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Week 6 – energetic gateways and the optical illusions of reality

In this episode Karen covers the concepts of energetic gateways,  explains frequency bandwidths and the explains how to work with the optical illusions that are presented to us at human waking level as reality. 

The dissolving of “polarity” in TRUTH

The old 3d earth created construct taught deeply at all moments the concept of polarity, this is the teaching of “either/or” and this holds many in situ at this time.  Polarity is a CREATED construct and is therefore not supported in the New Earth frequency realities as only TRUTH is supported. In a universe of infinite possibilities the concept of polarity breaks the natural flow of expansion.  A human logical mind stuck within the belief system of polarity will begin to deconstruct itself, always trying to solve a puzzle that is not there.

Even the idea that polarity can be dissolved may be enough at this present moment to trigger your human logical mind and I would ask that you allow the content of this blog to sit within you. At times of vast energetic expansion it is to be noted that expansion per se is available to all but not all will actively choose expansion, depending on the belief systems in operation many will believe that expansion will somehow flood into them and they will naturally expand, this occurs when there are no energetic blocks to prevent said expansion and a belief system IS an energetic block.  It works at very deep levels to prevent expansive information from reaching the conscious part of our waking reality by actively attempting to dismiss said information.  In our human form we filter out approximately 90 percent of all AVAILABLE information presented to us.

For those of you who are on the social network platforms and have been interacting with the very active “dress” that is doing the rounds this can be shown very clearly. Indeed the more the “dress” story is being shared the more diluted from the original picture and the original reason for it being posted it becomes but it clearly shows how each individual person on this planet INTERPRETS the information that is presented to them and then decodes with their human logical minds and their human eyes.  The entire outer waking reality as taught within the old 3d earth created construct is an optical illusion, it is not TRUTH to assume that everyone around you views the outer waking world in the same way that you do and it is vital to begin to work with this as polarity now breaks down.

The human logical mind will attempt to go into overdrive if given half a chance, we have been taught to allow our human logical minds to be in the driving seat of our human life experience and this is not TRUTH.  To interpret the outer waking reality we need to find the balance between heart and mind, this is the point of serenity. Again as many are experiencing with the “dress” scenario emotion plays a huge part in what is SEEN by the human naked eyes, everything is a frequency and as emotion is a frequency then heightened emotion will affect the “picture” that is presented to us in this our human form.  This is the very reason that the old 3d earth created construct relied so heavily on the triggering of lower dimensional frequencies and the resulting emotions. Many are reacting to the outer waking world from pure emotion and nothing else. This will change the “picture” that is being presented and will drive the resultant creations as we create from the frequencies that run within us.

As polarity begins to break down then the inner landscape, that of our knowing and our dreaming can then begin to stabilise, this will see the outer waking landscape begin to morph and shift and align with the INNER landscape.  As we are incarnate into a human vehicle it is our inner landscape that is reflected in our outer waking life experience but as many have found there is a time lapse in how this is achieved and there comes a frequency point when the outer cannot shift any further due to the lower dimensional frequency of POLARITY.

Remember there are 3 levels of frequency that are interacted with in this our human form, there is our personal energy signature, that is the frequencies that we have anchored and that we radiate out at all moments. There is the background lower dimensional frequencies of the old 3d earth created construct that are slowly dissolving but a residue remains due to those who are working unconsciously to keep various belief patterns in situ and then there is the planet earth itself which is a frequency.  ALL 3 frequencies have to be harmonised through our human vehicles in order to achieve both balance and clarity.

The planet earth has gone through a massive expansion over the last few linear days and many have struggled with this, this was required in order to help break the hold of the lower dimensional frequencies that built the old 3d earth created construct. Indeed many of you may have had periods of intense emotional release, dizziness and a feeling of being slightly out of sync with your surroundings. This is the planet coming into a higher resonance in order to support that which is now beginning to birth into the outer physical waking reality.

Those of you who are now aligning fully with the inner landscape will find there is less “resistance” to this from your outer waking reality and that movement will occur more swiftly.  Often we tend to filter out this process for all happens at an invisible level, we do not physically see with our naked human eyes the layers of frequency that we are working with and it is very tempting to place the “blame” of our emotional state on world events or personal scenarios.

As polarity begins to dissolve then new doorways of opportunity will be visible to us in this our human form. With the lower dimensional frequency of polarity firmly in place it was challenging to allow the miracle that is attempting to birth to actually birth. A miracle is simply an outcome that we cannot comprehend from our current vantage point and with the information that our human vehicle allows to flow into, through and around us.

For those who challenge that anything is happening at all to the human race this will be an enlightening time for at this present moment there APPEARS to be only a choice of war or no war, there is of course a myriad of choices but the old 3d earth created construct works hard to hide them at all moments.

