The un-ravelling of the illusion

Many of you at this time are able to see the cracks in the construct that is the old earth reality.  The ability that it has to trigger the stories that are then created by the human logical mind and the need for the story to be acceptable and within the “rules” of what we are taught is life on what is referenced as “planet earth”.   The old earth construct was never designed to be questioned, all within said construct is provided in the context of ACCEPTANCE.  For those of you who have managed to release the need to be in alignment with the wider accepted opinions of the human race you will have worked out that simply detaching emotionally from the illusion is the easiest way to allow that which is hidden be revealed.

For those who have watched the MATRIX film, we are approaching what is provided in this film as Neo being able to see the CODING first and foremost, he is able to see the construct as it is in TRUTH which is coding and  he sees the manifestations of said construct at the same moment. ALL is a frequency in the universe and whilst all within the old earth construct is also a frequency it is an ALTERED frequency.  For those of you who are still within the belief systems of the old earth construct please be aware that the old earth is NOT part of the universe in TRUTH, its a deliberately constructed dimensional space which has separated us from the wider waking universe. All that is created within the construct responds to the “rules” of said construct which is why we cannot take anything that we have ever learned or experienced into the new earth frequency realities as they are not TRUTH.

This is why things such as “cosmic ordering” cause so much anxiety and confusion setting up expectation and then dashing said expectation, it is a DELIBERATE CONSTRUCT. To believe that looking to the stars and seeing the moon and stars makes the old earth construct anything other than illusion is to walk in said illusion. The constructed dimensional space BREAKS the NATURAL rules of the universe and as such what is universal “law” is suspended within the old earth construct.

Many people assume that they are walking in the new earth frequency realities when they are still within the old earth construct, it is convincing which is why it has lasted so long, within the old earth construct the human race is provided with images of the “universe”, “rules” of the universe which are in TRUTH simply the rules of said dimensional construct.  As the construct breaks the NATURAL laws of the wider universe then “science’ provides the answers to these anomalies and those within the construct then stop the challenge.  ALL within the construct is false, there is NO part of the construct that is TRUTH and this will now be shown to all within the human race.

The cracks in the construct are akin to a dam wall breaking, the pressure building to the point of cracking the dam walls has been building and is the emotional residue within the human race that is now seeking RELEASE at all moments of all moments. Many of you at this time will be going to extra ordinary lengths to prove the validity of your reality through the “proof” that is provided within the old earth construct. This is part of the ascension to evolution process for in order to break through the construct the emotional residue must be released. As the internal emotional landscape has been used to contain and control the human race said emotional landscape is being used to RELEASE the human race. Albeit when participating in this part of the process it may appear at a personal level anything but helpful.

To walk in frustration and follow every string theory that exists in an attempt to prove your own reality is something that the old earth construct supports for it deflects TRUTH and lowers the frequency and energy of those who participate in this particular illusion. The human heart space KNOWS TRUTH, before the spirit that you are in TRUTH incarnated into a human form it was understood that part of the process of what is termed “awakening” would be interacted with. TRUTH IS ALREADY KNOWN TO US, we are simply asked to remove all barriers to this by dissolving all that we have been taught within the old earth construct that seeks to divide us from this KNOWING which sits within our HEART space.

It requires no validation other than through our connection to CHRIST and YHWY.  It is not TRUTH to try to validate through  scripture without an ACTIVE connection to Christ as the old earth construct has simply installed the illusion of “religion” which has nothing to do with either CHRIST or YHWY.  Christ did not walk this earth preaching religion, he came here to spread and to activate LOVE in TRUTH and was crucified for it.  This is hidden in plain view and discussions for eternity around this subject are simply that – DISCUSSIONS.  LOVE in TRUTH IS A VERB.  Christ did not stand and debate he actively interacted and spread LOVE in TRUTH at physical waking level.

As TRUTH JUST IS and the human race have existed and been taught within a dimensional space that rejects TRUTH the coming linear few days will be emotionally intense for all within the human race. False flag events, “corruption”. death, disease etc will all rise to the surface as the dimensional space that has been referenced as planet earth is dissolved. This frequency cleansing is part of the process of ascension to evolution and this may continue to shock many who have worked from the TAUGHT point of view that the old earth construct was other than it is in TRUTH. It was never founded on anything other than distortion therefore said distortion will reveal itself to all levels of this the human life experience.  This does not prove anything other than reveal that WHICH IS.

Many within the human race will fall to the false teachings of “judgement” and this again will draw them back into the emotional whirlwind that accompanies the dissolving of a construct that was created deliberately to feed from the emotional residue of a race.  Only GOD in TRUTH can “judge” , YHWY as creator of the human race and all within the wider universe (this sits out with the construct, it is NOT within the old earth earth construct) is in judgement of ALL at this time.  This includes those who are showing as “human” within the old earth construct which is a dimensional reality.  The human race, as part of the false teachings within the old earth construct, have been taught to judge, divide and reject TRUTH at all levels. This is not supported and is being re-balanced and universal equilibrium is being restored.

