Moving into equilibrium in TRUTH

Within the old 3D earth created construct there is an emphasis that is always placed in order to destabilise and unbalance the natural FLOW of frequency within our human vehicles.  The emphasis works to create an intense emotional reaction which will seek to prevent natural balance from forming.  This can be seen in the teachings that seek to promote one gender above another. We may be incarnate into a human male or a human female form but these forms are a natural balance to EACH OTHER.  This is hidden in plain view and this is what many may now find challenging as the outer waking human life experience begins to seek to find and MAINTAIN this natural balance.

It is not TRUTH to state that the human male needs to simply embrace the female energies that exist any more than it is TRUTH to state the human female needs to simply embrace the male energies.  Within each and every human vehicle alive on this planet is a set of FOUNDATION teachings that seek to teach that said human vehicle is one gender or another. These teachings were taught in order to separate the human male from the human female and this is done in a variety of ways.

Various cultures across the planet will seek to promote one gender over another. This may be very obvious or may often been hidden.  Within the culture that I was brought up in which was Scottish the gender that is emphasised is MALE but is taught through the female. This is hidden in plain view and is a challenge to many who have Scottish cultural roots. Scottish females are TAUGHT to be “strong”, “emotional tough” and have a “do it all” mentality. This seeks to keep the human female from the support and strength that is found in the human male. Human males and human females were created to compliment and support one another but never to the detriment of the other. In the example that I am using (Scottish culture) we find that both the human male and the human female run similar frequencies which will trigger and seek to gain dominance over each other. The human female running a very strong “emotionally tough” frequency will amplify the human male who is traditionally taught to also have the “emotional tough” frequency.  Both the human female and the human male coming together within this frequency pattern will seek to find shelter FROM each other. This seeks to unbalance the natural flow of frequencies as they flow, the blocks created from this frequency seek to dam up parts of the human energy system and as a result the human vehicle will seek to create “coping” strategies to avoid the natural balance.

There are many cultures which seek to teach defined roles for both the human male and the human female and this is deliberate. The human female and the human male in BALANCE and in NATURAL FLOW are a powerful combination. It is to be noted that this balance is NATURAL and that in order to “achieve” this balance we need simply open our heart space and allow the higher dimensional frequencies to flow freely around, within and through us.  That which then comes up emotionally as triggers are the blocks that need to be removed by releasing the FOUNDATION frequencies that are still active. It is an optical illusion presented by the old 3D earth created construct to view a human vehicle and assume that the teachings of said human vehicle are in natural harmony with the gender being presented.

As this begins to re-balance within the human race we may be faced with family patterning that we could not see before. The FOUNDATION frequencies anchored deep within the human race are taught and handed down GENERATIONALLY.  It is to be noted that the “Scottish” cultural FOUNDATION frequency is passed down through the human male and is a hidden frequency. If you are wondering if you are connected or run this frequency it can be found by the physical manifestation of “red hair”, this is seen in the human male as a reddish tint found in their facial hair, males who run this may have produced children who were not red haired but the gene will sit within the DNA of their offspring, it may skip generations or may appear in each generation.  Again this is a hidden frequency that manifests, many cultures can trace their roots back to Europe and to Scotland, this is often referenced in “history” as a viking connection.

Whilst the human race have been taught of the “romance” of what is termed “celtic” traditions they will be shown for that which they are in TRUTH.  All of Celtic mythology seeks to create a divide between the human male and the human female and many fallen angels are hidden in plain view within the “pagan” roots that are also associated with these teachings.

As I have blogged repeatedly TRUTH JUST IS and there is only one GOD in TRUTH. The definitions of “love” and “romance” when looked at at a frequency level can be both seen and FELT for that which they are, highly distorted teachings that seek to disempower BOTH the human male and the human female.

We are not here on this earth to struggle and to push our will upon those around us. The human male is being demonised through the disempowerment of the human female and this will also be seen for that which it is as these distorted frequencies are not TRUTH and not supported at any level within the New Earth frequency realities. GOD created the human male and the human female to unite in the LOVE that IS in TRUTH. The old 3D earth created construct has sought to teach a war of the sexes since the beginning of human “history”. Any “war” that is being fought internally at an unconscious waking mind level will be reflected in the outer waking reality that is called the human life experience.

It is to be noted that we do not have to create the balance that is now called for, we are called to simply ALLOW it to unfold within us. Anything that triggers us in relation to the gender that we are is a teaching of the old 3D earth created construct and taught in order to contain and suppress the human life experience in TRUTH. In order to move into manifestation of the New Earth frequency realities we must allow this rebalance and understand that there is a natural order to the universe, this natural order was created by GOD and is now being re-enforced by the higher dimensional frequencies that seek to maintain the natural order of the entire universe which exists beyond the construct that is the old 3D earth created reality. This natural order existed before the creation of the human race and existed before the creation of the old 3D earth construct.

