The seeding of doubt and the walk in the darkness

The old earth construct is fully dissolving and the understanding of how we are pulled into said construct is now being illuminated.  Many people try to understand their life experience from the moment that they are standing within which blinds them to the way that the old earth construct works.  It begins from the moment that we are born, the moment we enter physically into this realm we are presented with said illusion.   For many people the illusion is just so strong and so subtle that they literally cannot “see the wood for the trees” and this is deliberate.  The illusion works discreetly, it works to place small seeds of doubt, where these seeds land on fertile ground they will sprout and then the teachings of the old earth work to blind the “gardener” to the growing of these seeds.

Let me illuminate this further, how many of you reading this blog have let the odd comment or remark slip and never followed it up? how many of you have been subject to someone’s “opinion” of what you are about to do? if there is “fertile ground” then they will have planted a seed and this seed will attempt to grow.  The fertile ground that the old earth construct uses is the foundation that is laid down in the first 7 years of our life experience.  Any emotional residue is the fertilizer of these seeds of doubt, where a comment or remark lands on the fertile soil of a painful wound then it will grow.  Take for example a person who has been through a painful experience with the opposite sex, perhaps they have had a few relationships where they have been left heartbroken, they then meet someone new and can feel their heart space open once more.  All that it will take for a seed of doubt to take root in this particular example is a comment or a remark that lands on any emotional residue left over from “past” experience.  We are taught within the old earth to protect our heart space at all moments, those around us of course are also taught the same false teachings.  We will on starting a relationship with someone new hear the “opinions” of those who are closest to us.  This will all be done under the umbrella of “looking out for us”.  However those around us are NOT US, each person has their own emotional residue which they draw from, the more that we listen to these opinions, the more the seeds are planted within our human logical mind and the more we then move OUT of our heart space and begin to function from our human logical mind.

As I have blogged repeatedly our human logical mind is not designed to feel emotion, it is designed as a reference tool and is not capable of feeling anything, this is the role of our heart space. The human logical mind when seeded with doubt that has a fertile landscape in which to grow then begins to create scenarios that are nothing to do with TRUTH, unchecked the human logical mind will run amok.

The old earth construct is designed to place these seeds of doubt where it can find any pain, grief or trauma. A heart that has been wounded is fertile ground for many people will seek the opinions of those around them before moving into their own heart space, falling to the false teaching that those around them are somehow supporting them. It is a false teaching because the only person who is living your life is YOU, no one else.  The opinions of those around us are from viewpoints that are completely different landscapes and are opinions that come through the filters that we are taught to place on our outer waking reality.  If for example you have a close friend who has had a traumatic divorce then the above example I have used of starting a new relationship will have said friend’s opinion coming through the filter of the trauma and pain from THEIR experience, it has nothing to do with your experience. This of course is filtered out in the old earth reality as we are taught that those around us are somehow helping us.

The doubts, the opinions, the examples that others use to try to persuade us to alter our choices is how the old earth has kept the entire human race within chains for eternity.  I mentioned at the start of this blog the subtlety of the seeding, many people ignore the opinions of others fully believing that they are making their own choices from their own feelings but the opinions are falling on the UNCONSCIOUS foundation that we all run and we have all created within the first 7 years of our life experience.  Therefore it is triggering a foundation pattern that is laid down and is hidden.  All it takes is a seed of doubt to fall upon some fertile ground and the human logical mind will go looking to “prove” the seed.

So in the example above of starting a new relationship it may take only a few comments to be heard and discounted but at an unconscious mind level the human logical mind will be on the look out for “proof” so the filtering has already begun. We may then begin to compare the person in front of us to previous people and the growing of the seed begins.  The old earth construct has us labeling those around us as another subtle way of seeding doubt. When we refer to sisters, brothers, husband, wife etc we stop seeing the PERSON as a person and start seeing them as the ROLE that they are labeled in.  This works to trigger the hidden foundation pattern which is running within us.  If you grew up in a household where your parents were arguing continually for example then getting married and then viewing your spouse as the label “husband” or “wife” will have you referencing the LABEL and the experience that you had in your early years with your parents, you will start to alter your behavior to match the definition created in those early years and which your human logical mind is referencing and stop seeing the PERSON that you are married to as the individual that they are in TRUTH.

The behaviors are created unconsciously and will build, as we change our behavior then those around us REACT to the behavior and before we know it we have a human life experience filled with people we see in ROLES and not as the individual PEOPLE that they are in TRUTH.  The old earth construct is designed ONLY for division and deconstruction and the use of labels continuously feeds this.  We are taught repeatedly to validate our reality through those around us through these labels and opinions and this filters out that no one lives our life but us.

