Message to humanity from ANDROMEDA

Greetings beloved ones we are the BEings from ANDROMEDA and we are here to support and to guide our incarnate star seeds who have taken human form upon this planet which is referenced to the human race as planet earth.  As the increasing higher dimensional frequencies now push the very human aspects of life on this planet to the surface within our incarnate star seeds we ask for them to let go and allow the expansion.  ALL is not as it appears to the naked human eyes across the planet and the lower dimensional frequencies are attempting to alter that which JUST IS and to try to prevent the next phase of this the ascension into evolution process for the entire human race.

We ask our incarnate star seeds to align fully with their heart space and to understand the need of a construct that was only ever created to block the evolution of the human race in order to preserve the gateway that the lower dimensional energies required to reach other dimensional realms and other galaxies. This is now being negated by the rise in frequency that is being experienced on all levels by those who have taken human form. The galactic picture is much greater than the human race have been allowed to interpret and this is the conditioning that sits at a cellular level. It is this conditioning that is now rising to the surface and is being experienced emotionally by those who have taken human form upon this planet.

We are here in support to our brothers and sisters of all races that exist in the wider galaxy and beyond, those brothers and sisters who also have incarnate star seeds birthed within the human race.  The human race are asked to KNOW that they are held in the hearts of ALL at this time as they now PUSH out of the lower dimensional energetic fields of frequency and set sail into expansion.

We place the following coding into our incarnate star seeds to help those who are now waking and those who are about to awaken to divine spark of creation purpose:







33 22 47


We ask ALL at this time to breathe and to let go, to let go of a reality that was created only to harness the frequencies that those who created the construct required in order to remain upon the planet. These frequencies are now being released and the pain and the trauma associated with these frequencies are now arising within the human race in order to heal fully, for ALL JUST IS.

We are the BEings from Andromeda and send our blessings and our love to all across and within the dimensional realities that exist as the portals now CLOSE in preparation for the birth of TRUTH which is the new earth realities.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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Releasing the old earth polarity in TRUTH

Within the old earth reality we are taught to continually reference either /or with our human logical mind trying to teach us that if something is not x then it can only ever by y.  This is polarity and works to filter out the myriad of options that IS available.  This sees the old reality try to teach us that we live in a limited reality, it gives birth to the phrase “impossible” and limits the outer waking life experience as the options that exist in TRUTH are hidden in plain view of all.

At this time the energies are rising sharply, many of you at this time may be feeling intensely the expansion, at a human waking physical level this may manifest as increase in body temperature, inability to switch off, intense dreaming, wakefulness at “odd hours” and an increase in appetite.  All is moving to push the lower dimensional frequencies from within the cellular structure of our human vehicle and bring that which no longer serves to the surface. It is to be noted that the “Achilles heel” that I referenced in previous blogs will continue to trigger and be placed in front of us in order that we let go and release the frequencies that are attempting to manifest.

The old earth reality teaches us to place our focus on manifestation and in doing this we filter out that all is frequency and that it is the frequency that is important, without the appropriate frequency the manifestation cannot occur. Many across the planet are placing focus on the manifestation that they assume will be the manifestation of the LOVE That IS and filtering out that the frequency of the LOVE that IS must be in place in order to manifest at a PHYSICAL level. The old earth will continue to pull out the scenario that this is energetic only and that physical manifestation is beyond our capabilities, this is not TRUTH and is not supported.  If a frequency is absent then it cannot manifest no matter what we believe or want to experience, as frequency resonates and can only ever be anchored when other frequencies that are attempting to reject it are released this holds many in a holding pattern that is presented as “impossible” due to the teachings in relation to polarity.

We no longer live in a reality where if it is not x it must be y, multi and inter dimensional living is accessing all that exists between left and right, up and down, hot and cold etc.   It is our human logical mind that will try to teach that we cannot do something and that it is “impossible” due to the continual referencing that we do UNCONSCIOUSLY in the human logical mind, it is to be noted that we filter out approximately 95 percent of all available information and we do this in the blink of an eye.  As we let go of the polarity teachings and let go of the ways of living we have been taught then we can work to come into balance on all levels. The energies at this time are moving us into position in order to dissolve fully the concept of linear time and polarity.