At this time we are asked to let the flow of the New Earth frequency realities begin to stabilise. This may see us at a human conscious waking mind level taking a step back and allowing a reality to begin to show itself before fully interacting with it. It may see many “aha” moments as information that was prevented from being accessed is then freely accessed. As I have previously blogged it is not possible to create a question without an answer, however the answer may be in a different frequency bandwidth. If the answer to a question is beyond the polarity that is taught to the human race then it would not be able to be accessed by anyone in human form whilst the polarity frequency was firmly in place.

At a human level this may see miracles birth in relation to human health, human living and humanity in general. We are asked at this time to allow the shift and to acclimatise to it, the first automatic reaction to this may be to defend polarity and you may find yourself actively trying to prove it still exists and only polarity exists to yourself and those around you. This is the natural breaking down of a heavy dense frequency that has a “self protect” element to it. This is why it is sometimes challenging to face a belief system and a very densely taught teaching head on. It is always gentler to approach and then become the observer, we have in our human form been taught these teachings and beliefs for eternity. It is therefore not always easy or advisable to try to dissolve them instantly, “instant” being a teaching from the old 3d earth created construct and a teaching that drives many to distraction and frustration.

A new reality is birthing within the human race, not all within the human race will see this reality to begin with, it is birthed in waves as all of evolution is birthed in waves.  Many in their human form upon this planet will remain within the old karmic cycles choosing to incarnate and keep within these loops in order to help the evolution of the human race in general. Without something to compare something to then evolution would remain hidden to the human race and this is not TRUTH.

For those who are actively challenged with the energetic climate at this time I would guide you gently to give yourself a break and detach from trying to “work it all out”, life is an EXPERIENCE, it does not have to make sense or have some deep meaning for it to be an experience and many are tying themselves in knots mentally trying to work out what is happening. This is akin to sitting in your cot after being born and trying to work out what will happen for the entire rest of your life. This would negate the very act of being born into human form to live a human life.

There is no logic involved in the process of evolution for it a process that is created out of the natural ebb and flow of energy. It is the old 3d earth created construct teachings that seek to teach us that we must place things in any order at all, ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


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Healing the wounded child – new course

Available now directly from the main Karen Dover website is the Anchoring LIGHT within- healing the wounded child and the release of patterns course.  This course helps  release a very dense lower dimensional frequency pattern that we are taught to anchor within the first few years of our human life experience. This frequency then runs hidden at a very unconscious level and runs our waking life experience.

If you have ever wondered why you “self-sabotage” or why you seem to go around in circles in relation to certain key areas in your human life experience then you may have the wounded child frequency in full force.  As it was designed within the old 3d earth created construct it is a DECONSTRUCTIVE frequency and will to deconstruct as you work to construct. This produces vast frustration and anxiety and was designed to do just this.

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“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


The slaying of “inner demons” in TRUTH

There are many belief systems that lie dormant within the human vehicle and at this time many of you may be deliberately triggered in order to both illuminate and see the belief system that seeks to keep you from expansion. Belief systems are multi level, they are at a world level, cultural level, family level and personal level.  For example you may fully believe that you are not “worthy”, this is a personal belief that may have been sown deep within you from a very young age, such is the drive of belief systems that the human logical mind will filter out all information to the contrary. So if this is your personal belief system it matters not how much information flows to you to seek to contradict this belief, your human logical mind will illuminate and underline only what seeks to “prove” the belief.

Belief systems are powerful constructs and we only have to look at sections of society to fully comprehend how they begin to corrupt and deconstruct the human life experience. Those who experience any sort of addiction, whether to alcohol/drugs or even food are running a deconstructing belief system, they may at times be able to fool those around them and themselves but always the belief will seek to rear its head and to fuel their outer waking life experience. It is often said that addiction is a dis-ease, it sits at cellular level and it distorts and drives the behaviours of those who fall to it.  Treating the dis-ease itself will not see the dis-ease disappear for the belief system that drives the dis-ease is still in operation. As with all belief systems it will seek to anchor itself and to “prove” that it is real and that is required.

I have blogged repeatedly that all that is not TRUTH will dissolve, we can only dissolve that which we can see and comprehend, until this moment it will remain deep within the cellular structure. Many of you at this time may feel as if you are going around in circles, this is the behaviour of a deep seated belief pattern that seeks to hide itself, so fuelled do we become to seek to prove the belief that clarity of vision goes out the window. TRUTH needs no defense and no proof, for it JUST IS, it is a knowing.  Where we feel the familiar “drive” to prove there sits a belief that is trying to remain hidden.