This is now being fully illuminated in order it be dissolved. Many at this time are being taken back to the first years of their lives through being shown the PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR that are playing out in through their life experience. These patterns of behavior are not TRUTH and are not supported at any level therefore the dissolving is required in order to come back into balance and to move into expansion. Assumption is the tool of the old earth construct, how many of us simply ASSUME what another is feeling or thinking and then allow our human logical mind to run with it? we base our behavior and actions on the ASSUMPTION and the role that we have placed the other person into. This places us as the observer to our own life experience, we are asked to move into TRUTH and see people as people, as INDIVIDUAL people in their own right. As we begin to illuminate the patterns and the behavior and release then we will begin to understand to new levels the way that we have simply allowed seeds to germinate and grow and keep us out of our OWN heart space.

In TRUTH no one is out to “get” anyone else, no one is out to “hurt” anyone else but the seeds when planted WILL grow in fertile ground.  This is why we are asked to release ALL emotional residue, to FORGIVE ALL through Christ and release the emotional baggage that has us filtering our life experience and keeping OURSELVES out of our OWN heart space. Where we allow our human logical mind to persuade us that someone will hurt us we are opening the avenue into our human logical mind and stepping out of our heart space.  The darkness LOVES to pull us into the landscapes of our mind, it loves to have us doubt SELF and there is no quicker way to doubt ourselves than to step out of our heart space.

It is not our human logical mind that will show us TRUTH, it is our HEART space, to FEEL what is unfolding is key, we cannot FEEL through our human logical mind. We do not LOVE through our human logical mind and there are many false teachings that are seeking to persuade us to remain in our human logical mind. It is our HEART space that flutters when we fall in love for example NOT our human logical mind which can fully reference the reaction but does not process the EMOTION and this is hidden in plain view.  How we FEEL when we LOVE is the EXPERIENCE of LIVING, it is not what we think about life that makes life an experience it is how we FEEL when we EXPERIENCE LIFE.

As we now stand on the threshold of the new earth frequency realities we are asked to step fully into our heart space, to step INTO that fluttering of our heart space, to allow the initial fear that will wash over us to wash over us, many who feel this initial reaction to the LOVE that IS will attempt to run and close down their heart space, the emotional residue being pulled up as “evidence” that hurt is on the horizon by the HUMAN LOGICAL MIND, when we allow our heart space to lead the way, when we can take a deep breath and just allow the LOVE that IS to flow we will find that we do not get hurt, indeed as the LOVE that IS flows through us it HEALS us.

As a race that has stepped out of experience and been taught to live within the landscapes of the human logical mind this next phase may be challenging, many may step into their heart space and then turn round and close it only to venture back in again. The only way forward is to venture into the heart space fully, to FEEL and to LIVE in TRUTH is found only through this portal and this portal is FULLY SUPPORTED on all levels of our being for it is TRUTH.

We are asked to have love and compassion for all at this time as the steps are taken, as the courage is built and the faith and trust of our heart space now begins in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

GOD thru Karen Doonan 8th October 2015

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“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

Expansion of Consciousness Vs human logic

We incarnated into a construct that subsequently taught us to rely on our human logical mind.  Everything within the old earth construct is DESIGNED to stimulate our human logical mind, whether it be to keep us trapped within the burning desire to “have” to know something or to stimulate our “imagination” in order to pull us further into our human logical mind, the old earth construct seeks at all times to keep us in our HEAD and not our heart space.

For many people the illusion is so strong that they fully believe that experience is gained through “knowledge” and that without this knowledge there can be no experience. The old earth construct has twisted and turned so much of what is interpreted by our human logical mind that many people simply allow themselves to be presented with a “puzzle” and then head off to solve it, I use the term “head” deliberately. From crossword puzzles to mind bending conundrums, we are presented with the false teachings repeatedly teaching that we must keep our minds “sharp” and functional at all moments. These false teaching go further and provoke the fear of getting “dull” with age and many will fall to these teachings strengthening their mind under the illusion that this somehow keeps them in the “game”. The “game” of course in TRUTH is that created by the mind and triggered by the old earth construct.

We are moving into a process of evolution, our human logical mind WILL take us down the pathways of belief that our human mind will create that seek to teach that “consciousness” is within our minds.  Consciousness has NOTHING to do with our human logical mind whatsoever, our consciousness is found within our HEART space. The understanding that is required for this next phase of our human evolution is found ONLY within our heart space. Many people will trigger hugely at this statement and the main reason for this is the role that they have allowed their human logical mind to take in relation to their human life experience.

