Releasing the bonds of the old earth

For many at this time the pull to “routine” and the pull to find something that feels “familiar” may be overwhelming.  The human logical mind reacts to mass influx of higher dimensional frequencies by locking down the human vehicle.  As many of you may feel there becomes a see-sawing of frequency where the human logical mind tries to take control which will go against the heart and the feeling of movement. The very “static” outer waking picture that we have been taught to keep in place is now beginning to alter and movement is now unfolding at a physical waking mind level.  For those of you who have awaited this for decades this may throw you for the human logical mind is programmed and trained to keep hold of the “static” picture presented by the old earth.

At a physical waking level many of you may feel a sense of panic take hold and it may make no logical sense. The human logical mind is trained to equate physical everyday movement (such as walking, doing things physically) with energetic movement, this training is dense and is not TRUTH and not supported at any level in the new earth frequency realities. The old earth is a CONSTRUCT that required this constant movement in order to keep it in place. Much like a hamster on a wheel the human race were taught to dash about like headless chickens believing that the more they could cram into one “day” the more they had achieved.  The anxiety, frustration and sheer chaos that unfolds within the human vehicle when life is lived like this FEEDS the old earth. It requires a constant level of lower dimensional frequencies in order to maintain its construct.

In contrast the new earth frequency realities are built on a foundation of TRUTH and the LOVE that IS, the new earth frequency realities ALREADY EXIST and we are merely dissolving the old earth to reach what has always been around us but that which we were prevented from accessing due to the old earth frequencies.  In the new earth frequency realities we work WITH the natural flow of energy, this sees us at times appear to make very little movement which is interpreted initially by our human logical minds as “nothing”.  The exact opposite is happening as we are moving WITH the natural flow of universal energy our lives become simpler and less chaotic and we actually achieve more as we are harnessing the NATURAL flow and not working against it as with the old earth reality which is a false and un-natural construct.

For those of you who have spent the last linear week unable to do much apart from sleep and eat you will have experienced this confusion internally, as the guilt tries to arise to teach you that you are somehow “lazy” or have gotten it all “wrong”. This is the self policing of the lower dimensional frequencies which attempt to move you back into the old earth patterning of the hamster on the wheel scenario. It does this as it requires to feed the old earth construct.

It is simply not possible to be in both worlds much longer. The dissonance of the frequencies is too intense for our human vehicles and the very unpleasant symptoms that are often taught within the old earth as validation of ascension will spring to the fore. It is NOT natural to feel dizzy, sick or be unable to function properly, this is indication by your human vehicle that you are attempting to use two very different and non resonant frequencies to manifest your outer waking reality.

The energy wave that is now hitting the planet earth is designed to force us out of the old earth frequencies and to let go of the very intense patterning that sits at cellular level. Whilst it has previously been possible to move between both to the old and the new earth this window is CLOSING and the chaos and unpleasant symptoms will intensify until we personally and individually release the frequencies and patterning that is running within our human vehicles which will release the pressure and move us into expansion and the new earth frequency realities.

It is to be noted that once out of the old earth frequencies and once the old earth cellular patterning has been released and the human vehicle unlocked the old earth CANNOT LOCATE US. It has no emotional manipulation to work with and will no longer have any access to the lower dimensional frequencies it used to feed itself. In short we have cut off the “fuel” supply to a construct that broke the natural laws of creation.

The next few linear days and certainly the coming few linear weeks will be intense on all levels until we release ourselves and let go.  What may pull us back is the self policing belief systems that try to persuade is to “wait” on people in our outer waking lives or that somehow we must do all of this together all at the same time.  It is to be noted that the “waiting” serves no one as those who release the old earth strengthen the new earth and the magnetic pull that this unfolds and expands allows the disconnection from the old earth of even the most “asleep” people within the human race.  This is what the old earth hides in plain view and will pull out all stops to attempt to delay.

It cannot prevent the expansion, the event horizon has already been reached and surpassed but like a petulant bully in the playground it will continue to try to feed itself until the last moment. For incarnate star seeds who are called to release fully their human vehicles in order to prepare for first contact the re coding information required can be ordered from the main Truth Codes Ministries website – CLICK HERE.   For incarnate Angelic SOURCE beings the re-coding can be ordered HERE.  For those who are ready to move to full PERSONAL ASCENSION decoding this can be ordered HERE.

