GOD Thru Karen Doonan 2nd july 2015

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Karen x

Expansion of Human DNA and cellular restructuring

As the energies begin to shift and to expand and as we in this our human form begin to let go of the deeply held belief patterns and the emotional residue that is associated with this then we move into a cellular expansion.  All is frequency, it may appear that our human vehicles are solid but they are also energy, they are a frequency and just as we do not see our cells change and replace themselves internally, we do not physically see the frequency changes to the structure of said human vehicle.  As we begin to download the higher dimensional frequencies then we expand our cellular structure, a bit like upgrading our cell phones (all puns intended) we are upgrading each moment of each moment. Many of you at this time may be receiving CLEAR guidance internally and then allowing your human logical mind to talk you out of what is being shown to you.

By NATURE we are all intuitive, there is not a single human being alive on this planet who is born without intuition, it is though slowly taught out of us as we grow up.  Children are not somehow more “open” than they were when we were younger, it is our PERCEPTION that has altered, whereas the world was asleep to the intuition of children it is now awakening. The old earth is now labeling these children as star children, awakened children etc but in TRUTH it is the intuition in children that can only now be seen. THIS IS WHAT WE ALL CAME IN AS but was hidden to the human race.  Now parts of society are seeing these children and responding intuitively to try to adapt to them.  These are veils that have lifted and more veils are lifting at all moments of all moments.

By labeling these children we do them a disservice as we begin to place on them an expectation, this is containing and is manipulation and is not supported in the New Earth frequencies.  We must allow the NATURAL expansion of our own being at all moments of all moments.  As we move into expansion personally and as we allow our DNA to NATURALLY expand and to restructure itself then the clarity that at times appears just out of reach begins to show itself to us.  We do this expansion individually as ONE. This may seem a contradiction but it is TRUTH, it is the human logical mind that simply cannot interpret the phrase as it likes to separate, divide and file the human life experience a bit like a reference book.

The old earth would have us believe that we all have to hold hands and walk with each other along the path and we must keep tight hold and tabs on all around us. This is CONTAINMENT and not supported in the New Earth, we must allow the expansion of SELF in order to achieve ONENESS, as I have blogged repeatedly we are not all here for the same creation purpose, there are many different levels and creation energetic gateways  opening and those who are aligning with creation purpose will begin to move towards and move through these gateways. it is not possible to miss a gateway, it is not possible to not achieve what you came here to birth for your creation purpose was your creation.  A bit like having a pencil, the pencil was created to write, therefore if your creation purpose is a pencil then you will continually expand through the gateways that are open to all the pencils.  Some are pencils, some are pens, some are erasers, some a notebooks. I use the symbolism deliberately for the old earth teaches huge distortion and teaches that groups of people must come together and remain together.

Taking the example of the pencils, the pens and the notebooks and erasers, at any one moment GOD will put a pencil with a notebook or put an eraser with a pencil, as GOD created ALL in the universe then it is GODs will that endures, many who are pencils will try to remain only with pencils and reject any movement or gateway that seems to show that they will leave the pencils and move to the notebooks.  Again the symbolism is deliberate, only GOD knows our creation purpose and reveals this to us as we move through the expansion. Human logic has NOTHING to do with the expansion process for it is human logic and human will that has sought to prevent the evolution of the human race.

As we move further into our expansion then our ability to FEEL and our ability to interpret our creation purpose and the gateways will increase. It may make little logical sense to take certain action and yet we may feel it very strongly within our heart space, our TRUST and FAITH in this process is to follow our hearts at all moments of all moments for it is only our heart space that KNOWS TRUTH.  No matter what we wish to believe our human logical minds do not have the information needed at this time to make any decisions, ALL must be come from the heart space as only TRUTH is supported at this time.

This may see many fall to the anxiety and frustration that accompanies the human logical mind going into overdrive and trying to teach that a situation or scenario has been experienced before. The human logical mind may try to show us our memories are reliable sources of information on which to base decisions and this is NOT supported by the New Earth as the memories in relation to the experience are always distorted through the lens of hindsight.  We are moving into new ways of living and being and new experiences at all moments of all moments if we ALLOW the movement. We can go quietly or we can sit it out, GODs will is GODs will and many are finding that trying to find logic in GODs will is a bit like trying to pour hot tea into a chocolate tea pot, there is no way to work with this at all.