Slaying these inner “demons” may appear to be challenging but ALL that IS TRUTH will remain and the LOVE that IS is the highest frequency that exists.  LOVE is the answer, not the love that we are taught in the old 3d earth created construct that seeks to teach that love is sacrifice, this works to die to the demon and not slay it.  There is no servitude in lying down at the feet of something that is not TRUTH, this will see no expansion and causes deep and repeating patterns of pain to emerge. This is why this teaching was taught repeatedly within the old 3d earth created construct, the pain that is created is then fed upon by said old 3d earth created construct.

LOVE JUST IS and loving self can at many moments almost seem impossible. In our human form we are not perfect, no one is but we were born into a construct that sought at all times to contradict itself.  We are not perfect in our human form but are sold the idea and the picture of what “perfect” looks like, in advertising we are sold the “perfect family car”, “the perfect family home” etc.  This causes a huge contradiction at human mind level where logic prevails, how can a non perfect person be perfect and so this feeds on itself. Unconsciously we seek to prove to ourselves that we can obtain that which is presented while at another level realising that we cannot as there is no such thing. So the mind puzzle is created and interacted with, we start to play mind games within our selves, always contradicting ourselves but persuading ourselves everything can change. This eternal loop is infinite, caught in a labyrinth of conflicting ideas and concepts that pulls us out of balance and of course out of our heart space.

Many at this time are pulled to look at their deepest fears and yet fear looking at said fear, we are taught at all moments within the old 3d earth created construct never to look in the dark cupboard, to never look at what is termed “our shadow side”,  this filters out TRUTH in that we do not have a shadow side, it is created from the teachings of the old 3D earth created construct and comes out of the teachings in relation to perfect.  Many of you who have dared open the cupboard door may have been shocked to find the cupboard was empty!

There are many teachings that seek to teach that we have to integrate our “dark side”, this is done in order to keep our vibration from expanding. It merely teaches us to accept something that does not belong to us in TRUTH. As we are in human form and therefore not perfect how can we have a dark side? we can be persuade to go against our own intuition, many have lost their way in the outer waking world, persuaded by the shiny, glittery attractions that are presented as being part of the human life experience and yet are not in TRUTH.

We are taught at all moments within the old 3d earth created construct what human life “should” be like and then we attempt to fit in with this but moving in to the heart space will show TRUTH and we are asked to align with TRUTH at all moments no matter what is presented to us. We live in a world where a film such as “fifty shades of grey” is touted as harmless entertainment.  For those who have ever been in an abusive relationship this film will be highly triggering, the old 3d earth created construct attempting to place the definition of what love is in a highly distorted way.  Each person alive on this planet has they own inbuilt intuition for what is right for them but this is being eroded by the advertising and the amount of information that is placed that seeks to persuade them that they are at odds with those around them. This is not TRUTH and is built on fear, we are taught to fear being individual, we are taught to fear that which is other than is taught as the “norm” but the “norm” keeps shifting, how do we keep up with it? in TRUTH we fully detach from it and move into TRUST and FAITH of SELF.

When we begin to KNOW SELF and understand why we have been moved so far out of knowing self then we can work to find balance. All that is not TRUTH is now arising within each of us personally  to look at. We have a choice at all moments of course, we can choose to resist and attempt to re-anchor and hide that which makes us feel uncomfortable but we will not find peace or serenity with this behaviour. We are simply repeating what we have been taught to do within the old 3d earth created construct which is hide fear deep within our human vehicle.

When we face the demon within, we are never alone, for we are spirit poured into a human vehicle, part of our spirit has taken human form the other part sits connected to SOURCE which is the LOVE that IS in TRUTH. Any discomfort is the difference in frequency between the part of our spirit that is in human form aligning with the part of us that is SOURCE.  It will always be the human part that has to release for we are not pulling more of our spirit into human form we are releasing the barriers we were taught to create to prevent full flow between both parts of our spirit.

At this time we are asked to LOVE SELF, to allow the LOVE that IS to pour through us, to release the barriers that we are taught to build to keep us from who we are in TRUTH. LOVE needs no protection in TRUTH for it is who we are at SOURCE. This is now building and the more that you feel “off” the greater the build up will continue, the flood gates will be breached for only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth frequency realities.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Navigating the “impasse” of the human logical mind

There are many teachings that seek to teach that simply changing the way that we think in our human form is the answer to creating a new earth reality.  Our thought patterns are a result of the frequencies that we are running within our human energy signatures, the teaching of “change your thoughts/ change your life” is therefore akin to trying to remove the salt from the oceans.  Removing the salt from the ocean would result in drinking water but the water comes with the salt already present.

At this moment upon the planet earth there is a huge tsunami of frequency release, for those who are unaware of how this affects the human energy signature let me take a moment to explain.  When a frequency is released it is for a short period of time re-experienced in its full form, that is the full strength of the frequency pattern is re-experienced as it rises up from cellular level and is released from the cells of our human vehicles.  This causes a temporary blindness and at a human waking conscious mind level it sees us re-live memories as if they were happening at this moment.  This may result in huge chaos as the outer waking world may appear to be one situation but we react as if we were in a different place/time/scenario.

