AA Gabriel message to humanity 7th August 2014

Beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I come to guide and to support as the energies now increase and expand.  The old 3D earth created construct now in full disintegration. This will see those who are anchored into the energetic fields of the old 3D earth begin to move into chaos and panic.  I guide for you to understand that connection to SOURCE is vital at all moments and that this is required by your SOUL in order to illuminate the path beneath your feet as this time.

For those who are now fully and physically moving  into position I ask for you to hold the LIGHT of TRUTH and to shine brightly for the illumination of the crumbling old 3D earth created construct is needed in order for clarity of vision at a galactic level. The eggshell is now breaking and you are now free to explore that which was kept hidden from you. I ask for you to understand that ALL in the universe is by DESIGN and the bigger picture that now emerges is one that will show TRUTH TO ALL at ALL levels of their BEing.

For those who are now illuminating who they are at a SOUL level I send the following coding:







222 444 999 1111111111111

00 44 55

I place the COSMIC EGG OF CREATION in the SACRAL chakra, I place the golden ANKH of life in the Higher HEART and place the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE in the brow chakra.  I send out the trumpets in full salute of the CREATION of the new GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND in TRUTH and I ask for ALL to breathe and to BE for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

I am the energies that have been referenced to you as AA Gabriel and I am with you ALL for ALL ARE ONE and UNITY now births fully into the outer waking human reality in TRUTH.


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The Fractured Female – A personal journey from the old 3D earth reality……

BookCoverPreview fractured female

My latest book – The Fractured Female – A personal journey from the Old 3D earth created reality into the New Earth reality in TRUTH is NOW available.

This book can be purchased from the main Crystalline Sanctuary website in both hard copy and pdf copy.  It will also be available in hard copy from your local amazon website.


Beyond the Looking Glass 28/05/14 / NYC experience

A huge apology to those who tuned in to Beyond the Looking Glass Radio show last night and were expecting me live talking to Bob.  New York is an experience and I had my first experience of “rush hour” which for those of you who live in large cities will understand is not a linear hour !  My acclimatisation to a new country is an ongoing experience, the use of language for example is completely different and I have been shown how “locked into” ways of living and responding that the human vehicle can be.

Those of you who follow this blog and who know me personally know that I have lived most of my life in the Highlands of Scotland, the past few years in the very far north of Scotland, the movement of even those hundred or so miles to said north of Scotland a complete change in climate.  So again I am shown how I have adapted, mainly unconsciously to the coldness of the area that I have moved from.  Experiencing 85 degrees of heat with cold rain in the middle of New York was something that I found interesting.  My preferred ways of eating and drinking being challenged by said temperatures and I am noting my resistance at first to something that JUST IS. After all the human life journey is an experience but it is an experience that JUST IS.  It is interesting to note how I have attempted at times to get that which is around me to adapt to me rather than allowing for the blend of the experience with my human vehicle and energy signature. The two scenarios being completely different frequencies, life in the old 3D earth teaches the human vehicle to respond to outside stimulus in a certain way, any movement too far out of the frequency that this embeds results in various feelings of unease.

Now that I am aware of how I am attempting to exert force over something that JUST IS I can fully see why I have had the anxiety and the frustration that at times has been overwhelming. Air conditioning in the parts of Scotland that I have lived is opening a window and allowing a wee breeze to come in.  Having experience temperatures that I could only dream of during the NIGHT has seen full use of air conditioning at times but I am pleased to say the other day I actually felt cold with no air conditioning on.

I use these personal scenarios as a way of trying to show just how embedded into “routine” and “ways of being” the human vehicle can be allowed to become.  How often are we consciously aware of what we are playing out under the frustration that seeks to confuse and further constrict this our human life experience?

Those of you who listen to ONENESS IS radio show with Krista Dickan will note that Krista and I are very good  friends and we both had the opportunity yesterday of meeting with an amazing man called Apollo Poetry.  The universe is by DESIGN and I discovered Apollo’s work had been combined with a radio show that Krista and I had done recently into a video. (click here for link)  The impact of Apollo’s energy and his work was stunning and it just so “happened” that he was in New York briefly yesterday. We both spent a couple of hours talking with him and I send out much love to him for all that he does, an amazing energy bringing so much to this planet and of course expanding and deepening human consciousness.

Every where I have walked in this amazing city I have encountered people who light up, who are friendly and who are open.  Once more I would guide you all to understand that you create your own reality, that which you send out into the world via the frequency that you are in TRUTH is mirrored and reflected back to you at all moments of all moments and the ability to manifest and to experience that which you wish to experience is ever present.

The photograph that accompanies this blog is of Krista with a baby crow. We had talked yesterday of how amazing it would be to interact more fully with the crows that are nesting in the trees near her apartment.  This morning we heard the crows outside but they sounded distressed and we looked out to find a baby crow had landed in the car park outside. The crow seemed unable to fly, we watched as it hopped around the car park never using its wings. So Krista went out to help the baby crow, all the time I was sending out my energy to the crows in the trees, energetically letting them know that we were not going to harm the baby crow, we were there to help her.  The crows quietened down and sat and watched as the baby crow allowed Krista to pick her up in her jacket.  It was then taken up to the apartment and then placed on an adjoining roof opposite where the crows were nesting. The crows  flew across the balcony and they sat in nearby branches. The baby crow rested where she was placed for a little while and then the crows began to circle above her, calling to her over and over and then she took off and flew across the trees where they were nesting.


