Urgent help required personally

I find myself in a situation that makes absolutely no logical sense and which sees me making this very public plea.  I am in need of accommodation in the HOUSTON area of TEXAS. Like many of you I find myself in a situation that appears to be other than it is. Circumstances change so rapidly at all moments.  If you can help me at this time please email me at info@karen-dover.com.

Without any help at this time I face a very dire situation indeed.


Karen x

Meditation to rebalance and re-align with FLOW

Each moment of each moment you are connecting out to, around and within the energy of both the planet, the universe and ALL. At this time there is much movement,  the outer waking reality is now shifting and moving and this will not stop, this is the beginning of FLUIDITY in TRUTH.  It can be disconcerting to try to walk on a path that is no longer “solid”, view it a akin to the moving walkways that are found at airports. It takes a different type of balance to remain standing when you walk on one.  Now imagine that your entire BEing is also moving and shifting as you are standing on said moving platform.  The balance required is completely different to balance required standing still on “solid” ground.

So I place this meditation here to allow you to access both points of FLUIDITY and achieve balance WITH, THROUGH and AROUND them at this time.

Take your focus to your breathing and allow the human vehicle to inhale and exhale slowly and softly, noting when you are in fact holding any breath and not allowing it to move and flow into and out of your lungs.  Then take your focus to your HEART space.  Imagine your HEART space like a swimming pool, make the swimming pool as beautiful as you wish, focus on the colour of the water and then allow the water to move. You may wish to example view a waterfall trickling into the pool or you may wish the pool to be like a lake with soft waves lapping from one side to the other, it is important that the water is not still.  Then simply walk into the pool, taking note of the emotions that arise within you as you begin to move into the water.  Concentrate at all moments on the water and how it feels to you, how it moves and glides and is FLUID.

Then begin to FLOAT on the water, you may have started trying to swim and you may wish to note the difference between trying to swim and just simply FLOATING on the water.  FEEL how the water SUPPORTS you, how you are a BUOYANT, the more you relax the more you will be able to just allow the FLOATING.  Imagine that the water is your outer waking life, you may wish to place symbols in the water with you for different elements of your human life experience.  Again notice how they FLOAT with you and around you. Then move your arms or legs and gently drift in the direction that you wish to.  Note how easy this is and how you can change direction and speed of FLOATING simply by moving an arm or a leg.  Then place a GOLD HEART in the water and FEEL the energy of this moving around you and WITH you as you FLOAT in a pool of water that holds the frequency of LOVE.

Stay in this space for as long as you wish, you may experience various emotions and a sense of calmness that begins to move around you, through you and through you.  To come out of this meditation simply take your attention back to your human vehicle and the room in which you are. There is no requirement to come out of the pool.

You exist as ENERGY which is continually flowing and moving.  In your human form you have been TAUGHT to constantly move and shift and never be still.  In an environment which was deliberately kept static this tires the human form considerably, the old 3D earth creating an environment where to be still is frowned upon.  It is not possible to continually swim and try to expand energy continually swimming at this time, the energies are simply asking you to FLOAT and to re-balance and re-align with the outer waking human life experience.  In the meditation you will FEEL the support of the water and this is the support of the very fabric of the universe which is the LOVE that IS.  It does not require you to make physical movement to be supported, indeed the more that you can RELAX and BE the more support you will FEEL.

In a world that is now reaching a pivot point it is vital to take time to re-balance your human vehicle and to BREATHE and BE. The outer waking reality will continue to shift and come into balance in TRUTH. The more that you can let go and BE and allow the energies to support and help you the easier this transition to FLUIDITY will BE.   The human race is coming into a place of balance but balance in FLUIDITY is not balance in solidity as many of you are now finding out.  Balance is found from within it is never found externally.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


GOD message for 16th October 2014

Greetings beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you as GOD and I am here to explain and to move and shift your energy signature upon Planet Earth at this time. Much is moving into fluidity and as this fluidity begins to flow then many of you may feel as if you are drowning within your human life experience. This flow is the release of the deeply constrictive and destructive structures that have sought to contain the evolution of a species for eternity.  The New Earth energies now increase and expand in order that fluidity reaches levels of FLOW and not just levels of movement. This will see vast changes upon Planet Earth and vast changes within the human race in general.

Flow is achieved by being in the NOW moment of each moment, the human logical mind interprets FLOW as something “terrible” that must be stopped at all costs and this results in a stand off if you will internally. FLOW is the natural ebb and flow of energies which JUST IS.  You cannot stop FLOW as you cannot stop a river flowing and yet many of you at this time are attempting to do just this.