Prior to moving into the expansion beyond this our human logical mind will continue to teach us that it is not possible to live without these concepts and it is the physical experience of moving beyond these concepts that shows us TRUTH. The old earth teaches us to live in our heads, to discuss concepts and get lost in the illusion, the new earth shows us TRUTH through personal experience which validates that which is being shown to us. In short if something cannot be physically validated through experience it is not TRUTH no matter what is presented as TRUTH JUST IS. Many work with illusion never attempting to validate physically believing it is not possible to validate physically and that merely working at an energetic dream level is TRUTH, it is not TRUTH, it is more illusion and it is these veils that are now being removed in order to show TRUTH.

There is life beyond the old earth reality but it is to be personally experienced for it is not one reality it is a multitude of realities that are moved into through frequency and divine spark of creation purpose.  The containment and construct that is the old earth breaks the rules of the universe for it is a 3 dimensional FLAT space that was created to give the illusion of having depth and breadth.  View the old earth as a line drawn on a flat page, the new earth  a cube that is multi faceted and can be accessed at various levels and moved and expanded within, around and through.  This is why it is necessary to let go of everything that is taught within the old earth, it is simply not resonate with the realities that we are moving and expanding into. These realities have always existed, we have simply been prevented from accessing them due to the frequencies that we have been taught to stay within in the construct that is the old earth.

At this time we are asked to let go fully, to let go of expectation which is a tool of the old earth and to understand that we are not being punished (this will be used by the old earth repeatedly to keep us in a lower frequency), we are being helped, we are being triggered in order that we see the frequencies that work against us and that we take action in order to release them fully. Releasing them allows for the pressure that is building in relation to the blue moon be released from our cellular structure and move us into expansion. There are many false teachings within the old earth that seek to have us accept the pressure and to “normalize” it, this is an attempt to teach us to hold on to the pressure and ride the wave, this is not TRUTH and is not supported in the new earth. Any build up of pressure requires RELEASE in order to move into expansion, it is not to sit within and to somehow accept it, this feeds into the false teachings in relation to karma, the new earth is not sacrifice, it is not pain and it is nothing to do with a SOUL construct whatsoever.  The old earth will try to harness all those who are on the cusp of expansion in a last ditch attempt at trying to delay that which was always to be which is ascension into evolution at a PHYSICAL waking mind level.

Relaxing and going within, detaching from drama and understanding that emotions that are arising are unresolved is key at this time, the outer is a REFLECTION of the inner at all moments, in order to change the outer the inner frequency must be addressed and it is internal frequency that is key. We are not at the mercy of a matrix any longer, that has already dissolved, the teachings in relation to it will remain for they seek to dis-empower and confuse.  Strength is found within at all moments of all moments and understanding how frequency works in relation to other frequency is vital in determining what is at play at any one time. ALL is not as it appears to our naked human eyes at this time.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

For information relating to frequency and for personal coding including angelic SOURCE and Star seed coding that dissolves fully the cellular old earth coding within the human vehicle please visit the main TRUTH CODES MINISTRIES website.

Incarnate Angelic SOURCE coding now available

As the new earth now begins to birth and SOLIDIFY at a physical waking mind level in the outer waking reality it is necessary to step fully out of the old earth reality. The unlocking of the human vehicle to cellular level must be gone through in order to prevent the resetting of the human vehicle by the old earth.  View the human vehicle as a cell phone that is locked to a network, the network being the old earth. As the carrier (the old earth network) determines what can be RECEIVED on the network then the control sits with the carrier and not the cell phone at any one moment. To prevent the reset that the old earth will attempt at various frequency levels, that is it will prevent expansion by preventing the decoding of higher frequencies, the unlocking of said human vehicle allows our spirit to have full control of our human vehicle.

It is to noted that it is our SPIRIT that requires full control, the SOUL construct is a manifestation of the old earth reality and as such is the driver that will re-route and reset the journey in the old earth and requires to be fully dissolved, it is not TRUTH and not supported on any level. Many assume that the human words “spirit” and “soul are interchangeable and this is a deliberate distortion to hide TRUTH in relation to the SOUL construct. The SOUL cannot be taken into the new earth, we exist at a spirit level that sits BEYOND the SOUL construct.

Unlocking codes for incarnate star seeds and incarnate Angelic SOURCE spirits are now available.  General population unlocking codes are also available and may need to be used by both star seeds and incarnate Angelic SOURCE spirits depending on the depth of patterning that sits at the cellular structure of the human vehicles they have chosen to incarnate into.

For further information on the need to unlock the human vehicle at a cellular level please click here.