There are many teachings that will seek to continue to blind the human race at this time but as I have blogged repeatedly that which is TRUTH can be validated at a personal level with an experience being the validation. In order to validate our human life experience on all levels including the physical level in which our human vehicle sits we are asked to validate our reality through experience. If a belief cannot be validated through the physical manifestation of said belief then it is not TRUTH not matter how many believe said belief system or how many were taught it. TRUTH JUST IS.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Movement in TRUTH vs the “karmic” illusion

For many at this time there is vast physical movement in the outer waking life experience. We are all part of the universal energies that exist and as the higher dimensional frequencies now begin to flow more freely then the re-balance of the universe begins. Everything interacts with everything else at all moments of all moments.  The FLOW of energy is dependant on the route that said energy finds to travel.  In the human vehicle the energy flows in through the heart space and radiates around the human vehicle and out into the “world” around said human vehicle.

It is to be noted that any “blocks” are a frequency as all in the universe is a frequency and is experienced at a human conscious waking mind level as “stuck” emotion. The old 3D earth created construct will attempt to teach at all moments that said “stuck” emotion is part of a “karmic” experience and will try to teach to simply experience it again. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.  It is possible to move out of the cyclical patterns of the old 3D earth created construct and it is possible to heal from any “stuck” emotion.

In order to start the healing process it must be understood that we are taught within the old 3D earth created construct to fear our own emotions, it is our emotions that are triggered repeatedly in order to contain and suppress.  Whether this be “anger”, “sadness”, “grief”, all are triggered repeatedly and taught to us a “karma”. This is the construct that seeks to keep us denying our emotions and simply trying to bury them again.  In order to release the emotions it is necessary to validate how we feel.  Many people when triggered by deep emotion will instintively seek to distance themselves from the emotion. This is often done by distraction, sometimes it is done by seeking to place “blame” for said emotion at the feet of another.  The emotion is a frequency that is held deep within the cellular structure of our human vehicle. To rage at another or place blame at the feet of another is simply trying to distance the emotional response. This is not TRUTH and works to re-trigger the emotion over and over. This is why many people cut themselves off from those around them that they believe have “hurt” or “upset” them.

Whilst I am not for one moment advocating that other other people cannot “hurt” us it is vital to acknowledge that we are hurt when we FEEL hurt.  Many people will tell someone else “you have hurt me” whilst trying to distance themselves from the validation which in this case would be “I feel hurt”.  It is the validation that is required to release the emotion, not repeatedly telling the other person how we feel, they cannot release the emotion from within us, only we can. This is what the old 3D earth created construct seeks to hide from us at any one moment.

Our emotions are our responsibility. We live in a world that is rapidly shifting and moving and expanding, our emotions are KEY to said expansion, when we can learn to navigate the sea of human emotion and begin to TRUST and have FAITH in the process of this navigation then we set ourselves FREE on all levels of our BEing.

We are not here to be controlled by the emotional reactions of those whom we share our human life experience, there are many teachings that seek to teach that we should be ever mindful of those around us. This seeks to teach us to tread on eggshells in our human life experience. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.

We are asked to be mindful of those around us, to have LOVE and COMPASSION for the entire human race at this time and at all times but we cannot allow said human race to prevent us from acknowledging TRUTH and how we FEEL personally. We have to become comfortable with who WE ARE IN TRUTH, not whom others would wish us to be or want us to be.  Only YOU know who YOU ARE in TRUTH, no one else, for no one else is incarnated into your human vehicle and is experiencing the world as you experience the world.

It may seem to be “supportive” to pull together with like minded groups of people but in TRUTH we already belong to a “group” it is called the human race.  Anything that seeks to divide this further is simply a tool of the old 3D earth created construct.

At this time we are asked to understand the support that is always available to us, this support comes from SOURCE and from GOD who walks with us at all moments of all moments whether we can recognise this or not at this moment in our human life experience.

There is nothing that cannot be healed, nothing that cannot be repaired emotionally, all that seeks to prevent this healing is the teachings that state we are somehow here to “learn”. Why would we have to “learn” pain when in TRUTH we are created from the LOVE that IS?  Again a teaching to explain the construct that seeks to TEACH PAIN at all moments of all moments. We are not here to suffer, to go around in circles or “learn” lessons. We are here to experience a human life experience with an open heart and a direct and pure connection to GOD in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”



Tuesday 21st April TRUTH Codes Radio Show – guest


Tuesday 21st April 2015 –  my guest will be Helena Lehman, author of The Language of God Book Series and The Pillar of Enoch Trilogy.