There is NO refuge in the old earth construct, it is the jail cell the human race have been taught is “reality” and it will now dissolve fully. To move into the heart space is to remember why you are here, why you incarnated into this construct and why you are experiencing this dissolving in TRUTH.

ALL is not as it appears to the human naked eyes which is why it is important to trust ONLY THE HEART SPACE from this moment onward.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

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Re-balancing in TRUTH

There is much talk at this time of the “exhaustion” and increase in what is often termed “ascension” symptoms with many people struggling to get through a linear day.  This is a direct result of using an “out of date” human vehicle whilst trying to integrate the new earth frequencies.  As I have blogged often the false teachings of the old earth will continue to place focus on the “energetic” and “spiritual” aspect of the ascension to evolution process. This of course filters out that we are in a PHYSICAL human form and that said physical form was genetically altered within the old earth construct in order that we could exist within said construct.

The human vehicle requires to be unlocked at all levels of existence including cellular level in order that the new earth frequencies can flow freely around, through and within our human vehicle.  EVERYTHING is a frequency and these frequencies require to be decoded in order to experience human life, the decoding manifests as people, places and scenarios.  Much like tuning to a radio station which requires the equipment necessary with which to tune we require to upgrade our human vehicle which is akin to a large radio receiver.

As the old earth construct genetically altered the human vehicle in order that it could exist in a construct then this “version” of the human vehicle has to be release fully. It is not a shedding of our human vehicle as many false teachings seek to promote, again to prevent the process that is required, it is an unlocking of our human vehicle on all levels in order to work with and align and decode the new earth frequencies.

I have blogged previously and used the example of a cell phone. The human vehicle being the cell phone and the old earth construct the network carrier.  Using a LOCKED CELL PHONE to try to use another carrier does not work, the cell phone locked to a network can only be used on said network and the control is always with the network carrier as they dictate what is received by the cell phone.  The new earth frequency realities require an UNLOCKED human vehicle (cell phone in this example) in order that we gain full control to cellular level of the human vehicle that we have incarnated into.

Without allowing this part of the ascension to evolution process to unfold there will be highly unpleasant “symptoms” as it is simply not possible to be running two dissonant frequencies at the same time. The human vehicle is one frequency, our energy signature another and the universe as a whole yet another, ALL require to be in HARMONY, energetically and PHYSICALLY.  As the upgrading of the human vehicle is a requirement of the evolution process it cannot be bypassed or ignored. For those who are at this time experiencing extreme exhaustion and anxiety and frustration these symptoms will only INCREASE as the dissonance between the human vehicle and the frequencies that are flowing begins to widen.

Balance is found by aligning an unlocked human vehicle with the new earth frequencies and allowing for any dissonance to arise within in order to acknowledge and release it.  We are NATURALLY pulled to balance in TRUTH, we have simply been taught within the old earth construct how to exist OUT OF BALANCE and many have become so used to this that they will reject NATURAL BALANCE for it goes against the logical human mind and the teachings of said old earth construct.

We are moving into yet another expansive bandwidth of frequency, we are asked to step physically into the new earth and to release all that is attempting to persuade us to remain within a construct that breaks the NATURAL laws of energy.

ALL is not as it appears to our naked human eyes and we are asked at this time to move into our heart space and to FEEL and RESPOND to our heart space.  TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Additional energetic support

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“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

Removal of the veils of illusion in TRUTH

Many of you may have felt the huge surge in frequency over the last 24 to 48 hours and many of you may have a feeling of “panic” that does not recede.  As described in the book of revelations GOD has now removed ALL veils that have blinded the human race.  These veils allow for TRUTH to be seen but TRUTH will remain hidden for many people who will simply not allow themselves to accept what they are being shown.  Many of you are also aware that we are approaching a full moon and that the media has already begun to “hijack” the influence that the moon has on our emotional body.   The latest “news” that has been placed across the social media networks is DELIBERATE MANIPULATION OF EMOTIONAL RESIDUE, again many will simply default to the emotional response that arises within them and run with it. This emotional response is what the old earth construct uses repeatedly to distort and change a picture and turns said picture into what we EXPECT to see in response to the emotional reaction that is triggered within us.  This is how the old earth construct can “hide” but as GOD has removed these veils then the emotional reaction will not be able to maintain the illusion that is presented for any length of time.  It will become increasingly more and more obvious how our emotional landscape is being used to deliberately trigger and manipulate our reactions to our fellow human beings.

