begin to remember how to fly in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show 20th August 2014


A reminder that I will be live on Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show on the pyramid one network on Wednesday 20th August, 7pm (est) USA.   I will be discussing the changes to human consciousness and the expansion that is now available for you to move into. I will also be discussing the role of skull consciousness as the New Earth realities now birth physically into the outer waking human life experience. 

If you have any questions then please join us, call us on 1 843 300 1399  or talk to us via the chat box live during the programme. 


Return of UNITY to the human race in TRUTH

With the release of the “wounded hero” paradigm comes the opportunity for UNITY in TRUTH. (Please see previous blog here).  This blog may appear to be very triggering for those who have taken human female form, indeed the “wounded hero” may be a scenario that many are totally at home with, but a “wounded hero” is a dis-empowerment for BOTH sexes.  The “hero” unable to fully be himself and the female who loves him unable to move out of “carer” mode. This is not TRUTH, sacrifice on any level is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.

In the old 3d earth created construct the human female was taught to take responsibility for everyone including herself. This is highly distorted for numerous reasons, not least because in TRUTH you are responsible ONLY FOR YOU. You cannot be responsible for any other human being for you are not them, you exist in ONE human vehicle and the responsibility for what you do is yours alone. No one can ever MAKE you do anything that you do not want to, but the teaching of sacrifice is a deeply embedded one, from sacrificing for your children to sacrificing for your partner, all is TAUGHT to the human female and this breeds deep dis-trust of the human male and begins to breed separation and anger.  How many of you in human female form reading this have given up careers or given up your dreams in order to look after your “family”?

This teaching is also TAUGHT to the human male but in a different way, he is given full responsibility for the happiness and security of his entire family.  He is then further TAUGHT that as love=sacrifice that his needs and wants come second to those of said family.  So you have the human male and the human female both in sacrifice both believing that this is love. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.

I have often used the equation 1 + 1 =1.  This equation was the result of the containment of the old 3d earth created construct, as human males and human females were TAUGHT sacrifice then wholeness could never be achieved for only a WHOLE human BEing plus another WHOLE human Being can move into further expansion. The combination does not have to be romantic, it is the combined ENERGIES of said whole human Beings that create the third expansive energetic space (regardless of human form).  Now relate this to the 7 billion human BEings upon this planet and understand that this was deliberately disrupted, thus preventing the ascension of the planet and the human race.

What is now unfolding as the Planet Earth is now in the expansive energetic space of the UNIVERSE of 3 is EXPANSION in TRUTH. So as you move out of the old 3d earth construct and release the paradigms (which are frequencies) then you move into expansion and now you are asked to allow UNITY to anchor fully to cellular level. This will see the human race move into full ascension and begin to take their place within the UNIVERSE of 3 with ALL other sentient life that exists in this UNIVERSE.

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

It is not TRUTH to try to change the outer waking reality, this can only ever be achieved by changing and expanding your ENERGY WITHIN the human vehicle, something you are TAUGHT to ignore within the old 3D earth created construct. The chaos that is now unfolding in the outer waking human reality is but the mirror changing, the outpouring of emotions the release of the deeply held frequencies of the old 3D earth created construct. The chaos will intensify as the release continues and it may be very tempting to look at the world and see ONLY chaos and filter out that the outer waking world is but a reflection of the human race in TRUTH.

As the human race now move into expansion then the outer waking reality will shift and it will move into chaos until it fully stabilises, the old 3d earth created construct will attempt at all moments to get you to only focus on that which you see and not what you feel. Thus trying to feed said chaos in order to try to remain in place but as this is not TRUTH it is not supported and many things will appear to be manifest only to dissolve in due course.

At a human conscious waking mind level in your own personal lives this will be reflected and I would guide you to focus at all moments on how you feel not what is being shown to you, the mirror may take some linear time to “catch up” to that which you feel flowing through you.

The human life experience now moves into realities that have never before been experienced at a human waking conscious level before and you are reminded that miracles are called miracles as they cannot be seen until they are experienced. The miracle that YOU are in TRUTH now births into UNITY in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



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