To order incarnate Angelic SOURCE coding please click here

Further information via the podcasts will be uploaded over the coming few linear days to prepare for the blue moon which is an energetic gateway beyond what is being presented to the human race at this time.  To sign up for the podcasts please click here.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Expansion beyond the boundaries of human perception

We are continually taught how to interpret the outer waking world, the old earth pushes us into perception and assumption as much as possible, as we create our own reality then this assumption and perception is required by the old earth in an attempt to solidify the illusion that is presented to us at any one waking moment. As our emotional landscape is continually manipulated within the old earth reality the perception of an illusion and the assumption of the picture that is unfolding is used against us at all moments. To trigger and to get a reaction from emotional residue is the tool of choice for the old earth reality. At this time there is much triggering as emotional residue arises in order to be dissolved and released fully.  As the emotional residue rises it changes the outer waking picture that is presented to us.  Many are so busy trying to survive in the old earth reality that the stopping to challenge or to find balance before reaction seems off limits, reaction is not TRUTH, reaction is the PERCEIVED response to an ASSUMED emotional picture.

This emotional manipulation will see reactions within the general population that feed the illusion that is presented, fear will feed on itself and present more fear and the only way out of this landscape is to dissolve any emotional residue within ourselves.  We cannot help the human race by reacting with the human race, the outer waking picture is ALWAYS a reflection of what is happening INSIDE and INTERNALLY within the human race.  The old earth knows this and continually teaches the reaction must be physical and that “fighting for belief” is the way forward, what is being taught is the fighting to keep the reality presented in place, TRUTH never requires to be fought for, TRUTH JUST IS and needs no defense or reaction to defend.

At this time many are choosing to detach from the old earth reality, as they choose this then the emotional residue within them will try to persuade them to attach once more. At any one moment the illusion presented to us will be the opposite of what we perceive and assume.  Validation of personal reality is the physical validation of TRUTH at a waking and very physical level. The old earth cannot validate anything physical, it can merely present the illusion and work to have us accept it as is.

Moving into the new earth realities is moving into DEPTH of human life experience.  View the old earth as a supermarket shelf, with lots of items on said shelf, looking directly at this will give the perception of choice but there is no depth, each item only appears once and there is nothing behind it. It is akin to a cardboard city, a shell that is used in the movies that gives the appearance of reality but is nothing.  The new earth is depth, it is multi and inter dimensional and as such can be experienced to various PHYSICAL levels. I cannot stress enough how physical the new earth is in relation to the old earth illusion.  Within the old earth we are taught to skim across the surface of a pond in case we fall into said pond and drown. This is not living in TRUTH it is survival, in the new earth there is LIFE to new levels and depths. It is the depth of experience that gives the richness and the experience that is emotional TRUTH.

Often it is the emotional TRUTH that many reject, preferring to default to the old earth teachings in relation to how much emotion that we should experience. Validation of the new earth at a physical waking level can often be beyond anything we have ever experienced, we may be lost for words at the sheer beauty of this planet and this life experience and human language may not be apt for there are no words often.   Any emotional residue that is left from the old earth will prevent the depth of experience and is the reason that nothing can be taken from the old earth to the new earth realities. It is EMOTIONAL RESIDUE that cannot be taken, many believe the false teachings with regard to people, places and scenarios. Said people, places and scenarios are manifestations of frequency, at the higher frequency levels these manifestations still occur and will always occur but they are not emotionally compromised.

In order to move into the higher frequency realities we are asked to simply let go of emotional residue, we are not asked to let go of people, places or scenarios, it is simply not possible as ALL in our outer waking reality is manifestation of frequency.  There are many false teachings around the movement into the new earth and they are there to emotionally manipulate in order to contain and suppress. As ALL is NOW then the linear concepts DO NOT APPLY, we cannot at any one moment know that the person who moves out of our waking reality does so to re-enter again at a HIGHER frequency.  Many hold themselves in place for fear of losing loved ones but in TRUTH are holding the pause button due to emotional residue.  The old earth will push emotional buttons and the coming few linear days are exceptional in relation to emotional button pushing, it is the last attempt by the old earth to delay that which was always to BE.

