Release of deeply held EMOTIONAL responses within the old 3d earth created reality in TRUTH

Within the old 3d earth created reality we are taught from the moment we take our first breath to alter our behavior in order to be accepted by those around us. The child who has a temper tantrum and has the response of those around him being one of non acceptance will grow up to believe that his anger should never be displayed. He may believe that he is never supposed to ever feel anger and will then start altering his behavior to keep his anger hidden. This is just one example of how we alter our behavior in direct response of how our emotions were responded to as we grew up.

At this time the heightened energies are working to release CELLULAR PATTERNING and this is experienced as deep emotion at a human conscious waking mind level.  The behavior patterns that were adopted are not TRUTH, the human vehicle naturally will seek balance and it will naturally try to release the emotions that are experienced.  It will do this at increasingly “louder” rates, so any pain or discomfort in the body will only grow if it is not acknowledged.  In a world that has taught that to feel any pain is somehow not “normal” this creates a society that seeks to detach from the symptoms felt and find “instant” relief. This works to push the emotions deeper into the human vehicle and results in many disease patterns that can be seen very clearly within families. Indeed how families respond to each others emotions sets these behavior patterns from a very early age.

At this time you may have emotions that are coming up that are uncomfortable, you may try to detach from them and seek to adopt the behavior that has “worked” for you up until this moment. Whether this is eating, going on facebook, watching a movie, etc you will find that this no longer works as it once did. This is due to the background of frequency that is now flooding across the planet seeking to release that which is not TRUTH. Only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth frequency realities and any behavior patterns that are not TRUTH will no longer manifest as they are not supported.

The human vehicle is DESIGNED to self heal, the medical industry would seek to teach you that it repairs and cures but it merely masks the voice of the human vehicle itself. Our human vehicle talks to us at all moments, whether we listen to it and respond as the human vehicle wants us to is our choice. Our body will naturally tell us what it needs but within the old 3d earth created construct we have been taught to rely on those around us who do not live within our human vehicle. YOU are the expert of your human vehicle for you reside within it 24/7.  We are taught to FEAR our own human vehicles and to seek an “expert” who will then tell us what to do. This is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities as many are now experiencing.

In order to heal the human vehicle must be allowed to release any stored emotion, for emotion was never designed to be anchored within the human vehicle, it was designed to FLOW within, around and through. It is the static nature of the old 3d earth created construct that seeks to teach this “holding on” behavior and it is said “holding on” that creates the patterns of disease which are the DECONSTRUCTION of the cellular structure of the human vehicle. The release of these emotions sees the higher frequencies flow through, around and within the human vehicle, cleansing and clearing FREQUENCY. As the frequencies are released and the emotions are experienced then clarity can begin to unfold.  Extreme and deep emotions work to blind us to the experience itself, memories are the old 3d earth created construct’s ways of keeping us within patterns of behavior by triggering the very emotions that we then create our own personal prisons from.

It is to be noted that whilst we are asked to acknowledge the emotions we are not asked to relive the actual experience, the experience itself has been experienced it is our emotional reaction that has been delayed by the “holding on”.  By acknowledging the emotion, by FEELing the emotion as it arises and responding to the emotion itself we can begin to release it and heal from it.

This may sound simple and it is, this is why many will filter it out believing that it cannot be “this simple”, this is how the old 3d earth created reality hides TRUTH, by teaching us that something must be complex and we must be in control of it. There is often a feeling of being “out” of control when emotions arise within us. We are being asked only to FEEL not to take action, the FEELing is the action and this is what many will filter out, many may actually fear the FEELing believing that they will be in even more pain, this is not TRUTH, the pain is triggered and continually experienced by the “holding on”.

At this time we are asked to surrender to how we FEEL, to take time to be with ourselves and our FEELings, many may be in complete surprise at how freeing the process actually is and at first it may seem “odd” to remember without the accompanying sting of emotion.  We as a race are moving into a new way of living and being and part of this process is allowing our human vehicles to “RESET” themselves back into their own natural rhythms.  Our emotions have a rhythm of their own which has been masked and filtered out for eternity. As we begin to understand our emotional playground we can begin to align to our natural rhythm and this will see barriers broken down from within us.

The old 3d earth created construct will continue to try to teach us that we must be in control of everything and this is not TRUTH, we are here to have a human life experience, all human emotions are an experience, they are no worse or better than any others, again this is a teaching that seeks to keep us out of balance. We are not here only to experience happiness as we are not here only to experience sadness, we are here to experience the myriad of emotions that can only be experienced in a human form.

ALL JUST IS and WE ARE, now we are asked to allow the deep healing to begin for our spirit that sits with GOD is guiding this process at all moments of all moments. We are merely stepping on the path to NATURAL BALANCE and ALIGNMENT with the LOVE that IS, we are not creating the LOVE that IS for it exists already, it has always existed for it is the very fabric that we were created from.