We are taught within the old earth construct that “knowledge is power” and this of course is interpreted by our human logical mind as being our own power, it is in TRUTH power to the construct itself, to keep an entire race captive through the illusions presented and then brought to life through the human logical mind and its interpretations is to keep a race captive in a dream world. There have been many who have sought to illuminate the dream world for the human race and who have become caught up in the illumination, there comes a moment when we must make a step out of the dream world and into reality in TRUTH.

I have long blogged about the difference between debate and EXPERIENCE, with many believing that they are having an experience when they are in TRUTH debating and having a theological thought process.  The most simple example to use to highlight this is that of a cup of tea.  Imagine for a moment a group of people sitting round a table about to have a cup of tea. The talk may be of which kind of tea to drink, with or without milk, sugar or no sugar etc all are having a theological debate until the moment they actually drink the tea, the only person who is having the EXPERIENCE of the tea is the person who has the hot liquid running down their throat, all else is debate and discussion.  So it is with the old earth construct, war of words rage across the human race, with labels flying in all directions as the human race try to work out TRUTH using their human logical mind, the labyrinth that is the human logical mind is the illusion that all are presented with.  The only way out  is to understand it by stepping out of it.

Now many will trigger at the last statement, how can we step out of our head to understand something when we need our mind to comprehend?  we do not need our human logical mind to understand, it was never created to understand, it was created as a reference tool, view the human logical mind as a vast library, a storage space for information.  The old earth construct very cleverly reversed the human logical mind and the heart space thus trapping the human race within their own minds.

It is from our HEART that we gain understanding in TRUTH and it is this understanding that we then reference in our human mind, it is not the other way around, we have simply been taught it is to keep us further contained. Life is LIVING, it is EXPERIENCING and the human race have been taught to live within their mind to PREVENT the living and experience that is TRUTH.  Whilst we live from our human logical mind we are simply wandering the corridors of “knowledge” and walking as observers to life itself. When we live from our heart space we are experiencing in order to then reference the experience. This is expansion into EVOLUTION and this is the phase that we now move fully into.

For many these past few linear days if not weeks have seen a chaos descend as the human logical mind is pushed out of prime position and then retaliates, the more that we have been brought up to harness “knowledge” the more challenging the past few linear days and weeks will have been, for we are moving into understanding which is beyond the scope of the human race. The human race have simply passed “knowledge” from generation to generation believing that somehow the human race have evolved when in TRUTH they have gone around in circles, merely cataloging the different variations of said “knowledge”.

For many the idea that a life can be lived in any other way other than a variation of what has been lived already is incomprehensible as the human logical mind cannot venture anywhere without a reference point. The heart space not only can venture without a reference point it can expand INFINITELY and for many at this time the challenge is to defer to the heart space and not the head. The human logical mind will try to put on the brakes, it will try to make us believe that there is no other way and that we are simply deluding ourselves but the human logical mind is wrong, it is wrong because it is limited in ways that the heart space is not. The whole DESIGN of the old earth construct is deliberate, it is deliberate to try to prevent the human race from reaching the heart space and exploring further for it knows that in order to remain it has to suppress understanding and focus on “knowledge”, thus presenting an infinite puzzle that many pull up a chair to and never leave.

The process that is now fully underway has no reference points until they are created through experience THEN referenced within the human logical mind, until this is achieved there is no expansion, only a waiting period that will get more and more frustrating the longer it goes on. Many within the human race are feeling this frustration building and the never ending round of “reasons” will soon lose their sheen as frustration builds and the “reasons” are seen in TRUTH. The old earth construct continually supplying logical “reasons” for “why” something is experienced, this is how we have been held in position but as this is not TRUTH it is no longer supported. It is not the influence of any moon, or planet or solar flare, in TRUTH it is our internal expansion that needs to be acknowledged, the waiting is created by falling to the reasons, for defaulting to the human logical mind which would have us stop and pull up a chair once more in the library of “knowledge”.

Our heart space KNOWS TRUTH, it UNDERSTANDS the process and will continue to push for us to LET GO and simply allow nature to take its course, we have of course been taught within the old earth construct that WE harness nature and this again is a reversal, NATURE is flow, control is the braking mechanism to this natural flow. Many will attempt to exert inordinate amounts of control over this next phase of expansion but it is akin to swimming against a huge dam that has burst as the frequencies now begin to arise in order to be released.  We are working to align ourselves with the wider universe which is MUCH stronger than the old earth construct and as we begin to allow the reversal of polarity internally we will become ONE with this force but it will trigger our human logical mind which has been taught to do the exact opposite of what we are asked to at this moment.