The absolute miracle of being so close to the baby crow was breathtaking, the sheer trust of the baby crow that we would not harm her and her totally relaxed posture, yes she was tired, had she remained in the car park at ground level then she could have been taken by a passing cat. I have had the experience in Scotland in my own garden of crows coming very close, I had crows nesting in the trees at the bottom of the garden, they used to sit on the grass outside and look in the kitchen window but this was something entirely different.

Miracles take various forms and often scenarios unfold that are very different to what they appear to be.  Interaction with ALL is with ALL whatever form they have taken upon this planet.  ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.



Conscious Choices in TRUTH

As many of you are now experiencing fully the emotional pull of the old 3d earth created reality has increased dramatically, this is in order to illuminate the residue of the teachings of distortion that were created in order to SUSTAIN said old 3d earth reality.  It is vital that you now begin to align with the CONSCIOUS CHOICES that  you are making at a both a SOUL level and a human conscious waking mind level.  Many of you more than aware at this moment that the “KNOWing” that you are experiencing in relation to your “next steps” is TRUTH.  That is your SOUL is providing for you the overlay, the idea if you will and the FEELing that accompanies this is your confirmation of TRUTH.  ONLY by actively taking a conscious waking decision to interact with this KNOWING will allow it to manifest.

It is to be noted that within the old 3d earth created reality the POLARITY of the old 3d earth paradigms is NEGATIVE, that is even those teachings that may APPEAR to be supportive are designed to create a LOW dimensional frequency and a NEGATIVE connotation that is anchored at a sub and unconscious waking mind level. This is discussed in detail in the TRUTH CODES – Chronicles from ORION book and I will use a very broad analogy to highlight this.  Often we hear the phrase “I love you and worry about you”, often this is used over and over between parents and children and it at first appears to support, however the frequency of this teaching is low, LOVE JUST IS, the teaching attempts to connect you to the frequency of “worry” and places the word “love” in the context of this low frequency. So at an unconscious and sub conscious mind level you have anchored that if someone loves you then they will “worry” about you. This disempowers on ALL levels for it will work to constrain what you do, you will have this teaching running deep within your energy signature and it will come up when you are about to do something expansive. This will attempt to prevent you having the experience for “fear of igniting” the “worry” that those who love you have been taught to anchor.  LOVE JUST IS and is a supportive frequency, to LOVE someone is to have TRUST and FAITH that they are safe, protected and fully capable of all that they are here to experience. It is to stand in support whilst acknowledging that they are here to experience a life that is theirs to experience and that as such no one stands in judgement.  This is a different frequency to the teaching “i love you and worry about you”.

At this time many of these teachings are now illuminating and asking that you look at them and FEEL the vibration, only by FEELing the vibration can you see the teaching for it is a low vibration wrapped as it were in “brightly coloured wrapping paper”.   Indeed many of you may be now exhibiting and interacting with behaviour that seeks to reinforce the HIDDEN and SUB and UNCONSCIOUS teachings that you have running inside of you. The emotional reaction you are seeking from the other person the “food” needed to sustain said frequency and as this runs UN and SUB consciously you will begin to provoke and exhibit behaviour that seeks to get said emotional reaction that the old 3d earth teaching seeks to teach that you NEED,  all of this is running unseen at a conscious waking mind level and will create much frustration and anxiety within all who are within the scenario that attempts to play out.

homemade bubble recipe

This is beginning to show up at a very human conscious waking mind level as a break down in communication,  many of you who have taken human male form may be noticing this more intensely, this is  a “lack” of reference point and an inability to create a sentence out of words to reflect what you are trying to say. Almost like the context of where you are is missing and this will begin to expand as the New Earth now seeks expansion for “context” has been the foundation that you were presented with under the old 3d earth created reality and as such is not TRUTH.  Expansion is not relative, by this I mean you cannot hold on to that which you are presented with at a human conscious waking mind level as being the human life experience and build on this.  The foundation of it is not TRUTH as it was created FOR YOU not BY YOU and many are filtering this out.

In order to create a new life in a New Earth reality you must build from the foundation of the LOVE that IS and TRUTH. This will see you dissolve ALL that is not TRUTH and begin to work to EXPAND all that is.  This is not done from a logical perspective, this perspective will work against you at all moments for in TRUTH you are multi dimensional and as such you are capable of vast expansion but at this moment your human logical mind is attempting to persuade you that you are “only” human and attempting to persuade you that you cannot expand any further for it cannot SEE how the expansion will occur. This is why your SOUL now calls out to you to show you this expansion by showing you how you FEEL in TRUTH.