It is to be noted that the old earth was mind centered, it was based on human logic and worked to close down and contain our human life experience, we are moving into experience and logic has no place in experience.  Just as the human logical mind cannot understand how we can be cold in a hot climate it cannot resolve and work with LOVE in TRUTH for LOVE has no logic, we cannot logically work out anything in relation to LOVE in TRUTH. Who we love, why we love, how we love all can and will defy logic and the human logical mind will continue to reject the entire concept of LOVE in TRUTH based on very little due to the non logic that is there.

At this time we are asked to understand that our human eyes are lying to us, we are not in the same human vehicles, they expand and shift and change at all moments, we do not have the same DNA, we do not have the same ways of interpreting this our human life experience. ALL is undergoing vast upgrading and at any one moment this may move us into a form of chaos where we feel all is out of control. How we react to this shows us how open we are to change, the default reaction taught within the old earth is to exert control no matter what it looks like, to show the world that our human will is strong and resilient, this works AGAINST us at all moments of all moments and much as it may feel strange to begin with, doing the opposite of what we believe we must do in any situation will show us TRUTH to new levels.

Past behavior, past emotional response etc are no gauges, no compass points and no reference points to the expansion that is now fully underway.  We will be prevented from defaulting to all that is not TRUTH no matter what our human logical mind wishes to show us.

This is a time of vast upgrading and we are asked to surrender to the process, to let go and TRUST and have FAITH in the process that is unfolding at this time. There are many different hidden routes that are seen by the heart and filtered out by our minds.  GODs will is TRUTH and this will now begin to anchor fully within our heart space as we now ignite fully our divine spark of creation and come into alignment with our creation purpose which at moments is beyond our human comprehension hence it is called expansion and “new”.  “New” is not a shinier, happier version of anything that we have experienced, that is simply variation of a current frequency, it is an experience that has never been experienced on any level in any dimensional space or any life experience ever lived.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen x

2 Corinthians 5:7 for we walk by faith, not by sight.

Repairing time

We walk in a reality that is continually shifting and changing and expanding.  As a race the human race have been kept in a containment that is not TRUTH, it is not TRUTH for the outer waking reality to repeat itself, energy is continually flowing and shifting and in the old earth this was distorted and manipulated.  As the energies begin to heighten and to push through the dense bandwidths of old earth frequency the hold on the outer waking reality begins to dissolve. As human beings we FEEL time around us,  many of you at the moment may be aware of these dimensional shifts where the human logical mind may look at a clock and see a certain time but internally you may feel as if the “day” has flown by or got faster then slower.  For many of you at this time this is highly triggering. The old earth taught a very repetitive pattern indeed and the human logical mind likes nothing better than to see a nice neat pattern. At a human conscious waking mind level this manifests as an outer waking reality that does not shift very much.

To move out of this energetically at moments may feel as if the rug is pulled from under our feet. A sense of panic that cannot be explained, the human eyes showing us the world looks the same but internally we FEEL the major shift and the two landscapes do not align.  At the moment there are huge dimensional shifts, these shifts are felt and not seen, time after all is not linear this is just an old earth teaching that is in place to explain the manipulation and the static appearance of the contained dimensional space we have been kept within.

As we move through dimensional realities and begin to clear the emotional residue of our human life experience we may experience a massive dimensional shift, view it as walking out from the shore of life, you walk and the sand beneath your feet slowly moves and then suddenly the ground dips hugely and you have to adjust to the difference. Many of you at this time have reached this moment and what may confuse you is that there will be those who share you outer waking life experience who are at a different dimensional space and are not going through this massive shift. (not all go through it at the same time as it would simply be too chaotic and overload the entire human race, there are waves of these shifts).

All is adjustment, we have been kept so far out of the natural ebb and flow of life and been taught to ignore so much that the opening of our hearts and alignment with the wider universe may feel like a blindfold being ripped off our eyes. Our eyes and our entire being need some space to cope with the alignment.

Today marks the anniversary of the death of my dear mother, it is exactly 10 years since she passed.  It is challenging to accept the 10 years as being a time scale as I can clearly remember what I was doing at this moment 10 years ago, there is nothing that resembles “same” in my outer waking life.  From family members, to friends to even the country, all is different and all has shifted so much it is akin to another life time and this is exactly what it is. I may be in what looks to be the same body (albeit aged slightly) but I am not in the same life experience.  The expansion and shift to reach this point has at times been monumental. I had no idea as I sat with my mother as she took her last breaths that I would ever reach this point, indeed this country was not even in my internal landscape and yet here I am.