I have blogged and addressed this in the podcasts where there is a period of transition when the inner landscape must be matched up with the outer waking life experience.  This may be challenging at times of mass release for if we are not aware of how the energy signature of the human vehicle works we may try to re-anchor that which is being released by those around us.  Everything is a frequency and we walk the earth surrounded by millions of millions of frequencies but as these are not seen by our human eyes we tend to filter this out.  At this moment upon the planet when waking from dreamtime we may be plunged into chaos. Waking being the moment that we reconnect at a physical level with our human vehicles. We move from the dreamtime platform where we have detached from the physical human vehicle and then we reconnect. So we go from one set of frequencies into an entirely different set of frequencies in a moment.

This is why many of you upon waking may feel “off” or “exhausted” or “anxious”, you are picking up on the general background frequency pattern of the entire human race and planet earth. Remember we may appear to be in separate human vehicles but all is a frequency and all is inter connected.

The human logical mind will expand so far as we move through this release process but we may find that it reaches what it refers to as an “impasse”, this is a safety mechanism that seeks to protect us from overloading and being flooded with too much information.  We have never entered the bandwidths of frequency that we are now navigating and retained a human form before so there is a certain flexing of the human logical mind to allow for additional information to be absorbed and processed.

At a human conscious waking mind level this may appear to you as being unable to function beyond sleeping and eating. It may be a concern when you first enter this transitional phase as it may make no logical sense why making a cup of tea would appear to be so exhausting but your physical human eyes are not seeing the sheer volume of information that is flooding the cells of your human vehicle.

Within the old 3d earth created construct it was relatively simple to absorb and process the information, the dense bandwidths contained relatively few pieces of information, and they were repeated over and over continually, this was done to continually hold in place the construct which is the old 3d earth.  Within the higher dimensional frequency bandwidths there is much more information within the frequencies, this sees more data, more information and more knowledge flood the human vehicle.  As the human logical mind has been kept contained and limited to what is often quoted as “10 per cent” of its ability to process it therefore takes some linear time to move out of this very dense patterning and cyclical information process.

Within the old 3d earth created construct denser frequencies the information was the same information a multitude of different ways, so the human logical mind would process this relatively quickly and easily. Now the information is expansive and is out with what was available previously, therefore the human logical mind is processing at a different level. This uses up energy, many of you may be eating or drinking more highly refined foods and drinks to obtain the necessary energy to fuel this process, this is one of the reasons that sugar is so useful in this process. Many of you may still be trying to deny yourself sugar, holding fast to the belief structures taught within the old 3d earth created construct that sugar is “bad” for the human vehicle.

Sugar is a requirement at certain levels of the transition process due to the fast action of sugar in relation to energy. Again this may be a challenge to your human logical mind and challenge any belief structures still in place.  You may assume that drinking vast amounts of sugary drinks will somehow overload your human vehicle, especially if you are not drinking these drinks and then running 10 miles to “burn off” the sugar rush. But the sugar rush IS being put to use, you are using vast amounts of energy in the processing of the higher dimensional frequencies, all is unseen to the naked human eyes and this must be acknowledged and worked with.

There is no servitude in trying to force the process, to try to move too quickly beyond the “impasse” may see you reach a point of complete confusion.  We are after all moving into a new way of living and being and we are attempting to do this with our human minds INTACT.  The “impasse” safety switch is there as a protection, in many ways it can be seen as the “fuse” that protects from too much CURRENT flowing through the human vehicle.

As we move through this process we pause and allow the “impasse” to dissolve, to allow the human logical mind to catch up as it were and we do this in a variety of ways, the most commonly used way is to rest and to sleep. This allows for vast transference of information through the dreamtime platform and many of you at this time may be experiencing intense, very realistic, dreams.  Another way to move through this is to pre-occupy your human logical mind to keep it busy to stop the flooding of thoughts as they are re-organised, re-arranged and released.  Doing puzzles, crosswords, painting or something that keeps the mind chatter at a lower volume all helps during this process.

To try to control this process is to work against the natural ebb and flow of the frequencies that exist all around us. There is no control within the “impasse”, any attempt at control may see you begin to question your sanity and reality and this serves no purpose. There after all is no “race” and no “competition”, we are simply aligning with who we are in TRUTH, allowing ourselves to understand how we process information and what works best for us individually is the key to this process, what works for one person may send another very close to the edge.

At this time we are asked to let go and to allow our TRUST and FAITH in the process to build as we navigate through frequencies that we have been prevented from ever experiencing. Understanding that as we shift and change then ALL shifts and alters for ALL are ONE and ALL JUST IS. Indeed any attempt at trying to control simply creates more chaos at certain frequency points of this process.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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