Crystalline Sanctuary updates

As the New Earth energies now allow the anchoring of the rebirth of the GARDEN OF EDEN upon planet earth I have begun updating and placing information on the main Crystalline Sanctuary website. The New Earth material can be found under the tab EDEN REBORN.  I ask that you process ALL information through the HEART space for all that you have been taught in this your human form upon planet earth within the old 3d earth created reality is highly distorted.  As the information explains and details this was deliberate for in order to keep the old 3d earth created reality manifest it had to be fed by certain energetic frequencies as TRUTH JUST IS and needs no feeding, it is the very fabric of the universe and works with the frequency of the LOVE that IS.

Anything that is not birthed of these frequencies, that is TRUTH and the LOVE that IS NEEDS an energy source that is internal to its construction in order to remain manifest. This is why the New Earth cannot tolerate or resonate with anything other than TRUTH and the LOVE that IS. This is why anything you try to manifest that is not TRUTH and not from a foundation of the LOVE that IS will not be able to manifest for it is not in resonance with the UNIVERSE of 3 and ALL.

star love

At a very human logical mind level this may trigger many of you, for you will automatically look for reference points from within the human logical mind. This is why this information is placed before you to help CREATE these reference points from the frequency of TRUTH and the LOVE that IS. The reference points you are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality are highly distorted and you will find that trying to rely on logic alone does not work at any level of your BEing.  This creates a deliberate crisis of confidence in SELF and is a byproduct of the old 3d earth created reality teachings which at all moments work to trigger the energetic frequencies that are needed in order to maintain the manifestation of the construct.

The separation of the worlds now continues, with the New Earth now able to expand and deepen at increasingly expansive levels, ratios and sacred geometry are now fully active in TRUTH, again the old 3d earth created reality teaching but PART of the role of sacred geometry and highly distorting the use of said sacred geometry.

To align with TRUTH, JUST IS , it is your natural state of being outwith human form and your SOUL knows this, it is now showing you how to work with this at a very human conscious waking mind level.  YOU are asked to BE and to allow the FLOW, for the New Earth energies are helping you to release the containment and to come back fully into balance at a very human level.




The return to INNOCENCE for the human race in TRUTH

Many of you may have woken up this morning (in a linear context) and felt an overwhelming sense of relief, for many of you there may be tears just about forming on the edge of your vision and yet you may have no “rational” explanation for how you feel at this moment.  It is vital at this time that you begin to understand that the separation of the worlds is a REAL EVENT and that the frequencies of the old 3d earth created reality will have little or no effect on your energy signature from this separation onwards.  The separation of the worlds will begin to “solidify” for want of a better human word in your outer waking reality over the coming linear days.  ALL SOULS have made a choice and this choice will now be shown to you at a human conscious waking mind level.

For those of you who may be feeling some panic or anxiety begin to arise it is to be remembered that ALL ARE ONE and that no one loses anyone, this experience, that is the experience of being in human form upon this planet APPEARS to separate you from others but it is ONLY the experience at a human form level that is separate, ALL ARE ONE.  The New Earth energies now increase and expand and the movement needed by you at a human conscious waking mind level will be shown to you. This may manifest as a desperate “urge” to do something or to connect and you are asked to honour this “urge” for you are being guided by your SOUL at all moments of all moments.

child and stars

As I have blogged repeatedly the universe is by DESIGN and there is no co-incidence, this is a teaching of the old 3d earth created reality, therefore the signs and symbols that you are being shown repeatedly by your SOUL are there to CONFIRM to you the next level of movement that you are asked to allow to flow and you are asked to ALLOW THE FLOW. Remember at all moments of all moments you are making a choice, trying to hold back the flow of New Earth energies or to try to follow a LOGICAL path will see you in a sort of crisis with SELF, for there is NO logic in the New Earth. Whilst it may make sense to you at a very human conscious waking mind level to “follow a plan” this is now negated within the New Earth, for you are now asked to allow the birth of miracles.  At a SOUL level you have ALREADY CREATED your entry in the New Earth, you have spent aeons creating this as you knew that this moment would arrive at a human conscious waking mind level and so you prepared for it, ALL IS NOW, ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

Therefore at this moment you are ALIGNING your energy signature with your CREATION and then ALLOWING the birth and the manifestation of this FREQUENCY into, through and within your human vehicle in order to experience this at a human conscious waking mind level.   Many of you can now FEEL the expanse of these energies, it may be that you are requiring more sleep and more nourishment at this time and again you are asked to allow this to flow.  The teachings of the old 3d earth may now begin to make no sense at all to you on any level and this is to be noted.  For NONE of the old 3d earth created reality can be birthed into the New Earth reality.

The universe and ALL ask that you simply LET GO and BREATHE over the coming linear few days, as the energies now heighten and the human race now return to INNOCENCE in the New Earth. This innocence is what was taken by the old 3d earth created reality for you birthed into a human form in order to experience the WONDER OF PLANET EARTH via the human vehicle.  Children view the world as a miracle, they approach every moment with an AWE and a wonder that is a reflection of their innocence. A gentle reminder that YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE and that this innocence is your BIRTHRIGHT, this is now returned to you via the rebirth of the GARDEN OF EDEN upon and within planet earth in TRUTH.





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