Playing with Fire

I have blogged repeatedly in relation how fallen angels work to try to prevent the unfolding of TRUTH. The last 24 hours for me personally have validated this to me. Without going into much detail as there is a police report in progress it looks like I will be unlikely to continue with my ministry at this time. Due to a break in I am now without a laptop that held my work and research and as my ministry is solely funded by donations only this obviously impacts on any replacement and my future work.

Whilst I am able to access my blog this is my only connection at this time. I would state clearly that the world is now moving further into chaos and those who are here helping explain the breakdown of said world are now being openly attacked in various ways.


Freeing the “pain” of the “past”

As we move into expansion we are required to take up our “anchor” and set sail on new oceans. The old 3d earth created construct has us anchored in a harbor and teaches us repeatedly that we cannot leave this harbor for fear of being dashed upon the rocks that exist just outside of said harbor.   As we are here to experience a human life experience which is a “now” moment that moves into another “now” moment the anchoring prevents any expansion.  The “anchor” in this case is the emotional residue that we have been taught to keep tight hold of. It exists woven through our behavior patterns which ignite in response to the outer waking world and what is presented to us by said outer waking world.

As the “end of days” is a time of major upheaval and chaos then the default position for many will be to “batten down the hatches” in the belief that they need only somehow “ride out the storm” and the world will reset itself. This is a highly distorted teaching which is often taught in the guise of “rapture” or  within the New Age Movement is taught as “ascension”.  We are in a time frame of vast dissolving of frequency, it is the letting go of the tight hold that has been placed on the flow of frequency which is the natural ebb and flow of universal energy.  ALL frequency moves and shifts but frequency (which is energy) can be manipulated, bound, held and contained.  As this breaks the natural laws of the universe this is not supported and the dissolving that appears in the human life experience as “change” is the frequencies attempting to move into the natural ebb and flow that already exists.

We have been taught to control and manipulate the flow of these frequencies, these teachings have been in the guise of “creating”, we are not here to self create for that is not our creation purpose, we were created by GOD to experience. So as many have attempted to take control of their outer waking life experience they have contained and suppressed the natural ebb and flow of frequency that exists around them, through them and within them.  As the outer waking world is presented in more and more chaos the urge to place a control on our personal life experience may begin to become overwhelming.  This is not supported and the rising frequencies will see many attempt control that then dissolves once more.

TRUTH JUST IS and already exists, we are here to experience the validation of TRUTH, this confuses the human logical mind for it has been taught to reference a belief and not necessarily TRUTH, as the human logical mind does not process emotion it is but part of the picture. In order to validate and to experience TRUTH both the human heart and the human logical mind mus work in HARMONY with each other. The old 3D earth created construct only supports the use of the human logical mind and teaches that the heart space is the place to store emotion.  The heart space is the place in which to EXPERIENCE emotion, we were never created as storage vessels.

At this time it may be challenging to “give up” the default position of this referencing of emotion by the human logical mind, it is not possible to think “love”, it is only possible to experience it and as we have been taught that “love=pain” many will default to rejecting the very emotion that they were created to experience.  The belief systems are the reference points that are now being dissolved. Just because we have experienced pain in relation to what we perceive as “love” does not make this TRUTH, it merely shows that we have experienced pain and we have referenced it in relation to “love”.

The “love” that is taught within the old 3D earth created construct is deliberately distorted in order to create the reference points which are used as the “evidence” to keep hold of the emotions within the heart space. Belief systems will always have “evidence” for the human logical mind will always default to searching for only the frequencies that align with the belief system frequency.  This is what makes them challenging to find but there is always a clue and this is in the intense emotional reaction that is experienced in relation to keeping the belief system intact. Many of you at this time are finding yourself challenged for your belief systems and may find that you are in defense of them, TRUTH does not need defense for it JUST IS.  It can be quite staggering to suddenly reach the moment of clarity that shows what a belief system can do the outer waking human life experience.

Any behavior patterns that are in operation that seek to store emotion within our heart space are now fully illuminated in order that we can make the CHOICE to detach from this way of living our human life experience. It is a CHOICE, one that has been hidden and is now revealed as the veils are removed from our human vision. However the choice is personal, it can only be taken by the person who is holding fast to the belief system.  Holding on will see expansion halted, a bit like driving down a highway and not being able to see the exit sign, the exit sign can only appear when the belief is let go of and not before as the belief system is filtering out the exit signs.  So the highway is travelled upon and the road will continue until it runs out. Many are sitting at STOP signs unable to understand why the path beneath their feet is not opening up, only TRUTH is supported, there are not “many” roads that lead to TRUTH there is only ONE road and that is the road that is walked alongside Christ.

