Truth Codes Podcasts 40 days part 10

Join Karen for part 10 of the 40 days of podcasts.  Helping you to make sense of the no sense outer waking reality in TRUTH.

Navigating emotional “residue”

For many people “expectation” is the master manipulator in their lives.  Where the old earth has seeded “expectation” it has placed a blindfold on our outer waking reality.  Division is kept in place through this seed, how many of you reading this blog have fallen to the “expectation” that any division or separation in your lives can never be healed?  Or have held off doing something fully believing what your human logical mind is telling you will be the result?

We are taught to alter our behavior through the harvesting of “expectation” continually and the old earth is designed to manipulate through this.  As I have blogged previously all media, advertising and false teachings seek to promote an “expectation” of results, from “looking younger” to “feeling fantastic”, all is placed in our outer waking reality in order to build expectation and then harvest the resulting frustration as the promised result  dissolves.

At this time we are going through massive shifts and expansion, for those who follow the false teachings of the old earth construct in relation to a new reality the expectation is continually reseeded as this being the “event” or “doorway” that sees the human race move out of the chaos and into some sort of nirvana.  This creates a loop of expectation/frustration/further expectation and is designed to trigger any emotional residue that is still within our human vehicle.

Releasing a frequency does not see “instant” results, many people are approaching releasing of frequency like shedding a jacket, expecting to take the jacket off and have instant clarity. The process of evolution IS a process, it is a gradual understanding of both worlds, the old earth that is dying and decaying and TRUTH.  At any one moment understanding can provide clarity beyond anything ever experienced but there will be a resistance from the old earth construct itself.  Many people fall to the emotional reside and allow themselves to fall back into the behavior that they have released.

This optical illusion is in full flow at this time, it is to be remembered that we have been taught how to survive within a construct for eternity. Human behavior when it begins to alter may feel a little off, when we release a frequency we release ALL thoughts, feelings and behavior that the frequency has manifested but our human logical mind may try to persuade us that we are suddenly lost and we may feel confusion as the human logical mind will demand what behavior will replace the one no longer used.

For those of you at this time who can feel the major shifts and changes but are still validating through the outer waking reality this emotional residue will try to manipulate you into believing that nothing is changing.  As explained and expanded upon within the “40 days podcasts” series, the old earth seeks to present a picture by only showing but part of all the information that is available.  The human logical mind will then simply fill in the missing information with what it believes should be there. Hence we have a human race that believe that a picture is one thing when it is something entirely different. This picture can and DOES change when releasing frequency and the speed at which it changes depends on whether we fall to the emotional residue or allow the picture to fully form before allowing our understanding.

At this time we are asked to stand still and allow the clearing of our internal emotional landscapes, to become the observers to what our human logical minds once believed en route to understanding what is actually occurring in TRUTH.

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.





Truth Codes Podcasts 40 days part 9

Join Karen for part 9 of the 40 days podcasts series.  One podcast a day, illuminating the path out of the old earth construct in TRUTH.

Truth Codes Podcasts 40 days part 8

Join Karen for part 8 of the 40 days podcasts.  One podcast a day to help you illuminate and step out of the dying old earth construct in TRUTH.

Human Slavery Vs Freedom in TRUTH

For many the outer waking reality is complete chaos and unrest.  This the deliberate design of the old earth construct which is designed to create maximum confusion whilst teaching “logic and reason”, the overloading of the human logical mind is a tool of the darkness that is in full force at this time. Whilst we fall to the false teaching that the human life experience HAS to make sense at all moments then we are fully blindfold, many people will simply stop dead in their tracks when faced with an outer waking reality that appears other than they EXPECT, the expectation of our outer waking reality is set down in the first 7 years of our life experience. It is molded by our immediate family and then re-enforced by wider society.  As we are molded we begin to live according to what we expect to experience, any deviation from the expectation will trigger our human logical mind which then persuades us (or in extreme circumstances will demand) that we alter our behavior in order to change the outer waking reality.

In TRUTH the only way to permanently change the outer waking life experience is to release the internal frequencies that run the outer waking reality.  If we do not remove the frequency that is running then it is akin to trying to brush our hair only in the reflection we see when looking into a mirror.  Many people at this time are attempting to change the behavior of those around them in order to keep tight hold of what they believe should be the outer waking reality in which they live.  This simply builds the frustration that is required by the darkness from which to feed.  We can only ever change OUR OWN frequency, we may affect the frequency of those around us but we can only ever change our own frequency.  The old earth construct will seek to persuade us that it is those around us that need to alter in order to hide this TRUTH.