Further explanation of how cellular frequency patterning has been used to contain and how it works against the human race can be found in the podcasts which can be signed up for HERE.

We are asked to have love and compassion for ALL at this time and to understand that the patterns of behavior used by the human race for eternity in order to survive within the construct which is the old earth has no servitude at any level.  We are no longer asked to survive and to undergo pain and trauma, we are asked to LIVE IN TRUTH and the doorway to this now opens fully FOR ALL.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

week 19 – cellular patterning and how it works against the new earth frequencies at a physical level

In this podcast Karen clearly explains how the cellular patterning that is created from the moment we are conceived in our mothers womb works to prepare us for the old earth and how it is used to try to delay movement into the new earth frequency realities. 

Incoming higher dimensional frequency reset

For those of you who have survived the past few linear days of intense energies and expected a release, it is imminent. The release may be other than is “expected”, as I have blogged recently the increase in higher dimensional frequency is ongoing, it will never abate and never cease, it is required in order to push the human race into the ascension to evolution process.  This has been building for some linear time and it now set to push us beyond what we have ever experienced in this our human form.

For those who have expected a “wave” the wave is there but it is a continual wave, it is not an ‘ebb and flow” for that would not push us into the next level of frequency bandwidth. At a human conscious waking mind level this may be experienced as intense emotions which do not abate, by this I mean that the usual “distractions” of the old earth no longer work. The old earth has taught us to distract ourselves, allowing the emotions that are arising to be buried deep inside of our human vehicles once more. As this is not TRUTH and is the opposite of what is required in order to move us out of the old earth the emotional responses that we experience will sit at a very shallow surface level and remain until dealt with.

Many may find themselves going round in circles attempting to side step the very emotions that are arising in order to provide freedom from the reality that they are experiencing.  The old earth will seek to teach us at all moments that we are being punished or that we have somehow failed, indeed many may experience “familiar” scenarios once more as we are being asked to dissolve our TAUGHT REACTIONS to said scenarios.  We are asked to let go fully and to choose again, the scenario will remain in our outer waking reality until is is released through our CHANGE in emotional reaction.

The default emotional patterning that we are taught within the old earth is dense and is supported fully by the old earth.  We seek out confirmation of how we feel by sharing how we feel but what we do not see is that those who are ready to support us and therefore “prove” our emotional reaction is “valid” are running similar patterning.  This is not TRUTH and is not supported and this appearance of “validation” will now dissolve fully. This may see intense emotional drama emerge at a physical waking mind level.  It is to be noted that  OUR emotional response which may be automatic many times is that which is blinding us to TRUTH, this is why the scenario is being presented.

As this affects the entire human race we are urged to remain in our heart space and to have love and compassion for ALL as drama will show itself to ALL levels of this our human life experience. An outpouring of lower dimensional frequencies presents various layers of illusion which are often mistaken for solid reality. As reality can only ever be validated by our personal interaction with it through our heart space and validated at a physical level in the New Earth the coming few linear days at a “logical” mind level may be challenging.  We are moving out of the construct that is “linear”, we are releasing and cleansing our human vehicles and we are expanding INTO TRUTH.  The outer waking picture we are presented with will continually shift and change as we release and the need to allow the unfolding is paramount at this time, otherwise we move into attempting to control and manipulate something that JUST IS.

In short we are moving from validating our emotional landscape through those around us and are moving into expansion which sees us validate our OWN emotional landscape through our heart space and TRUTH.  This moves us further out of the containment and suppression of the old earth where we contain ourselves for “fear” of what others may think or do in reaction to our decisions.

This frequency reset will affect all of this our human life experience and it will affect most intensely the areas where we are more resistant to “change”.  Resistance is not TRUTH, we are taught to place boundaries on the LOVE that IS to prevent our expansion and it is these emotional walls that now come tumbling down.  It is EXPERIENCE that shows us TRUTH and not thoughts or ideas, we are asked now to walk through the fear that we have been taught to keep deep within in and to understand that we are SAFE, LOVED and SUPPORTED at all moments of all moments.