We have free will and free choice to take any route that we wish and as a belief system will determine the route taken no matter what is stated at a human conscious waking mind level many are under the impression that they are on the highway to GOD when in fact they have taken a route that takes them AWAY from their destination.

It is to be noted that we are asked to let go of emotions and beliefs as they arise within us, this is an experience, it is not a logical thought process and we cannot just “think” our way to the next phase of this process. We must let go and experience what is being shown to us. This is to acknowledge how we feel, that is all that is required, we are not asked to undergo complicated ritual or ceremony, we are not asked to go into a crumpled heap and start wailing, we are asked simply to say “yes that is how I feel and this is what I felt at the time”, this acknowledges the emotion which allows for it to be released from our cellular structure.

The old 3D earth created construct will trigger and manipulate all and any stored human emotion especially in relation to anger and grief. These are the two major triggers that are continually triggered over and over again. Whilst these are natural emotions the storing of either of these can and will change the picture that is presented to us at any one moment. To let go of the deeply held emotion allows us to find PEACE and a clarity that the stored emotions hide from us.

As all now shifts into gear and more and more chaos is revealed in TRUTH the peace that we seek is asking to be acknowledged and found WITHIN US. It is not possible to find peace in the outer waking life experience alone, the outer waking life experience is a reflection of what is going on inside of us.  Hence the chaos of the outer waking world as the human race is now processing and decoding a different frequency in a different bandwidth to the one taught within the old 3D earth created construct. Change can be in a heartbeat, it can be instantaneous and the human logical mind will try to filter this out for it has no reference point. Just because in the “past” experience something took forever to manifest does not mean it will take the same amount of time at this now moment. ALL changes at all moments in TRUTH.

We are asked at this time to go within and to release that which binds us, emotional behavior patterns are both binding and blinding, this is why they were created and taught to us, we find freedom on the other side of our deepest fear, our most tightly held emotional wounds. These wounds were never ours to carry, handing them to Christ who died for us on the cross sees us free up the heart space to allow the flow of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH. A heart space that is clogged with lower dimensional frequency will not allow the flow of LOVE in TRUTH and this is why we were taught to store emotions deeply within for the fallen ones knew that they could disrupt the natural flow of our energy signature.

The default position for a human being is LOVE, this is what we are returning to but this process may take some getting used to, a race that has been taught only to hold on is now being asked to let go, to breathe and have TRUST and FAITH in the GOD, we do this through our connection to Jesus Christ and the knowing that comes from releasing the burdens of the old 3D earth created construct.  From a clear foundation we can start to build and we do this in co creation with GOD, by allowing Christ to co write our human life experience through the miracle that is the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.


Moving with the tides of change

As we begin to release the deeply entrenched behavior patterns that have sought to teach us to contain our human life experience we are able to move into expansion and begin to explore new experiences in our outer waking life experience.  For many at this time the movement may bring up huge fear as we are asked to walk our expansion, there are many teachings that seek to teach that expansion is purely on the spiritual plane and is not manifest physically in our human life experience. These teachings are highly distorted, all begins on the spiritual plane, the plane hidden to our naked human eyes and this is what manifests in a form that is interpreted by our human eyes as the outer waking reality on the physical plane.

Many are attempting to alter the outer waking reality and manage to accomplish this only for the outer waking reality to “reset” itself, this is due to the binding that is present in the spiritual realm. Something bound on the spiritual realm cannot be manifest in the physical outer waking reality fully and completely. This is why many who have walked in the New Age Movement find themselves at an impasse, with promises made over and over at a spiritual level that is never manifest on the physical level. The fallen ones cannot manifest anything into the physical that is lasting, they have no creation rights so they can only present an illusion that has no substance. This at a human waking mind level sees something begin to manifest but as soon as it is interacted with at a human waking mind level it will begin to fall away and to deconstruct.