Messianic Scholar, Scribe, Artist and Publisher Helena Lehman has a sound grasp of Evangelical and Messianic Theology and is an expert on the allegorical Language of God revealed in the symbolic imagery and rituals of the Feasts of Israel, Bible prophecies, the Gospel in the Stars (i.e. Mazzaroth), and Sethite Astronomy. She is also adept at showing the prophetic importance of the connection between the Desert Tabernacle and the Pillar of Enoch (i.e. Great Pyramid), and has proven that this pyramid was not a construction of the fallen angels or Nephilim but specially designed to reflect the Gospel of Salvation that was written in the stars by the finger of God at the moment He created the heavens. Helena is the author of the 4-volumeLanguage of God Book Series, and the upcoming Pillar of Enoch Trilogy books that are geared toward educating people about the importance of the Star Gospel, Great Pyramid and Great Sphinx in Judeo-Christian Theology and History.

Helena’s writings explore the ancient and divine roots of the Star Gospel, and their place as the cornerstone of the Language of God – a divine allegorical language of parables and symbols that permeates every book of the Bible, and all Creation. Helena’s premiere work is the four-volume Language of God Book Series, which reflects her respect for orthodox Theology, yet challenges many traditional views of the past. It offers compelling evidence about what our righteous ancestors actually knew and believed, and how they perceived God – in light of their advanced knowledge of their world, and the Universe that God created for them. The allegorical Language of God, and the spiritual messages that God has hidden in all biblical symbols, rituals, and the heavenly symbols in the Zodiac ties the separate topics covered in each book together, and offers a feast of new ideas for every inquiring mind

The above biography is taken from Helena’s website which can be accessed here.

Call in LIVE to the show on 1 843 300 1399 or put your questions in the chat box on the pyramid one website during the show.  We are LIVE at 7pm est (usa).

TRUTH JUST IS (part 2)


Many people at this time will be faced with choice, I have long blogged and stated that TRUTH JUST IS and that we do not need to believe it for it to exist.  Often we are faced with beliefs that are not TRUTH and we then seek to try to validate said belief, if something is TRUTH then it will validate, if not it will remain in place until the illusion is seen and the frequency that is manifesting it reveals itself.

Many of you reading my blog know me personally and have seen my personal journey. You will know that my walk has been always into TRUTH and that in this journey I have challenged every single part of this my human life experience.  This has seen me able to validate ONLY TRUTH. At all times I have walked with GOD and GOD has shown me TRUTH over and over again.

Often it can take some linear time to understand what is being shown and why something is not moving or altering, when something remains apparently “solid” like a “closed” sign in the middle of the road then it can be frustrating to feel the distortion but be unable to see it.

I am about to upload my personal testament to my FAITH in GOD. For some it may be shocking to see what this involves but I can only work with TRUTH.  Just because something is believed and followed by a large portion of the human race does not make it TRUTH, it simply reflects the belief that many have within said human race.

My walk from this moment forward will be under the full guidance and protection of GOD.  I have walked where I have walked in order to experience first hand and therefore validate only my connection to GOD.  I have had experiences that many people simply would not believe, I have encountered energies that have made it very clear that they will do their utmost to put a stop to both my work and at times my personal life experience here on this planet.  I know I am not the only one who walks in TRUTH to have had these experiences.

Spiritual warfare is REAL, it happens at all moments and many are so bound in the illusion of what is presented as “love” and the accompanying “pink fluffiness” that they cannot see said war.  At this time and for the coming two linear years this spiritual war will intensify and will become very, very obvious to those in the general public which is why many are now preparing spiritually and physically to move into position to help the human race at this level.

I can only live and work in TRUTH, anything else is simply illusion. For those who are now triggered I ask you to look at the emotional response that has been triggered and ask you to understand that the old 3D earth created construct seeks to blind you by said emotions.

There is only ONE GOD in HEAVEN, creator of the human race, creator of the entire universe and he is calling his children home. Many of his children have strayed deliberately in order to understand exactly what the human race are subject to within this spiritual warfare.  For those who now feel the call and are unsure of what to do then my guidance would be to call to GOD and ask to be shown.

If we thought the world was chaotic up until this moment then its going to get even more chaotic, things that the human race have never seen before are going to start becoming regular news items. There is no longer any hiding place for any energy that is not TRUTH and this will play out on the physical level within the outer waking life experience.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.  LOVE in TRUTH created us through the hand of GOD for he created us from LOVE, LOVE is our protection in this spiritual warfare and only LOVE in TRUTH can dissolve the lower dimensional frequencies that now make their presence very known on ALL levels of the human life experience.