As human beings we are taught to try to hold on tightly to the outer waking picture, to hold it in place, we are taught that this gives us a measure of safety and we revolt when any part of the picture begins to change at a pace we PERCEIVE is not right.  Today I felt a shift like I had stepped off a ledge, a huge door closing and I have nothing in my outer waking picture to align this with.

I have long blogged that the movement into the new earth is a transitional process and it is a process that at times we are blind to.  We can achieve the impossible, we do not have to believe in the impossible we just have to let go.  I knew 10 years ago when my mother passed that a door had opened and I had stepped into a different world, a conversation had with my sister in the hospice garden that evening to this effect. I could FEEL the shift and the change and had put it down to the fact that my mother had just passed. It was much, much more than this. This was the moment that at a frequency level my spirit said “okay lets go Karen, you came here for a purpose and we are going to show this to you now”.  From that moment everything in my life began to disintegrate and I began the stripping away of all that I had wrapped myself in to find SELF.

At times it was beyond painful, at other times it was breathtakingly expansive, I cannot say that the journey has ever ceased to amaze me and I am sure that it will continue to amaze me. What I have been shown over these past 10 years is a sort of behind the scenes. My life can never ever resemble what it was prior to the moment of my mothers death no matter how much I would wish to have “static” in my outer waking reality.  We are moving into times where the very fabric of our reality can and will shift hugely.

At a world level the entire human race are now about to step off an energetic ledge, to move into a dissolving that will show TRUTH to new levels and many are in huge panic around this. The outer waking reality can no longer remain in a “static” form for this is not TRUTH, we are asked to take a deep breath and understand that we came here to show TRUTH to ourselves.  We came here to experience life on this planet in TRUTH and to break the mold and the chains of the old earth once and for all.  Dimensional realities are now opening that are breathtaking, the world looks at the moment relatively like the old earth as our human eyes begin the process of allowing the deeper picture to be absorbed but in no way does it FEEL same and we are asked to allow ourselves to adjust and to accept this.  That is all that we are required to do is accept, we do not have to like it as such just to accept because the old earth taught us denial to levels that are also breathtaking.

This process will endure for the next 2 linear years at a human conscious waking mind level and will see our outer waking reality in relation to society and how the human race interact with each other shift and change hugely. This has already begun through what appears to be the dissolving of human society. The media which is illusion will try to teach that there is nothing beyond this, that the dissolving and breaking down of society is the death knell to the entire human race. This is not TRUTH, it has to dissolve in order to move into expansion and as we do this personally this gathers momentum at a wider human race level.

As a race we are asked to have love and compassion at all moments as we now move into what has been referenced as the “end of times” which simply refers to the end of the old earth. As the old earth has manipulated and contained the human life experience for eternity then it will attempt to cling on and to hold tightly but this will be negated by the letting go, as we each personally and individually breathe and allow the change. Much like going through the death of a loved one, we are going through the death of our SELF, the SELF that was taught to believe that this life experience was nothing but a continual repeat of pain, trauma and endurance.

Death of SELF is often talked about in abstract terms but it is a real experience, much like the death of a loved one there is a period of denial, there is a period of mourning and there is a period of adjustment. The emotional hole that is left in relation to a death is there but it is for the SELF that originally incarnated into this our human form.

At this time we are asked to rest and to allow the adjustment energetically. For many of you this may be experienced as sadness, as a sense of loss or tears, for others it may trigger huge anger as any attempt at trying to adjust the picture of the outer waking reality simply will have no effect. There comes an energetic moment when we defer to GODs will and no longer rely or use human will as human will is a frequency that is lower dimensional and is not supported in the expanded dimensional spaces. All is shifting dramatically, for those of you who understand and reference biblical prophecy this is the seventh seal talked about in revelations, the ripping away of the last veils to show the human life experience in TRUTH.

Each human being alive on this planet incarnated in order to have an experience, the entrance to this life experience has already unfolded and the acceleration is now underway. It matters not how many linear years we have been working to release, all is in GODs timing and we are now aligning at world level as a race, we are going into dimensional spaces that are personal and unique but are ALL ONE and this confuses the human logical mind which references in relation to linear.