There is much that is in the outer waking life experience that is merely illusion, whilst it appears very solid it is only by interacting with it that we can either validate it and therefore understand and experience the manifestation or it cannot be validated and simply keeps dis-appearing and re-appearing in another form that once again cannot be validated. This is what is manifest in many of the New Age Movement promises in relation to “ascension”, only something that can be lived and experienced and therefore validated is actual TRUTH, otherwise it is illusion.  Take for example a cup of coffee, a cup of coffee can be made an illusion, it may look very real, you can have a virtual cup of coffee, it can appear on a tv screen but only a cup of coffee that can be picked up and the coffee drunk from the cup is the actual manifestation of coffee in TRUTH. The others were simply illusions that could only be interacted with at various levels but never in the physical validation of it.

Taking the cup of coffee in the example above and apply to all areas of the human life experience in order to understand the process of validation. Other people around us CANNOT validate our life experience, we can watch someone drink a cup of coffee but we cannot drink said coffee for them. Therefore others in our waking life experience can and will have opinions but they can never validate our experiences at a human physical waking mind level, that is up to each of us individually and something that has been kept hidden in plain view.

At this time we are asked to walk in FAITH and TRUST of the process that sees us validate TRUTH, something that sounds TRUTH is only TRUTH if it can be personally validated through the experience.  TRUTH is independant of the human life experience, it exists already, it has always existed, it existed before our creation, we do not create TRUTH, we validate it personally. For many at this time this is highly triggering as the belief systems taught within the old 3D earth created construct are designed to hide TRUTH. Therefore when TRUTH is revealed the triggering will attempt to persuade the person triggered to reject what is presented to them.

Emotionally this may be experienced as a surge of anger, of denial or of fear.  Such emotional surges may be overwhelming but they are the key to understanding that the belief system is in operation and about to be made visible. Belief systems work to blind therefore at any moment we are unaware of the deep belief systems that we use to contain our human life experience. There are clues at every moment and sometimes the clues come in the behavior reactions of those around us. As we begin to move out of a belief system then the triggering will ignite those around us who share said belief system and who feel the movement unconsciously. It cannot be underlined enough how intense some of the emotional reactions can be when a belief system is triggered into defending itself. This may see intense drama played out if those concerned are not aware of the way in which belief systems work.

The frequency of the old 3D earth created construct belief systems is a low one, one which the feeding from was encouraged by the fallen ones. It is no co-incidence that DRAMA is the one area of the entertainment that is fueled repeatedly. Whether this be in “celebrity gossip” or in tv shows or films it is supported for it supplies the food that the fallen ones require to remain in place.  As we detach from drama often those around us will actively try to re-ignite said drama in any which way that they can. This is done unconsciously but follows certain patterns that once seen will always be seen, it is to be noted that not everyone has to be detached from the drama, it takes at least 2 people to fuel a drama, simply detaching one will see the others involved feel the disconnection and will show the pattern fully as they attempt to get a reaction without which they cannot continue the drama.

GOD created us and GOD walks with us through Christ, at times when we feel that we somehow have to hold on we can step fully into Christ and find the peace that illudes us when we connect only with those around us and the outer waking reality.  As we detach from the outer waking reality so that we are of the world but not in it, we can allow the tides of changes to flow through us, around us and within us, our challenge will always to be to fully let go when we cannot see where said tides will move us to.  We do not create our human life experience, we experience our human life and when we are connected to Christ we are shown how to reach new shores in ways that we cannot see from our human vantage point alone.

The tides of change are upon the human race, they are gaining in momentum, building in momentum and we as sailors on these tides can try and anchor our boat half way and risk being dashed by said tides or we can hand the wheel to Christ who can calm the waters, making our journey across the ocean one of ease and grace no matter if those around us are experiencing storms, for our boats are for ourselves, we sail our own ships and cannot sail those of any other.

The human race has been persuaded for eternity that they need never leave the shore, they have been persuaded to build their lives upon the sand and as such the sand shifts and moves and deconstructs the human life experience. We now set sail to new lands, new experiences and a new life in TRUTH.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.




Laying down of foundational frequencies

As everything in the universe is a frequency and everything that we in our human form experience is a manifestation of said frequency then changing our frequency allows us to change that which we can experience in our outer waking lives.  The “world” frequency is changing and shifting as the chaos in the outer waking life experience begins to intensify, in order to move into expansion it is necessary to move OUT of containment.  Take for example a glass of water (the human body is made up mostly of water) that has sediment that is lying at the bottom of the glass, the water in the glass may look clear but the sediment is always in danger of being disrupted as the glass of water is moved or lifted up.  At this time the sediment that we all carry and which sits at an unconscious and hidden level within us is being stirred up so that we can see and acknowledge it in order to release it fully.  We can pour out the water from the glass and then rinse it out or we can keep topping up the glass of water with more and more water but the sediment will begin to move and to shift.