ALL is not as it appear to our logical perception, to our human logical mind or even our human eyes, we must now step out of our own way and allow our HEART to show us TRUTH. To begin to TRUST and have FAITH in our understanding and our own inner knowing, to allow ourselves to EXPERIENCE beyond our fears, our walls and our perimeters that we have placed internally and to allow ourselves to EXPERIENCE LOVE IN TRUTH. For LOVE is what we were created from, what we are created for and what we are asked to REMEMBER.  We need no further “knowledge” for we are moving into UNDERSTANDING in TRUTH, from this all else flows.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Core Belief Systems and Rejection of Reality

In this podcast Karen explains how our core belief systems are created and how they affect our outer waking reality.  

GOD Thru Karen Doonan 5th October 2015

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“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Perception within emotional landscapes

As we begin to release the emotional residue created by our walk in the old earth construct we allow a new clearer picture to emerge of HOW we are manipulated by said old earth construct and how we create our own emotional pain. For many people this may be a triggering scenario to even read about. Many people are blinded by their own emotions which of course is in the very design of the old earth construct, believing that the pain that is created is by OTHER people and that there is no input from ourselves. Nothing is further from TRUTH, we are all manipulated by the old earth construct into defense/attack at all moments, a chance comment, an overhead conversation it matters not once the little seed of “doubt” is planted then it will begin to grow in whatever emotional garden is held deep within our heart space. For many people it will grow in field of unresolved anger, in this particular garden the world will be PERCEIVED as a hostile place and the need to defend oneself at every opportunity from said hostility will be top priority.  From the garden of residual anger there is always something to “fight” for, it is often presented as other than it is in TRUTH, those who “fight” for justice are actually running unresolved anger but it is hidden in the “noble” cause that is presented by the illusion. What is not seen is the further emotional triggering and damage that is caused by this unresolved anger internally.

This is just one example, there are unlimited examples of the various emotions that are used to fuel the human life experience within the old earth construct. LIFE in TRUTH is fueled by the LOVE that IS which is the very fabric of the wider universe but the old earth construct is as I have blogged often  NOT part of the wider universe. Again this is hidden in plain view, with false teachings pushing the need to “manifest” when in TRUTH manifestation is a NATURAL and effortless process within the wider universe.  Working WITH the natural flow of energy sees life flow around us, through us and within us. It is ONLY within the old earth construct that the continual fight to get ahead, to MAKE things happen is required as the energy flow is a negative polarity which repels the NATURAL flow of energy and is the reason that the old earth construct teaches what it does. Without this continual fight AGAINST natural flow there would be no earth construct and no emotional residue from which it feeds. We are taught from the moment we take our first breath that this life is “harsh”, “unforgiving” and “full of pain”, therefore we assume “battle-mode” without actually realizing that there is NO war, no battle to fight, it is the teachings that allow the anchoring of the frequencies that are then fed off by the old earth construct.

At this moment the old earth is gearing up for the surge in higher dimensional frequencies that are allowing the illumination of these false teachings. As the human race begin to look within then the old earth will pull out all stops in order to PREVENT the self illumination, it will try to pull us out of balance and try to persuade us to go to battle with each other. From personal relationships to wider societal relationships all will come under the intense emotional manipulation of the old earth construct. In TRUTH NOTHING can separate the human race unless each person within said human race believes that they are somehow being “attacked” by another. Then the separation and the ripples of assumption begin. From friendships that are lost due to ASSUMPTION based on the emotional manipulation of the triggers within the old earth to wider society reactions to PERCEIVED world events, all is designed to DIVIDE and conquer said human race.

How many times do you understand the behavior of another in TRUTH? how many times do you allow assumption of what the other person is feeling or thinking to take over and react according to the ASSUMPTION that your human logical mind has presented you with?  the answer is probably more often than you can imagine.  Personally at this time I am working  through various scenarios from earlier in my life that are completely changing as I find out the FACTS of what actually was going on and let go of the ASSUMPTIONS that fueled my behavior at the time. This is thoroughly life changing albeit it is emotionally painful to begin with. The depth of healing is immense and the relationships throughout my ENTIRE life are resetting and presenting themselves in TRUTH, often as they present in TRUTH I am shown I was so far off the mark with my assumption that I may as well been in a different ball park!  As I release the emotional residue then it gets clearer and clearer how I tried to “prove” something based on the emotional pain held deep within me that DEMANDED it remain at all costs. Said cost always involves relationships with other people and this of course is how the old earth was designed.