Opening of the expansion and reparation of “time” is a massive shift internally and cannot be controlled or manipulated at any level by outside influence, it can be placed in a holding pattern internally as the human mind tries to lock down the experience. To work with this we are asked to let go and to TRUST and have FAITH in the process. Our spirit is in full operational control and this is the spirit that has not incarnated into this our human form, we align our spirit with the part of our spirit that sits at wider source level.  The bigger picture sits in our heart space and will now begin to flow and expand and populate our outer waking reality, much like building a house, we need to have a clear space on which to build said house, any residue of any other building has to be removed, this analogy is what is happening energetically to our human form at this time.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”, breathe and allow this LOVE to heal and repair the rips in the fabric of reality that we were all taught were other than they are. For ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH.

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7  For we walk by faith, not by sight.

GOD thru Karen Doonan 28th june 2015

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GOD thru Karen Doonan 27th june 2015

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Emotional reactions to the expansion of gateways

As I blogged yesterday the expansion of the energetic gateways is now fully underway. As all is frequency and the naked human eyes cannot see frequency then the human vehicle reacts through emotion.  For many of you at this time the emotional reactions of those in your human life experience may be mind-boggling.  An emotional reaction is the reaction at a human conscious waking mind level to the dissolving at a cellular level of a frequency. Many of you may be experiencing what can only be described as mild panic, others may be experiencing deep sadness or total confusion and to the human logical mind this may seem almost insane, it will look for the changes that it assumes must be visible in order that the emotional reaction can be referenced as it would have been in the old earth.

As this release is emotional residue there will often be no picture to refer to so the human logical mind will go into overdrive.  The emotional release is simply the release of stored emotion but the human logical mind was not created to deal with emotion, it was created to reference our human life experience. It has been taught to look for patterns and the patterns are now dissolving as they are not TRUTH.

It is to be noted the emotional reactions and the ability of the illusion that is presented as the old earth to try to persuade us that things are other than they seem.  Someone else’s emotional reaction may work to trigger your emotional reaction for that is how we were taught to live our lives on this planet. As children we adapted and shifted our emotional reaction to those around us based on their emotional reaction to us.  This sits hidden within human society and is what is used to manipulate and control the human race. As emotional residue once released no longer triggers it is not possible to manipulate or control a human being who does not hold firmly to the emotional residue.

Media uses our stored emotions to manipulate us into buying things, into creating belief patterns and subtly restructuring human society. All hidden in plain view but all is relying on the emotional residue that sits deep within the cellular structure of the human vehicle.

At this time this residue is rising to the surface, view the human vehicle as a glass of water, the emotional residue is akin to sediment, it sinks to the bottom of the glass unseen until the glass is moved, at this time the energies are moving through our human vehicles and stirring within us any sediment that we have ignored.  It may seem that whilst we experience this that our lives are other than they are. To be surrounded by people in a panic emotionally or angry often is enough to trigger a behavior pattern within ourselves that is born out of early childhood. This panic and chaos is what is unfolding in the waking world generally and it is vital to detach from it. The illusion persuades us that life is other than it is in TRUTH, the devil cannot separate us from those whom we love, but we can be persuaded that they no longer love us and we can separate ourselves.  This is a highly manipulative trick that is often used. To have us believe that the picture presented is TRUTH with us not being able to see that our emotional residue is coloring said picture and that moving into our heart space and allowing for the residue to be released and the picture to CLEAR is the what is asked of us in that moment.

How often have you acted instinctively then realized after wards that the picture presented was actually something else entirely?  hindsight is a tool of the old earth and has no servitude. At any given moment we use the information that is available to us and we do what we do in that moment. The “all or nothing” and “end of the world” dramas that spring from this are created deliberately by the old earth, if it can continually teach us to hold on to regret and shame and guilt it then has a reservoir of emotional residue to manipulate our waking reality with.

At this time we are asked to be mindful of our own emotional reactions which at times may feel overwhelming, as a race the human race have been taught to REACT to one another, this is not TRUTH, reacting out of a level of fear no matter how small is not living it is existing, it is the fight or flight scenario watered down which a good proportion of the human race has accepted as everyday living. Just because we have always lived in a certain way does not make this TRUTH it just means we have adapted to what we perceive is our human life experience.