At this time many are trying to avoid the sediment, trying to remain as still as possible believing that the “sediment” will settle once again and that life will then begin to resemble the outline that we have been taught.  Life is changing and shifting rapidly, whether we like it or not we are moving into an expansion of the human life experience that is seeing the wider human society now begin to alter and change.  The information and systems that do not work and that have never worked but have simply been filtered out by the majority of the human race will begin to dissolve and as we move more fully into this expansion we will be able to interact at levels that have a foundation in TRUTH.

This process begins individually within each human being upon the planet.  As we personally get shown the “sediment” which is a denser frequency hence it has sat at an unconscious level, we are given the opportunity to release the emotional responses that are held tightly in this “sediment”. Whether this is anger, grief, sadness or fear it will begin to be triggered for we cannot move into a new way of living and being holding on to that which we have already experienced.

We have been taught in the old 3D earth created construct to “remember” at all times and this drives many to hold on to events, scenarios and people in an attempt to adhere to this teaching. We are here to experience what life has to offer and our experiences that we have had we have used to try to shape the life that is unfolding around us. This is a taught reaction to the outer waking world and this is now dissolving.  The freedom that this gifts us is immense but it can be a challenging experience to begin with.  A bit like riding a bike with stabilisers, the stabilisers are now being taken off, this allows us to explore further but we may fear that we will fall over without the stabilisers. So it is a walk of faith and trust in the process, understanding that anything that is removed from our outer waking reality is removed for it is not TRUTH.

The human race has been taught how to survive, we were not created to survive, we were created in order to live a human life experience.  As people, places and events are removed from our outer waking reality we have a choice of whether to FEEL into this and accept that at any one moment we cannot see the bigger picture or we can choose to tightly hold on believing that somehow we are out of control and have got it all “wrong”.  Depending on how tightly held the belief systems are within us and those around us we may experience immense pressure from those around us and within us as the “self policing” that unfolds within a lower dimensional frequency begins to try to exert itself. This is experienced at a waking mind level as those around us trying to persuade us to remain still and not take that next step (or indeed find ourselves detaching from the next step in an effort to convince ourselves that we have taken a wrong turn).  As this human life experience is personal, that is only we can live our life experience no one else can, it is important to understand that what is presented is someone else’s opinion, it is only TRUTH if we can validate it personally through our OWN experience.

Each person alive on this planet is in a slightly different frequency and a different part of the process of expansion.  As people, places and events are removed from our lives then they are always replaced by expansion. This may see plans begin to expand into areas that we could not see until the last moment or it may see a new “direction” be reached for. All is in expansion and nothing is set in stone, we did not incarnate into this life experience to repeat the lives of the previous generations or repeat our family histories.  This was negated by the movement into the higher dimensional frequencies and this will have been noted and felt by many of you.

We never walk alone on this path, we are always walking with GOD and our connection to Christ is the connection that will see us begin to build our faith as WE WALK.  It is not a question of having faith, storing it all up and then moving, that negates the very experience of the process.  We cannot from our human vantage point see the bigger picture of our lives but GOD can and as GOD moves us into place in order to experience an expansion then GOD does so knowing that at times we may need to have little vision as we experience the movement.

It may seem an ideal scenario to have our lives mapped out beneath our feet and to be sure of what we are moving into but it negates the experience of being alive.  We have been taught to survive within the old 3D earth created construct, this survival has led us to exist, not to live and the experience of being alive is being shown to us repeatedly. Many will trigger when they first experience being alive in TRUTH, it may bring to the surface all the fears that have lain dormant but we are here to live.

One of the main areas of the human life experience that will try to contain our “living” is that of death.  It is often said that the human race are so in fear of death that they have chosen not to live. This is a deliberate teaching,  if there is one thing that will happen to our human bodies when we are born onto this earth is that there will be a day when we exit said human body. As we do not know when this will be we must be at one with the scenario.  The human race are taught to fear death and this is triggered repeatedly in wider human society.  We try to remain “safe” at all moments and as we do this we contain ourselves. Accepting that there will come a time when we leave this human body and continue our experience as spirit alone is one that many detach from. It is one that I have run from my entire life and one which has been presented to me again in order that I make peace with this.