TRUTH JUST IS and LOVE is the answer.


Spiritual “warfare” and the illusion of “love”

For many of you at this time the outer waking world may appear to be even more chaotic than it has been “to date”.  There are various frequencies that are being released and various frequencies that are attempting to remain in place.  As I have blogged and discussed on the TRUTH Codes Radio Show  frequency that is close in bandwidth to other frequency or that shares a bandwidth will amplify and frequency that is far apart in bandwidth will repel. This is a natural law of the universe and is how the world is constructed.  The people who come in and out of our outer waking human life experience do so in relation to their frequency. Why do we remain within the circles that we do in relation to friends and family? due to frequency. ALL is frequency and it is this frequency that is and has been manipulated by the various energies upon the planet.

The old 3D earth created construct pulls our attention always to the LOOK and MATERIAL MANIFESTATION of these frequencies, all that appears “real” in the world is a manifestation of a frequency, the only way to change the manifestation is to alter the frequency that creates it. This is why simply trying to think a better world and to keep tabs on our thoughts is pointless and lowers our energy signature. It builds a “expectation/disappointment” loop that is deliberate.  Once we can view the world in TRUTH through frequencies we can clearly see the patterns and clearly see how the frequency is being manipulated.

It is vital to understand that nothing can fully manifest unless it is anchored in TRUTH, TRUTH being the very fabric of the universe, TRUTH existed before we did and is not something that we need to create, any teachings that seek to teach this are from within the old 3D earth created construct.  We can however have our frequency manipulated and this is done to persuade us to align with various concepts which are built by frequency constructs. So the outer waking world is presented to us as X and we are then persuaded to align with it. The persuasion is done by triggering the “barb” that is contained within the frequency that we have been taught to anchor. This is anchored as a belief system, all belief systems are a manifestation of a frequency, removing the frequency sees the belief system dissolve if it is not TRUTH.  The triggering is always emotional, many of you at this time may be in deep anger or deep anxiety and this is the “barb” that I am describing.  The way to blind an entire race is to invoke a deep emotional response that sees said race view the world through the lens of the emotion that is being triggered.  This hides TRUTH, many of you can relate to being “blinded by anger”, where you have had anger triggered and reacted to a situation based on the distorted lens said anger presented to you. It is the same with the outer waking reality which is always a reflection of our own emotional reactions to a trigger.

At this time upon the planet there is a spiritual war that is ongoing between energies that are lower dimensional and energies that are higher dimensional and this is played out through the human race. It is not TRUTH to assume using only our human eyes what is TRUTH and what is not, such is the optical illusion that is presented to us by the old 3D earth created construct.  I would like to state clearly we are NOT building a New Earth in that we are NOT creating one, we are humans and came here to experience life as a human being, the New Earth frequency realities that I guide upon ALREADY EXIST, they have ALWAYS EXISTED, they exist beyond the construct that we have been taught to place around our human vehicles.

The old 3D earth created construct is around each and every human vehicle until said human vehicle steps out of ALL old 3D earth created frequencies. This is why I state that nothing from the old 3D earth created construct can be taken through into the New Earth frequency realities, the frequencies are too low to exist (they will naturally be repelled by the higher frequencies).  This is being translated by many who assume that as I have stated “cannot take anything from the old 3D earth” that I mean the manifestations (people, places etc). This is not TRUTH and is part of the old 3D earth created construct which seeks to prevent the release by trying to teach that we will lose those we love. This is not TRUTH, we lose nothing and gain everything.

As our human life experience is a manifestation of frequencies then by anchoring and allowing full FLOW of higher dimensional frequencies we create a life that is fuller and richer in experience. The manifestation always seeking to support in TRUTH.  We at a human conscious waking mind level have been taught to assume that “something is something” and check no further. Whilst the old 3D earth created construct can present an illusion it cannot deepen it, it has NO SUBSTANCE (visualise a supermarket shelf with lots of products but nothing behind the product on the shelf) and the frequency can always be felt, it can present an illusion but it cannot hide the frequency behind the illusion.  This is why it is vital to open the heart space and FEEL TRUTH, TRUTH cannot often be seen but it can always be felt. Something that is not TRUTH no matter how convincing it may look will be felt for the illusion that it is.