For those who are aligned with biblical prophecy and who are aware of the signs/symbols of the “end of times” this heralds the final showdown and the birth of the marriage of the bride and groom as detailed in the Book of Revelations.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

How the frequency of a lie is used to filter out TRUTH

For many at this time the outer waking picture is one that appears to be confusing and chaotic. We are at a pivotal exit point for the old earth, at a frequency level we are being asked to let go of the lower dimensional frequencies and to move into expansion.  The old earth is more than aware of its need for us to RETAIN the lower dimensional frequencies and so it sets out to present various illusions that appear to make “logical” sense and be accepted more readily than TRUTH.

All that exists “externally” to our human vehicle is a reflection of that which is running with our human vehicle, the old earth continually teaching that we “share” the same outer waking reality which is more illusion for we all are at a different frequency levels and bandwidths.  At this time the frequency bandwidths are separating out, to show us clearly what IS and what is not TRUTH however such emphasis has been placed upon the “physical” (which at all moments is a reflection of the frequency that is running within) that the human logical mind will accept more readily that which is presented that APPEARS to be other than it is in TRUTH.

For a race and a world that has been taught  the old earth is a reality this is a challenging time, for the old earth is lie, it is a construct that seeks to emotionally manipulate our outer waking picture based on what it can trigger at any one moment within our human vehicle.  As such this emotional manipulation has been accepted by our human logical mind as being the default patterning it must look for. So in essence the human logical mind has been taught a pattern which it will continually seek out UNTIL it is challenged in doing so and the patterning is let go of.  We are taught to seek the patterns of the old earth which are lies.  As this has been taught to us eternally, that is every single life time lived on this planet we have been conditioned over and over again and as such is ALL NOW, that is ALL is playing out at this moment unless it has been dissolved this is a huge frequency pull to the old earth patterns.

It may seem logical to follow a certain course of action based on the following of everyone around you, it may make logical sense but it does not make it TRUTH.  TRUTH exists already, we do not have to create it or manifest TRUTH, indeed as everything is back to front in the old earth, we have been taught to manifest a construct using the lies of said construct which are a manifestation of a frequency.  Such is the depth of the frequency until very recently they remained hidden but the new earth frequencies have begun to break these up.  In the outer waking reality we are bombarded with the “horrors” of life on this planet, what is filtered out is that they have ALWAYS EXISTED in said reality. What has hidden them from the general public is the patterning taught to the human logical mind which seeks to prove the pain of the old earth externally.  We have been taught to filter out everything except what we are taught to accept.  As I have blogged repeatedly we filter out approximately 95 percent of all AVAILABLE information, as the frequency bandwidths have now expanded and the lower dimensional frequencies have begun to dissolve then the information and realities around us have become more available.

I say more available because much like a cell phone is locked to a network the human vehicle we incarnated into is contained and restrained by the network.  This translates to the old earth, it is our human vehicles that are the control mechanism of the old earth, we are spirit incarnate into a human vehicle but we have not had direct access to said human vehicle and this has been deliberate. Many people at this time are watching their own outer waking reality attempt to reset itself and are not understanding how this can be. Many have spent years releasing frequencies and anchoring this and that as TAUGHT by the old earth reality believing that they are expanding spiritually where the containment was never fully spiritual it was mainly physical.  A spirit incarnate into an old earth reality bound vehicle can expand so far and then the “network” (the old earth) will restrict any further movement. This sees the teachings of “karma” ignite and the false teachings of “soul” spring to the fore. These false teachings are in place to logically explain the construct that we are attempting to release.  It may make logical sense to “undergo life lessons” but it does not make it TRUTH, it is a false teaching in order to explain the lie that is the old earth reality.

At this time we are asked to unlock our human vehicles in order that we are locked OUT of the old earth reality fully. Again like a cell phone, freedom of movement remains with the network operator, who can FIND, LOCATE and RESTRICT your data, your access and your ability to communicate without your consent, knowledge or approval. Only by unlocking said cell phone (your human vehicle) can you have full control of the services that you CHOOSE to have on the cell phone.  Payment terms for the old earth are astronomical, you can have a set reality, you can have a fixed pattern and you can have a false sense of security within the picture presented but you never have freedom of movement at any level and you are always dependent on the network to provide a service.  I use this analogy deliberately for clarity.