It is GOD who grants us life, it is Christ who loves through us and it is never our decision when we leave this human physical form.  We do not see the bigger picture we see what we need to see at any one moment. We must live fully in order to accept the gift that GOD has given us which is life.  At this time many of us are being asked to undergo a death of the old life in order to be granted a new life. One that is so very different to the one that we have been taught to expect.  Only by making peace with the death of our old lives can we move into expansion and begin to experience and build our lives anew from a foundation of TRUTH.

As we are in human form and have been kept in the darkness for eternity the gift of life is always presented to us by GOD, by handing over our old life to Christ and walking in faith and trust we can build a life beyond that which we have ever dreamed, we can build in TRUTH, always under the guidance and protection of Christ and begin to expand this human life experience beyond anything that our human logical minds can present to us at any one time. In order to interact with this process we are asked simply to let go and TRUST the process and our connection to Christ. To understand that we no longer have to “survive” in this our human form, that Christ will show us how to live in TRUTH and he does this by taking our hand and walking us through all that has attempted to keep us from this.

2 Corinthians 5:7  For we walk by faith, not by sight.


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Week 13 – Accepting Christ in TRUTH

In this weeks podcast Karen explains the distortions and illusions that are put in front of us in order to distort our view of who Christ is and why a distorted view often results in a turning away from the EXIT of our lives.

Fear v’s Faith

We have been taught to default to the “worst case scenario” and to allow our human logical mind to run rampant with various versions of what we BELIEVE may happen at any one moment. At this time upon the planet earth there is much chaos and this chaos is now moving into further expansion. Just as you would not build a house upon the foundations of an old one we are being asked to build our new reality upon NEW foundations. ALL teachings within the old 3D earth created construct are designed to deconstruct the human life experience. We are asked to CONSTRUCT and we do this through replacing our foundations with TRUTH.  So many of the distorted teachings are accepted in wider society that many are blind to what they believe and will continue to try to force human will over GOD’s will.  Again I would state clearly that just because something is generally and widely accepted in wider society does not make that something TRUTH, it is the reflection of a belief system that has been accepted and is being used to try to create something that is not TRUTH.

TRUTH JUST IS, whilst our perception of TRUTH can and will change as we allow the distorted belief systems to dissolve TRUTH remains, it was there before we were created so we are not creating or somehow “downloading” TRUTH, it already exists behind the veils that were put in place by said belief systems.

In a world that for all intents and purposes APPEARS to be falling apart and on the brink of destruction we are faced with a choice of fear or FAITH. Many will default to fear with the belief system that somehow disconnecting from the fear is not permitted.  Disconnecting from the fear will dissolve the fear faster as it has to have a food source. Many are of the belief that somehow standing against the human race to step out of the fear and the reactions of said human race is abandoning the human race, this is highly distorted and works to keep many locked into the fear vibration. Whilst we interact with fear we allow it to continue to play out. Fear is PERSONAL, we have each one of us anchored a primal fear that is personal to the life experience we came in to live.  We are being given an opportunity to step out off the karmic wheel, to take back the reigns of our life and to co create a life of TRUTH, JOY, LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY. Many people instantly refute this stating that this is not possible in the current climate of world affairs. This is a BELIEF system that is held by many and is the emotional prison that keeps many locked from moving into expansion.

We are all here having a personal life experience, it may appear that we all feed into a bigger picture and we do but not in the ways that we have been taught by the old 3D earth created construct. We have been taught that we must take responsiblity for everything around us when in TRUTH we did not create it. We were TAUGHT how to feed the manifestation of it which is a totally different scenario than creating something. As I have blogged repeatedly human beings were not created to be able to create, we were created in order to EXPERIENCE.  The distorted teachings of the old 3D earth created construct seek to place responsibility for the state of the world at the feet of the human race where we have merely been contracted IN to the state of the world.

Manifestation can be altered, it can only be altered by altering the frequency that is in operation. A human being deciphers frequency into manifestations, as we are like an atennae that picks up frequencies then our manifestations rely on the frequency that we pick up. To change the outer waking life experience we need to use a frequency that is other than the ones that we have been taught. As we do this we change and disable that which is playing out at a wider waking world level. As more and more people detach from running fear and FEELing fear then the outer waking world will shift and alter. Many are of the belief that it is an outside force that is somehow running the show, whilst they created the framework they rely on the food source to keep it going.  The human race are the batteries that are running the show, take the batteries out and the show cannot run.  Each time the show seems to lag then the triggering of the emotional response to fear, death, disease and pain and trauma are once more activated and more power is then sent into the show.