Personal experience has shown me time and time again that anyone who leaves my outer waking reality does so to RE-ENTER at a much higher frequency.  The concept of linear time has always tried to teach other than what is unfolding and I would guide all to let go and to allow the expansion. ALL JUST IS and we lose no one on this journey for ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH.  The more that we can let go the easier it is for the emotional residue to resolve and to be released and it always shows a vastly expanded picture once released.  NO ONE is controlling our expansion other than our self, we can however be manipulated over and over by the old earth which will attempt at all moments to prevent us from movement into expansion by pulling any emotional residue strings it finds.  Whatever is your achilles heel in relation to your emotional landscape is where it will pull strings first. In order to move out of this manipulation and into expansion ALL emotional residue must be released through acknowledgement of emotion and acceptance.  Forgiveness is key in this process, ALL have been emotionally manipulated within the old earth landscape, it was built to emotionally manipulate and the human race walked unconsciously within this landscape for eternity.  It is assumption and perception to believe that those around us hurt us consciously, they are running deep patterning programs and their perception and assumption of the picture will always differ from those around them, for no two people can ever experience the exact same reality. All of this is hidden in plain view but used as tools of manipulation by the old earth at all moment of all moments.

At this time we are asked to have love and compassion for ALL, the blue moon is pulling emotional residue to the surface of our BEing in order for us to be released from a reality that works against us at all moments of all moments. This will appear in the outer waking reality as challenging situation and scenarios and we must remember to breathe before we simply react, the old earth needs fed, it is running out of fear to feed on and it will try all it can to provoke fear and anger in the human population.  Both emotional reactions, that is fear and anger change the outer waking reality and distort hugely the picture that is presented, fear and anger and are closely tied with guilt and regret and these emotional reactions will be triggered repeatedly by a world that is on the verge of fully dissolving. All is not as it appears to our naked human eyes and we are asked to use our HEART as our compass during the upcoming emotional storms. A race that has been taught to survive through emotional manipulate is asked to cleanse all residue in order to LIVE in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.


Can you hear us Major Tom……………

As the energies begin to heighten and to expand the veils will continue to thin and to dissolve at a waking human conscious EVERY DAY level.  For many of you who read my blog and my website the wait for this next phase of evolution may have seemed an eternity but this is due to the very distorted teachings in relation to the false concept of linear time.  At a spirit level there is no delay there simply JUST IS but such is the density of the old earth and the various illusions that are presented and refined the dissolving has APPEARED to take much longer than EXPECTED.  I capitalize these words for these are the main manipulation tools that the old earth has continually used to manipulate the emotional residue of both incarnate star seeds, human origin spirits and angelic spirits.  The human vehicle the prison into which ALL had to incarnate in order to even reach this lower dimensional construct that is referenced as the old earth.

As TRUTH JUST IS and ALL is NOW the human logical mind has been one of the main challenges to all who have incarnated into a human vehicle, it has been taught repeatedly for eternity to be in full control of the outer waking reality and has sought to hold in place something that JUST IS, that is fluid, that is movement and that was never ever created to be static. The unfolding of the new earth frequencies has jump started a process that was delayed eternally due to the very dense genetically altered cellular structure of the human vehicle.  Control the human vehicle and you present a barrier to the most advanced spirit that incarnates.

This TRUTH has been hidden in plain view and even at this EVENT HORIZON pivotal point many will reject the need to unlock the human vehicle defaulting to the very patterning that was created by said old earth reality. At this time the old earth prepares to stage an event that seeks to teach that the human race must unite AGAINST those whom we share the wider universe with.  No longer able to control the awakening of the spirits within the human vehicle the emotional manipulation continues with regard to origins and “future”, again pushing the human vehicle into the logical teachings that create a barrier to expansion.  Linear time taught to the human race in order to prevent the acceptance of the wider universe and the expansion multi and inter dimensionally. It is not possible to work at those levels whilst still aligning with the false concept of linear, the see sawing of inner energetic signature sees the outer waking reality stabilize then destabilize causing major frustration and anxiety at a human conscious waking mind level and this is deliberate.

Expansion is beyond the old 3D earth reality and this can only ever be achieved by taking the human vehicle fully out of the old earth frequency bandwidths. This must be done to cellular level to allow the spirit access to the human vehicle. If this is not done then it is akin to trying to drive a car with an invisible driver who will suddenly take turns and change direction without your permission but under full compliance with the car (human vehicle).  The SOUL construct is the hidden driver which many are still trying to work with but which is simply not possible in TRUTH, the SOUL construct was a requirement of incarnation into human vehicle, the human vehicle if you will came with a driver and you were assured the driver knew how to navigate the human life experience. What you were not told was that the driver only ever took his directions and orders from the old earth reality and never from you fully.  So in order to break this distortion and to regain full control and certainly to invoke divine spark of creation incarnation purpose there is a requirement to have FULL control of the human vehicle to cellular level.