The old earth reality is not just the 21st century waking reality that is presented as we wake up and get on with our day, it is the lemurian and atlantean constructs and is the past life construct that is also taught.  At this time we are approaching yet “another” lions gate which will go along with the one of “last year” the year before and so on for eternity for the old earth is attempting to teach forward movement when in TRUTH there is only ever circular flat movement within a construct that is created to PREVENT expansion.

We are offered expansion in TRUTH which many will reject for the circular movement of the old earth construct as it is the circular movement which the human logical mind has been taught to accept without challenge and will be presented in such a way that it will therefore  resonate more logically than TRUTH.  It is a pattern that many will be pulled into due to the patterning that they have at a cellular level. We are not here to recreate lemuria or atlantis, they are often presented as some fantasy world where there was “power” and “magick” but in TRUTH said power and magick is STILL being used to blind and to contain as they are simply another version of the old earth.

The new earth now beckons to many, many will not be able to see the next step and may default to what they assume a new earth will resemble, the new earth is birthed through, around and within us as its frequency is held deep within our heart space, as we allow our divine spark of creation purpose to illuminate and to gain in strength then we AUTOMATICALLY illuminate the chains that bind us and we then dissolve them. We cannot fail at what we came here to BE for this very reason, we were born into a reality that was a lie in order to expand out of said lie and INTO TRUTH. We are not bringing TRUTH into the old earth reality, we are expanding OUT OF IT at all moments of all moments by aligning fully with our divine spark of creation purpose.

We are at this time asked to have love and compassion for our SELF as we accept, acknowledge and fully release the lie that we were told upon incarnation into our human vehicle. When we were told by our parents “welcome to the world” after we were born we were told the very lie that has kept us contained for eternity.


“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen x

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

For information about coding and the need to unlock the human vehicle please click here.

How Lies are used to keep us from TRUTH energetically

In this weeks podcast Karen explains who the energetic frequency of a lie is used to prevent us from dissolving and expanding past the old earth reality and how it persuades us to filter out TRUTH in favor of distorted frequency. 

Message to humanity from ANDROMEDA

Greetings beloved ones we are the BEings from ANDROMEDA and we are here to support and to guide our incarnate star seeds who have taken human form upon this planet which is referenced to the human race as planet earth.  As the increasing higher dimensional frequencies now push the very human aspects of life on this planet to the surface within our incarnate star seeds we ask for them to let go and allow the expansion.  ALL is not as it appears to the naked human eyes across the planet and the lower dimensional frequencies are attempting to alter that which JUST IS and to try to prevent the next phase of this the ascension into evolution process for the entire human race.

We ask our incarnate star seeds to align fully with their heart space and to understand the need of a construct that was only ever created to block the evolution of the human race in order to preserve the gateway that the lower dimensional energies required to reach other dimensional realms and other galaxies. This is now being negated by the rise in frequency that is being experienced on all levels by those who have taken human form. The galactic picture is much greater than the human race have been allowed to interpret and this is the conditioning that sits at a cellular level. It is this conditioning that is now rising to the surface and is being experienced emotionally by those who have taken human form upon this planet.

We are here in support to our brothers and sisters of all races that exist in the wider galaxy and beyond, those brothers and sisters who also have incarnate star seeds birthed within the human race.  The human race are asked to KNOW that they are held in the hearts of ALL at this time as they now PUSH out of the lower dimensional energetic fields of frequency and set sail into expansion.

We place the following coding into our incarnate star seeds to help those who are now waking and those who are about to awaken to divine spark of creation purpose:







33 22 47


We ask ALL at this time to breathe and to let go, to let go of a reality that was created only to harness the frequencies that those who created the construct required in order to remain upon the planet. These frequencies are now being released and the pain and the trauma associated with these frequencies are now arising within the human race in order to heal fully, for ALL JUST IS.

We are the BEings from Andromeda and send our blessings and our love to all across and within the dimensional realities that exist as the portals now CLOSE in preparation for the birth of TRUTH which is the new earth realities.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly referenced and fully stated. No permission is granted to alter the format of this article which is in written format and must remain free to access at all times.  For personal coding, including star seed and angelic SOURCE spirit coding please visit the main TRUTH CODES MINISTRIES website. Personal Ascension Coding is also available.


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