To become aware of how the “show” is fed is but part of the picture, it takes conscious decisions to step out of the default fear reaction, we have been taught fear for eternity so it is no surprise that it may take some practice to detach from this reaction. We are not perfect, that is not why we were created, we were created in order to experience and the experience is OUR CHOICE under GOD’s will. Many believe that GOD’s will has created this outer chaos and this is not TRUTH. Whilst we try to control and manipulate our own life experience we are under the influence of the fallen ones for GOD’s will then becomes a faint whisper through the chaos. Stepping into Christ and aligning with GOD’s will see miracles begin to birth and the human life experience take on a new quality.

Many see accepting Christ as stepping into religion and this is not TRUTH, to accept Christ you do not have to attend a church, you do not have to go through the rituals that are often seen as being religion. All of this is but a smoke screen which tries to prevent connection to Christ. Christ walked this planet as a human male and he preached LOVE, his love was action and that is all that is required. You are not asked to be perfect, you are not asked to become holier than thou, this is all part of the religious teachings that seek to prevent connection to Christ. We are born with the 10 commandments fully active in our heart space, we do not need to be told not to kill, we KNOW not to kill however the fallen ones are at play in the outer waking world and the human race has been taught to ignore that which is deep within their heart space.

We have been taught to default to the wider acceptance of society and assume that we have little or no control in the process, as we all feed into the reactions of the wider society then our personal decisions carry more strength than we can physically see. Many are simply being “bullied” into accepting the outer waking reality under the assumption that they are “weak” and cannot influence it. This is not TRUTH and is not supported, each personal alive on this planet is alive and on this planet for a reason, each person has a value, without you being you then the world would be completely different. This is hidden from us by the old 3d earth created construct that needs to keep us BELIEVING that we are somehow victims of a world gone mad. This is not TRUTH and as many of you are now experiencing personally it is possible to take your life back and to make a positive and lasting change to all around you.

We do this through our acceptance of CHRIST, the one frequency that cannot be interrupted or dissolved by the fallen ones, they will actively try to resist the frequency of CHRIST being placed in any human being. The unease that many feel as they take a tentative step towards Christ is the pulling back and attempted lower of their energy signature as the fallen one begins to try to exert pressure in order to keep its food source.

As biblical prophecy now begins to align fully then more and more will attempt to place control in their lives and in doing so step out of the support, help and protection that is available through Christ. This is what the human race have been taught over eternity and this is what is working to prevent them from changing their outer waking reality. As we now step into our reason for being on this planet in this our human form many will find themselves with a STOP sign in the middle of the path that they are walking. Whether this STOP sign is an illusion placed there by a fallen angel or a STOP sign as a help from GOD is personal and only the individual concerned will be able to FEEL which one it is.

TRUTH JUST IS, it is arrogance that is ignited to ASSUME that we in our human form have all the answers to a universe that was created before we were, it is FEAR that keeps us in this arrogance and it is FEAR that will prevent many from letting go at a time where all is about to dissolve fully.  On my walk to where I am at this moment I have walked many paths and I have at times tried to place human will to get past any STOP signs that appeared.  It is this experience that has shown me how to recognise the signs and the symbols of walking this path. It is now time to take action and to actively decide who you serve in this your human form.

The ability to remain “on the fence” is dissolving, this window will close over the coming few weeks and many will be plunged into a reality that is mindblowing. Often GOD will lift personal veils to show TRUTH, whilst we are fully protected during this lifting of the veils it can be a very sobering experience. For those of you who are still able to filter out that there are fallen ones on this planet the next few weeks will be interesting.  They are about to reveal themselves to the human race en masse, knowing that the fear of what the human race will be shown will be a source of food for them.  For those who have practiced the fear v’s faith then at this time GOD is strengthening you at a human level in order that you can assist those around you.

This is not to say that those who have found Christ are exempt, that those who go to church are somehow protected and that those who have chosen neither are somehow more exposed. It is not possible to just look at someones life and assume that they are somehow protected. Many who attend churches are about to have their faith tested in ways that have never been appropriate before just as those who walk the planet and have not made a choice are about to be shown the options that are available.