Often in our human form we allow the old 3D earth created construct to persuade us that we are somehow at fault for not realising that we have held on to an illusion and have therefore been hijacked by the old 3D earth created construct, this is a tool of said construct. Our journey into TRUTH is always guided by GOD and our spirit that sits with GOD.  At this moment across the planet there are many who are attempting to force human will on something that is not TRUTH. This depletes the human energy system and has the human concerned in a loop of emotional distress attempting to prevent the release of the frequency that is playing out internally.

We do not have to “all wake up”, this is a tool of the old 3D earth created construct, seeking to teach that unless we have people around us who all share our belief we are powerless. The powerlessness comes in the fracturing of our energy signature and the attempt at changing the outer whilst leaving said frequency running within the inner.

This spiritual war will now begin in TRUTH, it will play out very physically in the outer waking reality of the human race. It is described clearly in REVELATIONS but many will discount this due to religious teachings of the old 3D earth created construct.  It is vital to understand that unless you can PERSONALLY VALIDATE your experience it is not real, it is illusion. We are moving towards a point in evolution where we we are being persuaded to detach from the physical human interaction that we are created for and persuaded to live life on the sidelines.  The human vehicle is built for interaction at a physical level, we exist in a PHYSICAL level for a reason. To defer to the spiritual only and to place our lives in the virtual illusion is a disempowerment of our entire Being.

The energies that seek to keep us in said spiritual space and prevent the physical from manifesting do so in order to prevent said evolution. There are many energies that cannot hold human form due to the rising background frequency of the planet and the human race. Therefore they will attempt to lower the human energy signature to keep hold of the reality that is now dissolving.

Do not assume that energies that are lower dimensional come with horns and a forked tail, many of them are using the illusion of angels and spiritual guides, only by FEELing their energy signature and VALIDATING THEIR WORDS THROUGH HUMAN EXPERIENCE can they be seen in TRUTH. If you cannot physically experience what they guide then they are not TRUTH.

Shelter is found in GOD and Jesus Christ which is why there are so many distorted religious teachings that seek to keep us separate. Christ is an EXPERIENCE that can be validated through the physical.  ONLY Christ can be validated this way and this is through physical personal experience. I am not asking anyone to take my word for this, the experience will present itself for GOD is calling his children home at this time in order to help the planet and the human race.

KNOW that at all times we are guided by our spirit in TRUTH, that the signs and symbols that you personally need will be presented to you but at times you may be persuaded to filter them out. TRUTH JUST IS and only TRUTH can fully manifest. If you feel at this time you are going round in circles then you are trapped in an illusion that is being presented as something other than it is in TRUTH.

LOVE is the answer, no matter the question, we have been taught to define “love” and this feeds the old 3D earth created construct. In a world where we are presented with various scenarios that we KNOW are corrupt simply sitting by and “loving” is allowing said frequency to continue. LOVE is the strongest force in the universe for GOD created the universe from the frequency of the LOVE that IS, we are now asked to take a SPIRITUAL STAND and accept that as a race we have but part of the picture, to align fully with GOD, with our spirit in TRUTH sees us resonate with a frequency that will NATURALLY dissolve that which is attempting to remain upon this planet.

We are asked to take back our power and to come “home” in TRUTH. Understanding that whilst we may have been taught to disempower ourselves by the lower dimensional frequencies we have freedom of choice and we have a birthright that is now being called in by GOD.  There is only ONE route to SOURCE, to GOD but there are various experiences as to how this manifests.  Only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth frequency realities and we cannot see it from our human eyes but we can FEEL IT. We have been taught to reject our fellow humans in response to colour, gender, religious affiliation etc.  We must now understand that ALL of the human race have been disempowered and all of the human race are now fully participating in the spiritual war that is hidden from them, whether they are aware of it or not is irrelevant, all are connected and all make a choice at an unconcious waking mind level.  Power comes from aligning the unconscious with the conscious which is why the teachings of the old 3d earth created construct were designed to sit at an unconscious waking mind level. They will show themselves in our outer waking reality but will attempt to persuade us through the belief system that is triggered to keep hold of them.

We are being asked to make a decision as to who we have given our heart to, the decision is a personal one and one that each person alive on this planet makes.  When you give your heart you will be shown TRUTH and you will be asked to choose again if what you have chosen is not TRUTH. This will play out at a human conscious waking mind level as deconstruction if it is not TRUTH and construction (manifestation) if it is TRUTH. This is a process that is ongoing. Control of YOUR HUMAN LIFE IS YOURS at all moments of all moments independant of what the general population believe or that you are taught by said population.

Validating the human life experience through those around us is no longer supported as it is a construct of the old 3d earth created reality. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE.


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TRUTH Codes Radio Show 14th April 2015


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