This is a time of vast emotional release and the dramas that spring up will also be shown at world level, there is no servitude in interacting with anything that is presented at this time other than to further trigger any internal emotional residue in order to release it. The natural release of frequency by the human vehicle is tears but there are variations on this, anger leading to tears, frustration leading to tears, tears themselves, the variations are endless.  The human logical mind has been taught repeatedly to match up an emotional reaction to an event, person or situation, when this cannot be found then the chaos and the anxiety begins.  Simply accepting that in this moment this is how we feel is the way to work with this, understanding this emotional residue may be lifetimes old also may help.  We cannot fill our hearts with the LOVE that IS whilst it is piled high with emotional residue and littered with broken glass.

So we begin the clean up operation that will appear to the human naked eyes as anything but. We are asked to have love and compassion for SELF and all others at this time. To accept that as a race we have been taught to fight for that which is simply our birthright, our birthright is LOVE, we are LOVE, we have never had to fight for it, we have simply been taught to reject it and to then seek and hold tightly to a very distorted view of what it is. LOVE knows no boundaries and is the highest frequency that exists.

At this time we are asked to understand that any emotional pain we experience is but the healing of the wounds that we have been taught to allow to almost heal then open up again. The band aid has been torn off and now we are asked to let LOVE do its work which is always to HEAL, to try to manipulate this process believing somehow that we know how to heal ourselves is to default to human will for we cannot see the bigger picture at this time, the emotional residue and the limitation which is the human vehicle prevents this at this time. We are asked to trust this process and to understand that we cannot fail at what we came here to be for LOVE is the answer, no matter the question, we are asked to step out of our own way and to let the process unfold fully and NATURALLY. At moments it may feel other than LOVE and it may feel other than healing but the process is a process and it cannot be stopped. It can be stalled by human will and many will move into various holding patterns believing that they must reroute or filter out certain aspects of this process. This is not supported for it is not TRUTH. Surrender to the LOVE that IS sounds relatively easy but may be challenging depending on the depth of scarring at heart level.

It is only by letting go that we can move into expansion and much like a prisoner being kept in a jail cell and the adapting to the outer reality that occurs so too this has occurred within the human race.  Expansion is a process and at any moment we may feel as if we have hit a brick wall but this is illusion for frequency is energy and energy expands and moves at all moments of all moments. Any walls that it hits are self made and we are asked to allow the LOVE that IS to dissolve them fully, for only with a clear heart can we understand our creation purpose and only with a clear heart can we expand into TRUTH at all levels of our being.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen x

2 corinthians 5 : 7  For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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Energetic gateways to expansion

I have long blogged that TRUTH JUST IS but the physical experience of this can and will be challenging as the foundation for our lives in the new earth frequencies begin to form. As a race we have been given reference points for what it means to be male, to be female, to be old, to be young etc, the list goes on and covers every aspect of the old earth life experience. The challenge to the human logical mind is that the old earth life experience is now dissolving.  As all is frequency and all frequency then manifests it is relatively easy to fall to the illusion that the world is just an expansive version of what was. It is easy to fall to the illusion that somehow the entire human race has just shifted into a new consciousness because what we have been TAUGHT to believe is expansion from a logic perspective appears to be manifesting in the outer waking world.

TRUTH JUST IS, it can only ever be validated personally by each individual human alive on the planet by experiencing their belief system physically.  This is a challenging concept for the human logical mind for it is taught to find proof in words and will filter out actual experience over words. This is why many of you at this time are having recurrent experiences that defy logic, LOVE knows no boundaries, it knows no closed doors and it defies logic, that is why LOVE is LOVE and logic is born out of the patterning of the human mind.

For a race that has been taught to rely on the human logical mind the coming few months may be challenging for when we are placed in a heart vs head scenario the only validation will be to the heart. The human mind will try to work around this, try to filter things out, try to reference that which “must be” and it may well tie itself in knots. Logic has no place in the new earth for logic is a manifestation of a reaction to a learned behavior which comes from a frequency that is running at cellular level.

This can be seen in the life experience of those who are born in different countries and have different living patterns.  The human logical mind steeped in one pattern will defy another pattern emerging unless it is introduced slowly and repetitively.  Human beings can do anything at all unless they have been trained to believe that they cannot and they then face the logic of the human mind which states that humans cannot fly for they do not have wings.  We do not have wings so we use aircraft instead but we still fly.  Logic is absolute, logic is black or white, logic is yes or no and so it goes on. Life is lived in the bits in between which are rejected by the human logical mind and this will show in the waking world as chaos and confusion and the human race begin to try once more to exert control over their outer waking life experience.