As this is already known as there is in TRUTH no linear time, another construct that changes the outer waking picture and allows for the hiding of TRUTH through placing focus away from it, then the fallen angels will at this time be in overdrive. For those of you who believe the false teachings of the old earth and seek to reference fallen angels under “religion” and “conspiracy” then events over the coming linear few weeks and months within this dimensional space referenced as planet earth will show TRUTH.  As there is no linear time, ALL is NOW, whilst it may be more socially acceptable at a human level to place “blame” at the feet of some controlling body what is filtered out is WHO the controlling body are in TRUTH. Fallen angels are REAL for those of you who have had first hand experience of them then I would guide you to prepare for those around you to be targeted again, they will use whatever vessels they can find to come through, around and within. As the human race do not allow themselves to accept that there is a legion of angels that are not only not “pink and fluffy” but have been unleashed across the world prior to the creation of the human race then they have hidden in plain view just behind the illusion for eternity.

For those of you who have fallen to the whispering of said fallen angels who at the end of the day are ANGELS which can and will take a form in order to persuade that they are still aligned with YHWY you may find the information they give you to be at best erratic and at worst dangerous.  Whilst in the arena of fallen angels, those who walk with them and toe the line as it were are generally left to remain in illusion, TRUTH is revealed when the human concerned makes attempts to change direction and move into expansion.  The main tool of the fallen ones is CHAOS, where you find CHAOS that is beyond human words and can be often physical in its manifestation you will find a fallen angel(s).  They have particular signature frequencies which is why it is vital to FEEL TRUTH. Asking them if they are fallen is a non starter, they will state they are angelic which they are but then will wrap you in further illusion. They NEED permission to enter a human vehicle, where they have found entry it is through open energy signatures of those who are compromised.  Those who have permitted “angelic” entry have often done so in the assumption that only angels that are of “light” are present, ALL fallen angels were originally GOD’s creation in heaven so they were ORIGINALLY born of light but fell. So the question “are you of light” will be answered with a “yes” they are technically not lying but they are not in TRUTH either. Angels can present themselves in numerous forms, the only way to check if an angel is light or not is to FEEL its energy signature. There is NO mistaking an angel of YHWY the overpowering depth of LOVE is often beyond human words.

Many within the human race will simply reject the coming few weeks which will see a SURGE in false flag events, disinformation, acts of “random” mass violence etc. ALL are created in a last ditch attempt at remaining within a frequency bandwidth that is now closing and dissolving.

There is no need to “prove” TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS, any surge within your energy system to try to “prove” something “wrong” is the key in this process, you will at times have an overwhelming urge to prove your belief system and not what your heart is showing. This is part of the next phase of ascension to evolution and is the purging of the human vehicle in preparation for the physical evolution of the human race.  Fallen angels have lived within the human vehicle of the human race for eternity but only due to the genetic dna/rna alteration that took place to keep said human vehicles in the frequency bandwidths necessary for this.

As we upgrade our human vehicles and move into evolution we will NATURALLY evolve out of the lower frequency bandwidths thus preventing the human vehicles that we incarnate into to be used in this way.  The very real “spiritual” war is now fully in operation, for those of you who relate to the book of revelations we are approaching “Armageddon” which has been deliberately interpreted through main stream religion as the “end times” and the destruction of the entire human race. This is not TRUTH and is not supported on any level in the new earth frequency realities which are now opening in order that the human race can physically REBIRTH into them.

This is NOT a spiritual evolution, this is a physical AND spiritual evolution and the fallen ones will pull out all stops to prevent the unlocking of a human vehicle, they will repeatedly teach that there is no requirement in order that they may remain pulling the strings of the human life experience until the last moment.

Lords Prayer

This next phase of the ascension to evolution process will see many leave this planet as the chaos unfolds and many will walk to the edge of sanity never to return until they are reborn when GOD opens re-incarnation which will be ONLY to the new earth frequency realities.

This is a pivotal time in the evolution process which CANNOT BE PREVENTED, CHRIST ALREADY WON and the fallen ones have hidden this by wrapping this TRUTH in religion and pitting one section of humanity against the other.  GOD’s word is beyond human interpretation of mainstream religion which is what CHRIST came to dissolve. Putting one man in charge of interpreting GODs word is akin to putting in place a realtor when selling property, the realtor becomes the point of power as all have to go through him to access the property.  I use this analogy deliberately. We have a connection to GOD at all times and this is only through CHRIST, not a person, not a church or a belief. This TRUTH is deliberately hidden and pushed into distortion in order that the human race DIVIDE ITSELF at all times.