In order to flow into natural balance we need only let go and let NATURE take its course, to allow the flow of all the held emotion sees us clear our our human vehicle to cellular level, this allows us to anchor more and more of the higher dimensional frequencies that lead to a richer and more fulfilling human life experience but this TRUTH sits just beyond our emotional pain levels, the prison walls are the pain that we have been TAUGHT to accept as part of this human life experience. In order to heal and to move into expansion we must free ourselves from our own self created prisons and we do this by listening to our heart space, by acknowledging our emotions no matter what they are, to FEEL them leave our human vehicles and then allow the natural rebalance that will occur. This is a process it is not an event and the process is one that we must go through in order to leave the old 3d earth created construct and step into the wider human life experience in TRUTH.

To hold on will see anxiety, frustration and physical pain increase within our human vehicles, to surrender and to TRUST the process will see peace and a sense of harmony begin to unfold around us, through us and within us.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


I have created a series of self help e-books which are available on the main Karen Dover website and will be added to as the information is available.  For those wishing to understand more about frequencies and how they are experienced at human conscious waking mind level please listen to the FREE podcast on the TRUTH CODES podcast site. CLICK HERE for further info.


Beyond the looking glass radio show 25th march 2015


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Personal One to one sessions

It may be challenging at times to see the patterns and themes that are playing out in our outer waking life experience as the frequency are created to protect themselves.  It is only by dissolving that which runs at an unconscious waking mind level that we can allow ourselves to let go and allow for other experiences to move into the outer waking reality.  (to find out more about frequencies and how they work please click here for the FREE podcast).

ALL frequencies create a theme and a pattern and these are particular to the bandwidth of frequency that is being run internally.  At this time many of you may be becoming more aware of the patterns, but becoming more aware may generate anxiety within you, after all now you see it what on earth do you do with it?

I am offering personal one to one sessions which help you further identify and release the patterns so that you can let go of the old 3d earth created reality and let go of patterns of behaviour that you have lived your entire life. This allows for deep healing to occur and shift in the outer waking reality that you are able to experience.

I am offering these sessions at a special discount rate of $150 per session. This special offer is available only by emailing me via and quoting  TRUTHCODES – EASTER.  (Please note that no further discounts can be applied to this offer, the newsletter discount offers still apply to all other services until the end of the month).


Anchoring in TRUTH to sail the ship of “discovery”

For many at this time the world may appear even more chaotic than “usual”, the disintegration and dissolving of the old 3d earth created construct reference points allows for vast expansion.  This expansion is not always manifest in ways that are expected. So long have we lived within the construct that is the old 3d earth created reality that we have become used to and therefore EXPECT to have certain frames of reference for this our human life experience. When those frames of reference are no longer found it can be overwhelming to experience the expansion.

I would state very clearly that expansion at a human conscious waking mind level CANNOT BE CONTROLLED BY HUMAN WILL ALONE. This is but a teaching from the old 3d earth that is taught in order to further contain. In our human form we are taught to fear the unknown, we are taught to fear “new” and this fear ignites sharply when the reference points begin to dissolve.  It is one thing to state that we understand how “controlled” the human race is but to experience the loosening of said control is altogether a different experience.

We are being handed the reigns of our OWN life experience, the responsibility for our reality is handed back to us and many will trigger at the EXPERIENCE that this manifests. It is no longer enough to state what we believe life is, we are being asked to walk what we believe and to experience said belief.  Many are attempting to filter this out and spending vast amounts of energy trying to place human will and conscious decision making on top of what is running unconsciously and more powerfully at cellular level.

The old 3d earth created construct taught us to anchor frequencies by aligning with the beliefs that are manifest from said frequencies. We were taught to construct our lives around these beliefs and I would state very clearly that many people are assuming that because a belief is taught and accepted by millions that the belief must be TRUTH. This is not so and if you have reached a “brick wall” at this moment in your outer waking life experience you are being asked to look at the belief systems that you are running deep within. These cover ALL levels of the human life experience, many will step back from the challenging due to the taught “fear of the unknown”.  It is only by challenging a belief that we can “test” if it is TRUTH, if the belief is TRUTH then it will remain and it will work to help us CONSTRUCT the outer waking reality, if it is not TRUTH it will work to contain and prevent manifestation of said outer reality.

At human conscious waking mind level we are at this time being asked to choose where we wish to anchor ourselves into in order to set sail on the sea called “unknown”.  To move into a new life and a new way of being we must leave the shores of “known” and sail the seas of “new experiences”, it is only by anchoring into SOURCE and our connection to our spirit out with our human from (the part of our spirit that resides with GOD) that we can safely sail our ship across said seas. For the steering of our boat into the “unknown” is at all times overseen by our spirit in TRUTH.  At human waking conscious mind level we do not have the information nor the understanding to see the bigger picture, it is ego to assume that life will be under our own control alone when we are moving out of this way of living that has seen the human race decimate its environment and begin to DECONSTRUCT itself.