This is why simply shouting at the world that is should be doing X or Y does not work, it is not the world that we are waiting on it is ALWAYS OURSELVES and the changes that are required to be altered internally within our cellular structure. Frequency will always either reject or resonate, this is how frequency works, placing focus from the frequency to the manifestation of said frequency is how the old earth is designed. By placing focus other than where it can be changed.  At this time many people are so triggered by the rapid changing of the outer waking reality that they are in overdrive attempting to keep hold of what they have been taught to believe life should look like.

I have expanded upon this within the “40 days podcasts” which are available here.  This “need to control” the outer waking reality is taught within the false teachings which seek to have us “masters of our reality”, it is the use of the emotional residue in order to manipulate human behavior. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the media/advertising and within our human family units.  Many people will alter their behavior when guilt, shame and fear are triggered. ALL advertising is based on the fear of being left out.  Why do people place so much focus on the material? for fear of being left out. For those who seek to plead they do the opposite, the same manipulation is taking place, for those who reject materialism there is still a fear, both are different sides of the same coin.  Material things are simply material things, it is the emotional connection to or away from said material items that is the manipulation.  The focus is placed on the manifestation which is the material item with the filtering out of the emotional response to said material item.

Many people when triggered and feeling “out of control” will seek to surround themselves with more physical objects, with logic and reason providing the “proof” that is needed by this frequency in order to remain hidden and run fully.  The false sense of security is in the “control” which is why money is used to manipulate, it is not the actual physical item, it is the emotional response to the item. This stems from early childhood, with those who were taught by those around them they were “not good enough” or “not loveable” often seeking to “prove” this wrong by falling to the false teachings of the old earth in respect of being “successful”.  This works the opposite way also again using material objects as “proof” to satisfy this hidden frequency.

People do not buy things for no reason, the object bought is not sold to the human race for what it can do, advertising places the focus on how the object makes us FEEL.  For example make up is advertised and sold with focus on FEELING beautiful, sexy etc.  The actual product cannot make you “feel” anything, it is the expectation that is provided that is then used to manipulate the behavior of the consumer.  This is a very simple example but it applies to everything within the old earth construct. Many people seek to validate their own internal emotional landscapes through other human beings.  This is played out in relationships from personal intimate relationships to friendships.  We change our behavior to those around us NOT because of what they do so much as what we EXPECT them to do and when the expectation is not met then we adapt our behavior in order to gain the EXPECTATION of what we believe should be happening.  This emotional manipulation is in full flow at this time, this is how the human race were TAUGHT to react and to behave therefore until the frequency that is running deep within at cellular level is removed the human race will continue, always seeking to change something external that is in TRUTH internal and hidden.

The deep frustration that is produced is what darkness feeds from and at this time it is in a feeding frenzy.  The holiday that is coming up is one of the most manipulated behavior arenas of our human life experience. It builds the expectation weeks before the actual day with said expectation building at each moment. The pressure that results sees various behaviors displayed but all are fueled by the hidden emotional landscapes that were created within the first 7 years of our human life experience.

The “slavery” that many talk about in respect of the human race is NOT to material goods, they are simply the manifestation of the frequency that is enslaving.  Focus placed and behavior altered in respect of the physical manifestation simply hides the frequency, it is the frequency that is the master and the human vehicle that is enslaved until the human vehicle is released from the frequency itself.

We are asked at this time to look INTERNALLY and to work to release the frequencies that have enslaved the human race since its creation.  Placing focusing internally will show the wounds that the material manifestation is attempting to paper over. The cracks in the internal emotional landscapes of the human race are revealed in order that we can HEAL them, simply papering over them is not supported and can no longer be achieved, the old earth has reached the point of ZERO division, that is it simply cannot divide the human race internally any longer, it has reached maximum fraction point.  This will see many go into overdrive seeking to distance themselves from their own internal landscapes which will see more pain experienced as this is akin to placing a hand in a hot fire and leaving it there whilst trying to run away. It is not possible, all pain is internal, it is projected externally and we are continually assured by the old earth construct that the pain is triggered by others around us therefore we must change them. The old earth construct is designed this way and trying to align with it as it dies and decays fully will trigger only more pain.

Healing begins with acknowledgement, we are designed at a human vehicle level to self heal but we have simply been taught that we need this from an external source which is not TRUTH. ALL healing in TRUTH begins deep within our heart space when connected to Christ.  Otherwise we are simply recycling the frequencies that we inherited upon being born into a created construct.

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

GOD Thru Karen Doonan 27th November 2015


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Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Truth Codes Podcasts 40 days part 7

Join Karen in part 7 of the 40 days podcast series.  One podcast a day helping you move out of the old earth construct and into Freedom in TRUTH.


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