The old earth construct NEEDS the human race to be divided, to split apart friendships, relationships, marriages, siblings, communities, countries, ALL is CREATED DELIBERATELY to prevent the dissolving of said old earth construct. We are simply manipulated through that which is presented to us at any one moment.  At this time the media will go into overdrive attempting to turn person against person, country against country as the human race begins to join the dots as it were and begins to understand the manipulation itself.

We are in pivotal times, we are being presented at every moment the opportunity to move into expansion but it is not a passive opportunity, we are required to take action. To ask for forgiveness and make amends where we find our own behavior to be less than loving towards another. This will of course provoke much fear within us but the fear is what the old earth construct hides within, to fear reaching out to those whom we have shared less than loving words may seem a huge undertaking but trust me it is worth it. To reach out and to build those bridges. I am not stating that everyone we reach out to will be in a place where they can accept the reaching out but the cost is just too high not to make these moves. If we want to experience a new way of living and being then we need to move past this initial fear and place our trust and faith in the LOVE that IS because there are miracles that birth through the LOVE that IS when we do.

Many at this time are sitting with regret, with shame and remorse which only ever waters the internal emotional landscape gardens of unresolved emotion.  As we reach out to one another in TRUTH and we allow the LOVE that IS to weave the miracles that unite a once fully divided race then we begin to HEAL at all levels of this our human life experience.

Having LOVE and COMPASSION for ALL at this time and to understand that ALL just want LOVE and have taken the actions they have done due to the false teachings that love is not what we “deserve” is the starting point of this next phase of expansion.  Many, many people walk this earth fully believing that they are un-loveable due to something they have or have not done, whether this is from childhood or more recent it is not TRUTH. We were created to LOVE, just because the old earth taught us how to reject this does not make rejection TRUTH, it simply is a reflection of how divided and how in pain the entire human race are. This pain can only ever heal fully if we begin to address this hurt directly with physical action and begin to be more understanding and loving and take responsibility for our reactions and behavior.  Many will of course reject this, so triggered by the old earth construct and the illusions presented at this “end of days” that they will go all out to “prove” their hurt is valid, this is the trick of the old earth construct, to reach out and build bridges does not make either party in the “wrong” for ALL JUST IS, what it does is opens the door to deep healing and miracles.

For those of you who are sitting at this time with situations that your human logical mind states have no resolution I would guide you to be brave and take that first step. Miracles are the resolutions that our human logical mind simply cannot reach and miracles can happen at all moments but they often take that first step of FAITH and TRUST in the process.  As we now begin to understand more fully the manipulation we can now take the steps required to close the doors to said emotional manipulation allowing a deeper understanding of our own humanity and forming deeper and more loving relationships with those whom we share this “world” with, in essence we begin to unite in TRUTH and in doing so change the entire world.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Cleansing of inner emotional landscapes in TRUTH

We are moving into the next phase of the ascension to evolution process which for those who follow bible prophecy is the full END OF TIMES. This will see the darkness FULLY illuminated through the shining of LIGHT on the WAYS in which the human race have been manipulated. At this time the reaction of said human race will be one of rejection and ANGER. This is a taught reaction to change and one that must be acknowledged and then DETACHED from. Those who are still running unreleased emotional residue which includes anger will find themselves very angry and reacting angrily. Those who are triggered are asked to release the anger to Christ and to ask for forgiveness in order that the anger be dissolved fully. Otherwise the anger will build on itself which is what the old earth WANTS as this is how it feeds.

View unresolved emotional anger as tinder for a fire. There can be no fire without the tinder and the tinder is the START of said fire. Any emotional residue when triggered by the old earth is like setting fire to tinder, it will smoulder then it will ignite and the fire will rage and I use this symbology and language deliberately. In order to prevent any triggering it is necessary to cleanse our internal emotional landscape. Where you FEEL anger begin then ADDRESS IT IMMEDIATELY or it will continue to smoulder in the background and ignite when you least expect it causing more emotional distress to all involved.

This is a pivotal time for the human race with the EXODUS from the outer edges of the old earth construct now beginning. Beyond this phase there will be no emotional manipulation so expect the illusion to become deeper, it is fueled with our own internal emotional residue, where you feel intense emotion then go within to release fully and ask for forgiveness from Christ. Simply forgiving the other person does nothing other than hide said emotional residue which will ignite over and over until it is released fully.

At a world level expect more horrific images, stories, scenarios and “events” to escalate as the old earth pulls out all stops to prevent the expansion that CANNOT be prevented. Inner landscapes are illuminated for clearing at this level not for falling back to the emotions that were originally experienced. Some will interpret the next phase as GOD punishing but He is illuminating in order to heal fully and permanently.

LOVE and compassion for ALL is required for this next intense level of expansion.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight


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