Embracing the NEW EARTH in TRUST

As the old 3D earth created construct now begins to fully break down you may be wondering why it still “looks” as solid as ever and why it has not “shifted” in your outer waking reality.  It is to be remembered that the human eyes are designed to see that which the brain interprets and makes sense of. Therefore at any one time your human logical mind will try to teach you to see something the way it APPEARS TO LOGICALLY represent to the human brain. This does not make something TRUTH it only shows how the human logical mind will rely on past “pictures” of information in order to create that which is presented to you.

Filtering is high at this time, if you are asked to “look again” at a situation that is in front of you and feel hyper frustrated at being asked to do this simply soften your vision. That is allow your HEART to show you how the situation FEELS, for we are apt in our human form to EXPECT things to appear in our outer waking life experience in a particular way. This is what I refer to in the “past pictures” when talking about the human logical mind. You only have to look at “optical illusions” to see how easily fooled the human eye can be. The old 3D earth created construct knew this and deliberately made things APPEAR other than they were. It is only by FEELing into a situation that you can gain perspective and TRUTH, simply looking at what appear to be facts will have you FILTER out  the majority of information that is AVAILABLE to you but which the human logical mind will attempt to reject because the information is not presented to you in a “logical format”.

How often have you been in a situation where you had a “gut feeling” that you could not logically explain but felt was other than it was. How many times have you listened to your “gut feeling” over your logical mind? this is what the ENERGY that YOU ARE at SOURCE is trying to show you in relation to your human life experience. At first glance it may appear that there are no further steps for you to take, that you have reached a “dead end” and yet you can FEEL the doorway that you are being asked to walk through. The choice to walk through it is taken at an energy level, the outer waking reality is teeming with these energetic doorways that are “invisible” to your human naked eye because you do not have a reference point from which to decode the frequency that they represent.

Let me explain this further, it is similar to the 13th monkey principle. it your brain does not have a reference point for something it will filter it out and you will be unable to “see it”. This does not mean that the something is not there, only that your human logical mind has filtered it out, made it invisible to you if you will.  The human race is now moving beyond where they have gone in human form before, in human form you are being exposed to frequencies that you have never before in a human form been exposed to, hence some of what is around you will appear to be invisible until you acknowledge it and slowly it will then “solidify” into your outer waking reality. Many of you are walking this path at this moment, in high frustration with guidance or “gut feeling” that says to you something your logical mind cannot accept as it has no “proof”. This is also called FAITH and it is something that the human race has been prevented from experiencing to any depth. Hence you are asked to walk in FAITH of SELF and build this resonance. This allows you to walk in places only ever walked by angels before, again angelic energies resonating to such a high frequency that the human eye cannot “see” them. This does not mean that angels do not exist, only that the human eyes cannot perceive them.

Much like dogs can hear auditory that is beyond the human senses, there is much at this time which is sitting just beyond your human “vision”. At this time you are asked to move beyond where you have gone before and to allow the energetic gateways to open for you, it is always your decision of whether to walk towards them or simply ignore them as your human logical mind will attempt to teach you over and over again. By this point in your human evolution experience many of you may be experiencing things that others around you see as “impossible”, this will continue to expand and you will continue to explore for indeed that is exactly why you came here in this your human form.

For those who are experiencing deep frustration I am currently offering Angel Readings with the option of asking 3 questions, so if you are looking for your energetic “gateway” and cannot see it, allow the angels to communicate through me to you to show you where to walk.  Please visit www.karen-dover.com to order or email me at truthcodes@gmail.com.  Guidance is sent via email for you to refer to as necessary.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show 19th November 2014

Personal – moving into the New Earth

This post is a personal post,  I want to reach as many people as possible so am blogging on my own situation at this time. I am looking to rent an apartment in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana.  If anyone has any contacts or knows of anyone who can help me out – as in offering me a rental or has somewhere to rent, then please contact me.

New ways of living are created by new ways of working and of creating. Nothing in the New Earth appears to be what it is so am reaching out and asking the universe to respond.  I am at the moment looking for rentals the traditional way but guidance is to reach out and to TRUST.


Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show 19th November 2014



A reminder that I will be live on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show on the pyramid one network at 7pm EST (usa) this wednesday. As we announced on last weeks show we are dedicating this weeks show to human relationships and how you can bring them into balance in the New Earth. If you have any questions in relation to any form of relationship within the New Earth frequency realities you can call in live with your questions, you can chat with us in the chat box or you can email me via truthcodes@gmail.com.   The old 3D earth created construct contained human relationships and they are under much expansion at this time upon the planet. A New Earth is a new way of living and being and this will see a new way to relate to those around you in human form birthed through you, around you and within you. If you feel stuck at this time please phone in or contact us and we will discuss this on the show. If you required personal one to one help then I do offer sessions and these can be booked via the main www.karen-dover.com website.    Call in to the show on 1 843 300 1399.


AA Michael message to humanity 17th November 2014

Beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Michael and I am here with you as you now move out of the containment of the old 3D earth constraint and into the expansion of ALL THAT IS in TRUTH.  For many of you this may be a time of confusion and bewilderment as you begin to anchor that life on this planet is not as you have been TAUGHT to believe. The movement of the world around you may push you into the places that you have been TAUGHT to fear and this is to help you understand from SOURCE level that ALL JUST IS and that what you have been TAUGHT is fear is but a dark shadow that has no substance.

For some of you this time will expand dramatically and will see you move into arenas that you have never before walked, for others it is a time of opening of the energy centers of the human vehicle as you begin to download the coding that is required in order to access the expanded dimensional spaces of the New Earth frequency realities.

ALL stand in support of ALL who have taken human form and ALL stand in readiness to support, to guide and to prepare you at a human conscious waking mind level for ALL that will now appear in the outer waking human reality. A reality that has been amended and contained by the mass frequency downloads of the old 3D earth created construct. As these release the dimensional spaces into which you can expand will become ever more apparent and ever more reachable.

ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.  ALL that has been hidden from you exists only within the lower dimensional frequency bandwidths that you have been TAUGHT to remain within.  Now the Planet Earth expands in frequency ready to welcome ALL for the human race are not alone, have never been alone and now this will be confirmed for those who are here to work at expansive levels with other races and realms.

Understand that nothing exists out with of SELF so the journey that you take in this your human form is DESIGNED from SOURCE to move you into dimensional spaces that both support and expand this your human life experience. It is not TRUTH to assume that everyone who has taken human form will experience that which you personally experience for only YOU ARE YOU and this TRUTH has been hidden in plain view for eternity.

YOU came here to this planet at this time in order to remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH, the process DESIGNED to allow you to create HEAVEN UPON EARTH. Not the HEAVEN that you have been TAUGHT exists, but HEAVEN IN TRUTH, for ALL come from HEAVEN for HEAVEN JUST IS as YOU ARE.

Over the coming linear few days understand that this process is at your fingertips, the movement into the evolution of your human vehicle is determined BY YOU AT ALL MOMENTS.  As you now remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH the ability that you have at a human conscious waking mind level to allow the transformation and the expansion will rapidly accelerate.  Have confidence in ALL for YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE. YOU came here to BE SELF within a human vehicle, this TRUTH will now begin to expand within you as you now reach beyond where you have been TAUGHT is possible and as you now embrace ALL for ALL ARE ONE and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Michael and I am with YOU for I have always walked with YOU and this TRUTH will now anchor fully around you, within you and through you.

BREATHE and BE for ALL JUST IS and ALL is by DESIGN in the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved



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