A race that has been divided in order to be conquered is about to be unified, this is in line with bible prophecy which states there will be world peace but it will be illusion that is broken before the return of both the Anti Christ and Christ himself. TRUTH JUST IS, it matters not what we are taught in respect of this TRUTH, we cannot make something TRUTH just because it sits better within us. TRUTH JUST IS.

How this unfolds has not been experienced by anyone as of yet, we are all experiencing this as part of the human race, what will unfold will show the human race just how kept in the dark and kept from evolution it has been.  For those who are now preparing for the “rapture” or “ascension” then prepare for dates/times and places to continually shift as the expectaton/disappointment/frustration loop is ignited fully.  We are here on this planet in human form for a reason, we are not going to be taken out at any time unless our spirit has chosen to leave our human body and move through the process known as death.   “Ascension” and “rapture” are the SAME thing taught to two apparently “opposing” sections of society that are led to believe that they are somehow separate from the rest of the human race. This is not TRUTH, the human race are all one energetically, it is the optical illusion of separate human bodies that gives this particular picture life and it is based on fear of consequencies.  We are here to experience being human physically, the only way to have this experience is to live within a human body and allow our spirit to align fully with Christ in TRUTH.

We did not incarnate on to this planet in order to just escape out the back door when things got a bit too chaotic and many have allowed themselves to anchor this belief. This is a tool of the fallen ones who push this teaching in order to further the emotional response of being “out of control”. Those who align with the “rapture” and “ascension” are given an illusion of control that works to ignite a hidden emotional response that is then fed off.

As this is not TRUTH it is not supported and the dissolving of this particular teaching is incoming. Events will show TRUTH to new levels as we now move into the final scenarios of the book of Revelations. It is to be noted that the book of Revelations is only written up to the moment of the fall of the old 3D earth created construct. It is human assumption that this is the end of the world physically.  Whether we exist beyond 2017 is a matter for EXPERIENCE and we cannot base our reactions and our actions at this moment in time on something that is out with the NOW moment for all is shifting and moving each moment of each moment in TRUTH.

2 Corinthians 5:7  For we walk by faith, not by sight.


Understanding human grief patterning

As i have blogged the tightly weaved matrices are now slowly dissolving. Everything in the universe is energy and energy is frequency, in this our human form we tend to focus on the manifestation of a frequency and filter out that what we are observing is a frequency. So for example when we view a tree or a person we see said tree or person and filter out that it is a manifestation of a frequency we are viewing in TRUTH.  As the frequencies begin to break down and dissolve and expand and re-balance that which our human eyes perceive will begin to alter.  All patterning has a purpose, we have been trained to react to a situation for the benefit of the old 3d earth created construct. It relies on the patterning in order to keep the human race from expansion.

As many of you are now personally experiencing there are patterns that are now coming to the surface in order that we can view them, understand them and release them. Nearly all human behaviour from around the age of 17 years onwards is repeat patterning, that is to say that the reactions to emotional triggering are set down within these linear years.  The “leaving home” of the teenager is the stepping into wider society to interact with the denser patterning that is within said outer society. We are “trained” within our human family units on aspects of society and this training is what we default to when we go out into the waking world and begin to experience it from a different perspective. It is however the same picture.  Patterns run in families, chances are that if you were born to your parents when they were a young age then you will repeat patterning and also have children at a young age and also vice versa, if you were born to your parents when they were a much older age then it is more than likely you will repeat the pattern.  Patterns remain hidden to the human naked eye.  Families knit together in ways that support this patterning, whilst you are surrounded by those who share said patterning, you filter out that there is a different way to live this human life experience. As many dense patterns also include remaining close to home in the very physical sense this sets to anchor the patterning very deeply. This sees many people never leave their communities, this pattern has a variation which sees children leave home to go to study but return to bring up their own families, always returning to the origin of the patterning in which to lay it down within the following generation.