A new way of living is not using the methods or belief structures that took us to this point, many can accept that life on this planet is under immense change but are still trying to control the change based on aligning for or against what has already been experienced by the human race.

We are made up of spirit that has incarnated into a human form. This is but part of the picture but one that the old 3d earth created construct deliberately distorts.  Many focus either on the human vehicle OR the spirit part of their human life experience but very few are balancing both and then connecting to SOURCE. There comes a frequency level in the expansion process that prevents movement if this connection is not accepted and ACTIVATED.

The vital part of this connection is activation, many follow rigid routines and rituals without having first of all activated their connection, the only activation in TRUTH is the connection to SOURCE and the spirit part of us that is not incarnate into human form.  There are many teachings that seek to promote human will and control over the outer waking reality.  The outer waking human life reality is created from within, it is the manifestation of the frequency that sits within the human vehicle. This is why attempts at re-aligning and recreating on an outer waking level will always resort to the reality that was experienced originally. This push/pull scenario is the illusion presented by the old 3d earth under the teachings of “hard work”, “determination” etc which see many use up vast amounts of energy which in TRUTH are akin to treading water. This creates anxiety, frustration and begins to ignite the fear and anger that has been planted into the human race.

The emotional response to the outer waking world can only happen if the frequency that manifests said emotional response is available. This is why the old 3d earth created reality seeks to trigger fear and anger, these are the hidden frequencies that sit at UNCONSCIOUS mind level within the human race. Many filter this out when interacting with the outer reality, if something in the world instils a huge anger within you then this anger is already anchored WITHIN YOU. To change the outer waking reality and to expand into a new way of experiencing the outer waking life then this frequency must be released. But the frequency will attempt to prevent this, the emotional response is often so overwhelming that the person experiencing it is blinded.

It is this blindness that the human race are now moving into dissolving and releasing. As a frequency is released it is temporarily experienced in its fullness as it leaves the human vehicle. The intense energetic bursts that have radiated across the world from solar flares are HELPING this process, further dissolving any patterning that has been anchored from the teachings of the old 3d earth created construct. This dissolving seeks to set us free at a human waking mind level but many are experiencing this freedom as fear, such are the deeply held belief structures that are taught in relation to what a human life SHOULD be.

At this time we are asked to go within and to seek the peace that is found only within the heart space. What do we wish to experience at a human waking level? what dreams have we pushed to one side but are now being asked to be looked at again? what do we value in this life experience beyond what is commonly taught? what does LOVE in TRUTH mean to us at a human waking level?

All of these questions have answers that are PERSONAL and UNIQUE to each individual person alive in human form upon this planet and yet many will seek to confirm and reference their answers through those whom they share this life experience with. We are being asked to confirm and validate our OWN reality and to understand that our human life experience can only ever be our own, we cannot live the lives of those around us for we are not them. We incarnated into a unique and individual human vehicle in order to have a unique and personal experience of what it means to be human on this planet. This is what is hidden in plain view, the old 3d earth created reality seeks to teach at all moments to answer those questions for us and to teach us that we do not have the right to our own answers. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question” – if we do not understand what this means to us at a personal and unique level without having to validate it any further than our own hearts then we are not ready to set sail onto the sea of “unknown” and our spirit will keep us in place, safe and secure until we ARE READY to sail. This is out with the frequency of our human will and will see many in deep frustration believing that there is a linear timescale that must be lived by. Each moment is life, each breath is life and we are taught not only to filter this out but to detach from this and look only to the next moment. This takes us out of the NOW moment and robs us of our birthright which is PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY and TRUTH.  This is what we are NATURALLY and at the core of our Being, what prevents this core from radiating is the teachings of the old 3d earth created construct that we are taught to wrap around our heart space.

At this moment we are asked to BREATHE and BE and to understand that WE ARE LOVE in TRUTH. The process that we are undergoing at this time seeks only to show us this at every opportunity. Any resistance to this is a teaching that is running at unconscious mind level and is seeking to teach us that we are other than WE ARE IN TRUTH. Let this dissolve and allow the process to unfold. For “you cannot fail at what you came here to BE”. (HCoO thru Karen Dover)

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Week 3 – frequency bandwithds

In this podcast Karen Dover explains how our reality is manifest, how frequency works to determine what we can experience and how frequency works to either attract or repel experiences into our human life experience. 

If you are new to the work of Karen Dover then try this podcast for FREE, please feel free to share this podcast widely. 

Week 7 – Accepting the will of spirit and god

In this podcast Karen Dover explains why it is important to embrace the energies that exist around us, to connect with the spirit part of ourselves that has not incarnated and which sits with God.  

Breaking Inside – Shinedown (lyrics):


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