The devil already knows how to entrap the human race, he has been doing this for eternity, sometimes letting the human race believe that they are in control and can effect change by pressure and sheer determination is all that is required, this fools the human logical mind into believing that simply keeping on keeping on is the way to move forward when in TRUTH it is but a bribe to keep the human race locked into human will. Human will alone is no match for the will of GOD as many find out when they surrender fully to the LOVE that IS and begin to experience miracles.

It is not human will that creates miracles it is the LOVE that IS, we are on the verge of a bible prophecy that looks to the naked human eye other than it is.  Hell is still hell whether it has lovely luxury cushions or is a stark jail cell, how it is furnished fools the human eyes. Many people in the world do not see the jail cells that they have placed around their waking life experience for the bars are translucent and they look out onto a landscape that is other than it is.

We are approaching the opening of the seventh seal where all veils will be removed from the human race, this is not the terrible drama that many believe, we will not have rivers running with blood or the whole mountainside bursting into flames, that is the logical deduction of the words in the bible.  We will have a symbolic representation that is personal to us for the entire outer waking reality is personal, it may look like we share it but we do not, another illusion that fools many across the planet.

The sunset in the sky is assumed to appear to all who look at the sky but as color, depth and height are all perceived personally then one persons sunset is not the same as another. So it is with the outer waking life experience, the honey trap that the devil sets is often filtered out.  To be caught up in what you believe that you want and need is often to find yourself contained to levels you simply could not see until you followed your head.

The energetic gateways to expansion are found in the heart space, they are shown to us personally and uniquely, we are creating our own life experience that is resonating with those whom we share this planet with.  Therefore we must take care of our own energy signature first and foremost. This goes against the teachings of the old earth which would seek to teach that this is somehow selfish. You cannot help a drowning man get out of water if you are drowning yourself, you stand on the shore and throw help to him.

The release of the energetic bonds automatically reveal the energetic gateways, it is a personal experience that many are now undergoing. As we release then we are moved through doorways that we could not see nor reference at the lower frequency level. Some of these doorways are personal and not all will go through them for not all on this planet are here for the same creation purpose. So we are asked to set sail on our personal voyage of discovery.  This allows us to grow the seed that was planted on our incarnation, the divine spark that sits within our heart space. Many assume that as we have taken human form they we are all somehow on this planet to share the same human life experience and this is not TRUTH.

Our spirit knows why we incarnated upon this planet, to experience LOVE is but part of the experience for we are here to birth a new way of living and being through our gifts to the human race.  The human logical mind loves to grab on to a definition and run with it, the mind has NO IDEA why we are incarnate on this planet at this time for that is not the minds purpose, the divine spark was not seeded in our minds, it was seeded within our heart space. For many within the human race the war is between heart and head and this war will intensify until surrender is achieved and the surrender must be to the heart space for the HEART alone knows TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to stand in the LIGHT of the LOVE that IS in our heart space and to understand that knowing is not necessarily feeling, we may know it is cold and yet not feel cold, one is a reference point the other is the experience. It may make no sense to us to stand in the pouring rain and remain dry and yet this happens, people have experienced this, the human logical mind of course states “impossible”. We have been reigned in by our need to have proof for the human logical mind to understand and this is now dissolving.  At all times we are asked to seek refuge in our heart space, to move into how we feel and detach from what our human eyes are attempting to teach us through the outer waking picture that is presented to us. The picture will change but often the change takes some linear time as the brain accepts that the picture is not as it appears to be through logic. This process will unfold more swiftly the more that we can allow ourselves to let go.

Fear is part of this journey, it is the companion on a voyage that we cannot comprehend and yet we FEEL unfolding beneath our feet. We did not come here to this planet to remain in servitude to our human minds and this will be shown and validated by the events that now take place in our human life experience. All exists we have simply been taught what to reject and what to accept. Freedom is beyond the human logical perspective for FREEDOM JUST IS and WE ARE.  As the veils fall away we must first of all accept that life is not what we have been taught and is not what we have believed for life is creation and it is the manifestation of a frequency that we have been taught to reject and to ignore.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen x

2 Corinthians 5:7 for we walk by faith, not by sight.


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