I place the following coding within the energy signature of ALL at this time and ask YOU TO BREATHE FULLY in the NOW moment:










33 22 77


I place the DOVE of PEACE within your HEART SPACE and ask that you allow PEACE to begin to FLOW through, around and within ALL areas of this your human life experience.  I place the GOLD ANKH of eternal life within the SOLAR PLEXUS and ask you to understand that the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH is vast and in constant movement and FLOW by its very nature.


BREATHE and BE for the outer waking reality must now move also into full fluidity, from the very static picture you have been taught exists to the natural ebb and FLOW and shifts and changes that JUST ARE.

I am the energies that are referenced to you as GOD and I walk with you always.


(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved



Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and fully referenced.  No permission is granted to alter the format of this article which is in written format and must remain free to access at all times.

New Course – Connecting to Skull Consciousness

In response to the New Earth energies that are now flooding across the planet, I have been guided to create a new course that can be done at your own pace. This course is Connecting to Skull Consciousness and is available from the main Karen Dover website.

2014-07-21 16.53.39

“Love is the answer, no matter the question”


Releasing the FEAR of the “unknown”

For many of you at this time it may be a time of utter chaos, as the old 3D earth created constructs begin to dissolve there are no reference points that your human logical mind can reach in this frequency and so the human logical mind goes into a panic.  Many of you may have felt the increase in energies over the past few days especially just on or at the full moon.  At a human conscious waking mind level this may play out with roles and patterns being shown for what they are in TRUTH.  The triggering that is done at a human conscious waking mind level may be intense with very physical symptoms that may appear in various forms.

It is to be noted that in order to allow the flow and the movement of the New Earth energies then you must move from being a “solid” to “melting” to “fluidity”. The “solid” form being the static, solid that the old 3D earth created construct teaches you to be in order to be present and live in human form upon this planet.  As this is released then this form moves to “melting” mode, where the energies begin to flow and movement begins to occur. It is in this movement that your deepest fears will begin to surface as you have been taught to hold tightly on to them and to create from WITHIN them.  As they begin to move to the surface you may begin to believe that they are real and that you must “do” something with them.  All you are required to do is to acknowledge them and then to allow them to flow. Attempting to address them or ignore them will see them begin to be “fed” with the very frequencies that you are trying to allow to release and dissolve.

This is done on ALL levels of your BEing so can be felt on ALL levels and will play out on all levels. Many of you at this time may be tempted to try to hold on to other lifetimes and try to live through these lifetimes by bringing them into your current waking reality. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth, only TRUTH is supported and TRUTH JUST IS.  The human race are moving into evolution, they are NOT recreating another reality that exists on any other dimensional level and this must be acknowledged and accepted and released fully.

The dance with other dimensional realities will have you remain in the “loop” of frequency from which this was/is birthed and will see you blind to the loop whilst feeding it.  The “unknown” has been taught to the human race as the “enemy”, to allow SELF to expand is to walk in the unknown and be in TRUST and FAITH of SELF at all moments of all moments, this does not mean that the unknown is indeed unknown for you are creating this at higher levels of your BEing and then allowing the expansion into said movement.

At this time there is much panic in the world, energetically a race that has been kept in isolation and kept in containment has just been handed the keys to the jail cell but much like a prisoner who has been kept caged and has subsequently adjusted to said cage the walk out of the jail cell may feel to be very scary indeed.


A New Earth and a new way of living is birthed through moving into expansion in ways never experienced before, it is not achieved by revisiting other dimensional timelines and trying to replicate something that has already been experienced despite how “comforting” or “secure” this may attempt to make you feel it is further distortion.  THIS is the only waking reality in which the New Earth can be birthed with off planet and inter dimensional distortions seeping into and throughout the old 3D earth created construct it is not  TRUTH to interact with them on any level. They will seek at all times to pull you out of balance and to pull you out of alignment.

At this time you are asked to allow the melting and the subsequent flow of energies through you, around you and within you, noting that at first this may seem overwhelming and may seem to be the very opposite of what your human logical mind wants to happen. ALL JUST IS and ALL IS BY DESIGN.  FLUIDITY has been prevented from being experienced by the human race until this moment and you are asked to BE.  As the outer waking reality begins to move into fluidity you will instinctively know when to move and to shift and to align fully with it.  It may feel as if you have been visited by an emotional storm, any storm has a calm centre and this is the place to BE whilst the storm rages and re-aligns the outer waking reality.  The shifting will be at a speed that you allow and can expand with, attempts at stopping the movement will see you in emotional pain and constriction and is not supported by the New Earth frequencies. By allowing the flow you allow expansion into the “unknown” which then shifts to become the known.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



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