Grief patterning is on all levels of this our human life experience, it is continually triggered over and over as the process of grief is not supported fully within the old 3d earth created construct, there are several stages of the grieving process and many remain within the unresolved anger phase of said healing process. This sees a triggering that is deep, a sense of injustice that ignites whenever death is shown and at the moment this is heavily triggered within the human race. We have been saturated in images of violence and death to the point that much of the human race is numb, unable to actually experience anything other than said numbness in relation to what is being presented to them. This works to keep the grief pattern intact, it is no co-incidence that soldiers returning from war find themselves trapped in a no man’s land, somewhere between the horror of their experience and human society in general. Many are unable to bridge the gap vibrationally between the two bandwidths, trying to prevent their families from being triggered by their experiences and not able to find the balance and support that is required in order to fully release the frequency that sits deep within them. A soldier on the battlefield is protected by their human vehicle which takes the emotional reaction of the horror they experience and separates it so that they can function. They then go through the motions of the situation but the unresolved emotional response is still within their human body. This is why so many are affected by PTSD, it is the unresolved emotional reactions that are seeking an outlet. Anyone who has ever experienced a traumatic event that involves danger to their life experiences this separation. Commonly referred to as the “flight or fight” reaction the human logical mind steps in and separates the emotions from the human vehicle in order that the “flight or fight” can be achieved. It will keep separating said emotional response until the situation has resolved itself. The human body when it feels it relaxed enough or “safe” will seek to then process the emotion.

This separation can take years to reveal itself, highly triggering and confusing to the person who is affected as their surroundings may make little sense to them as their emotional response is no longer in tune with the outer waking reality. Sudden noise, smell, taste or touch can also trigger the human body in trying to process an emotional reaction that is out with its linear time of being experienced. Our emotions are not subject to linear time, our emotions sit within us until we have acknowledged and released them, whether this is the moment we experience them (this is full flow and balance) or a number of linear years later the release is required for that is how our human vehicles were designed. The old 3D earth created construct seeks to use this against us and at all times tries to prevent the full release. Without an emotional storage bank it is not possible to trigger and manipulate human emotions.

At this time there is much chaos that is unfolding upon the planet and this is triggering many but the trigger is to the emotional wounds that have already been experienced in this human life.  A picture says a thousands words and many images that are being shared across social media are working to trigger that which sits in the unconscious waking mind of those who are viewing them.  The horror of war, of death, of disease and human suffering will trigger any and all unresolved grief that is within a human being.

In order to move through this is it necessary to become more consciously aware of the emotions that are triggered. To allow the human vehicle to come into balance. This may be to cry, this may be to sleep, the human vehicle is designed to find its own balance. We have been trained to seek a distraction when we feel certain emotional responses. For the those who have taken human male form this next phase of expansion may be especially triggering. Human males are not supported in expressing emotion and when they do they are trained to do so in specific ways, this is usually displayed as intense anger which is then used against them by wider society.

It is to be noted that anger, grief, sadness and frustration are NATURAL emotional reactions that which has been distorted is the holding on and non processing of these emotions at the time of the original experience. From the moment we start teaching a little boy that “big boys dont cry” or “be a man and dont cry” we are reinforcing the very patterns that see the human male faced with suicide at younger and younger ages.  With no outlet for the emotional release that their human vehicles seek at all moments many are choosing the option to leave their human form.  Until we start to break the grief patterning which seeks to keep it “all together at all costs” then the figures will continue to rise. We are able to cry for a reason, tears are not a sign of weakness they are the safety valve of our human vehicle.

At this time we are asked to let go fully and allow our human bodies to find balance, to release the deeply anchored emotional reactions that were never supported in their full release at the time of any original experience. At a human conscious waking mind level this may be experienced as “memories” that suddenly flood into our minds. Certain time frames will be involved and we will immediately feel the emotions begin to arise within us. To allow them to arise and to acknowledge that this is how we felt AT THE TIME OF THE ORIGINAL EXPERIENCE is all that is required. The human logical mind may try to teach that this is what is being felt at this moment in relation to what is being experienced but this is illusion. This may have many reach for a distraction or try to tell themselves that they are currently re-experiencing the “same” scenario. This is not possible for we cannot re-experience “same” as “same” cannot exist, we continually move and shift and cannot repeat the exact same experience ever. However our human logical mind may perceive this especially as we now move into a phase of deep emotional cleansing.

Comfort can always be found in our connection to Christ, to hand over all of our emotions, to seek forgiveness for any hurt that we have inadvertently caused to those around us as we tried to hold on to our emotions and hide how we truly felt. To understand that at the time we knew no better as we did not have the support that is available each moment of each moment. Christ died on the cross for all our sins, for all our hurt and we are asked now to hand back our own personal “crosses” for we were never meant to hold on to them let alone carry them throughout our entire human life experience. This is what Christ died for and only he can take our crosses from us, returning us to our original innocence, to help us heal fully from wounds that were self inflicted and we were taught to self inflict as we were born into a reality that was not TRUTH and was never designed to support the human race on any level of their existence.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.



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