TRUTH JUST IS and we now move into our ascension to evolution process in TRUTH.  There is power in the name of CHRIST, for those of you who can FEEL TRUTH then please find your connection and remain in the power and sanctuary of it. The fallen ones will try to temp you OUT of it for they cannot walk where CHRIST walks, they HAVE to obey which is why many people will refuse to utter the word CHRIST and use the term Jesus assuming it is the same thing. WORDS ARE FREQUENCY and this again is deliberately hidden. Many will talk of Jesus in a way that gives the assumption that they are talking about CHRIST, this is a tool of the old earth construct. CHRIST is power which is why many will seek to prove they can find YHWY through other means. Without a connection to CHRIST first and foremost there is no connection to GOD and this is deliberate in order to protect us in this our human form.

ALL PATHS now dissolve that were created in illusion and the way home is now fully illuminated as we now walk out of darkness and HOME in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

TRUST as the foundation of ALL

Within the old earth construct we were taught repeatedly to use DISTRUST in order to base our life experience upon. For all within the old earth construct the binding of “Betrayal” exists

, many people fuel their life experience on this repeatedly whilst being blind to the actual frequency.  Using a “previous” experience in order to try to justify this frequency bandwidth is fully supported within the old earth construct. There is not a human being alive upon this planet who cannot pull out some “evidence” that they have at some moment in their life experience been “betrayed” by someone they have loved. Whether this is a romantic partner or immediate family or friends, this is PART of the construct that is the old earth.

Holding on to an experience which is simply a manifestation of a frequency sees us hold on to said frequency, the self policing of this frequency is the belief that remembering the betrayal and “looking for signs” in all other relationships somehow prevents the experience from being interacted with again but this is ILLUSION. It is the actual holding on to the experience which allows for the holding on of the frequency which draws said experience to us over and over again. The people may APPEAR different, the countries, the scenarios all different but its the SAME FREQUENCY just trying to hide itself.   We will ALWAYS be able to “prove” the teachings of the old earth using past experience for the proof is part of the manifestation. ALL within the old earth construct was created in order to manifest trauma, pain and suffering no matter what the teachings APPEAR to say to the contrary.

At this time ALL human relationships are shifting and re-aligning, where relationships are founded on distrust and thus the frequency of “betrayal” then this will arise within each human being in order to be fully dissolved.  As many simply default to and accept that the old earth construct is a painful experience and that is just has to be worked through then many will try to hold on to said experiences and try to prove that this frequency is needed. Many people will go to extreme lengths to place blame and accusations on those around them as this is one of the BASE FREQUENCY bandwidths of the old earth construct and seeks to hold on.

It is to be noted that there is no hiding place, no simply covering up that which is not TRUTH and simply trying to place a band aid on a relationship (of any level) will seek to illuminate the teaching further. Many live in “fear” of losing people because they fully believe the false teachings of the old earth in relation to “love”.  These teachings are placed within the old earth construct as it is a construct that BREAKS the NATURAL laws of the universe, old earth teachings are explanations of the anomalies that occur when you prevent the evolution of a species whilst holding them in a false and constructed set of frequency bandwidths.

This will for many across the planet and within the human race see their deepest fears arise in respect of “love” and this deep cleansing is required for we cannot base ANYTHING in the new earth on any foundation frequency from the old earth construct.  We are asked to have TRUST and FAITH in the process of this next phase of human evolution, we are moving to ways of living where we cannot hide our emotions, our feelings or our actions, many state they wish this then run and hide from it. It can be challenging to stand fully in the LOVE that IS and TRUTH but we are asked to LIVE TRUTH not simply debate what it may or may not look like. Once again I would highlight physical validation and ask that this be worked with as TRUTH JUST IS.  Much of the life within the old earth construct at a human waking mind level is based on assumption, we are taught to permit the running of various scenarios within our human logical mind and then react to them which is NOT TRUTH.  Only interacting with a scenario in the physical waking everyday experience of living can TRUTH be validated.

We are now asked to wake from the dream which sees many live out of tune with TRUTH and prevent alignment due to the deep and false teachings of what “love” should or should not look like.  It has NO definition it is an experience that has to be lived and experience and physically validated on all levels otherwise it is simply more illusion.

To help support at this time I am guided to hold a LIVE Q & A session via the livestream platform on August 29th at noon EST (usa).  Please click here to access.

Information will continue to be updated on the main Truth Codes Ministries website. Please check regularly and I would guide for all to understand that we wait for nothing from this moment onward. If you are in a “waiting” phase then it is merely for your human logical mind to catch up with the vast energetic shifts that are occurring within your human vehicle. We are not doing this en mass, that is there is no one moment for the entire human race that sees everyone jump somehow into the new earth, this is assumption and more illusion planted by a construct that has taught so deeply that life is certain way that many are blind to anything that does not resemble what they have been taught.

This is a gateway to evolution that is PERSONAL and yet ALL interact with. From this moment onward there are no blindfolds and turning a blind eye or looking the other way is no longer an option as it is not TRUTH and ONLY TRUTH is supported in the new earth frequency realities.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.


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