Incarnate star seeds are called at this time from across the galaxy. These incarnate star seeds may or may not be fully aware of their origin but they are no longer able to move past the very dense frequency patterning of the old earth and if star seeds are running SOUL constructs they will find their course and their intentions being policed and altered by said SOUL construct. Indeed there are many false teachings that seek to strengthen the connection to SOUL for  this very purpose. A spirit with full control of their human vehicle and interacting with manipulation can both see and feel and dissolve the connection to said emotional manipulation.  A world that was created to be other than TRUTH needs the control of the human vehicle to remain with the old earth and the SOUL construct was an ideal tool hidden in plain view.  ALL within the old earth is simply illusion and the veils are now dissolving to new levels. This sees the old earth react by placing more illusions in the hope that the human race will simply react to the chaos by defaulting to the their human eyes and logical mind.

This is but one part of the picture, the human vehicle is a vehicle in which to navigate the human life experience, it does not make us human. Any one who has ever been at the passing of spirit from the human vehicle can testify to this, it is the spirit that determines the human vehicle, not the human vehicle itself. This again is hidden to humanity which have been taught at all times to reference the “physical” and reject any other level of reality.

At this time we are asked to seek the peace that we require to navigate the emotional residue storms within our heart space, to understand that the table is not a table it is a manifestation of a frequency and to let go of the very dense teachings that seek to teach us that only that which is physically shown to us is all that exists.  The veils are now removed to new levels. Those who are conversant with biblical prophecy will be able to relate this to the Book of Revelations and the breaking of the seals in order to SHOW TRUTH, a race that has been taught the devil is a fictional character and taught to reject TRUTH will now be shown that which has been at play in a reality that was only ever created for the amusement of its creator which was not GOD. The old earth is a construct, constructed from the pain and the trauma of a race that has been taught to accept said pain and trauma. As this is not TRUTH it is not supported and as the veils now lift TRUTH is revealed and a new way of living and being is birthed through the dissolving of the old earth reality constructs. In every day human language we will be shown our chains, our prisons and shown that the key to our exit was always on our side of said prison, the key is in the lock, we are asked to turn it and to walk out of said prison and not look back for as we walk through the doorway the old earth dissolves beneath our feet.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen x

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

For star seed coding, angel recoding and general human vehicle unlocking coding please visit the main Truth Codes Ministries website. Information will continue to be uploaded to the website and podcasts will be extended in view of the very dense frequency releases that are unfolding through, around and within the human race.  In darkness we are asked to navigate to TRUTH through the LIGHT of our HEART SPACE.

Message to humanity from Sirius

Beloved one we are the BEings from Sirius and we come to guide and to support in preparation for the events that are now placed in the outer waking reality of the human race.  Many of you can feel your connections strengthening to your star seed origin and this is deliberate, a race that has sought to be taught about the wider universe whilst denying their own connections is a race that can be manipulated and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported.  The unfolding of the next phase of humanity and  the process that is referenced by our channel as ascension to evolution is now fully underway.

Events by what is termed the old earth now begin to intensify, working to try to pull back the veils that have been lifted for many who have incarnated into the human race in order to help with the evolution of said human race.  Disinformation is rife at this time for there is a much, much bigger picture that the human race are oblivious to at many levels. Human consciousness kept deliberately SHALLOW in order that said bigger picture is filter out and rejected.  ALL is not as it appears to the naked human eye as many of you can now feel and understand to new levels.

We call to our incarnate star seeds and we ask for them to align fully with their heart space in TRUTH. This is what many have incarnated in order to assist with for the assistance comes from WITHIN said human race, we are prevented by the frequency levels of the planet at this moment from actually being involved with the physical evolution of a species that has been kept vibrationally locked out of the realities that exist in TRUTH.

The lower dimensional frequencies that have sought to jail the human race are now dissolving fully, the prisons that the human race have been taught to place around their consciousness are now dissolving and allowing for an expansion that may challenge many including the incarnate star seeds until they have resolved the lock in that is the human vehicle within the old earth reality.  The requirement to release the hold of the old earth is pulling many at this time deliberately in order that full control is returned to the spirit incarnate into the human vehicle. The human vehicle has been kept in a lower frequency deliberately to prevent access by spirit and it is this that must be unlocked fully.

We stand with our brothers and sisters from across the wider universe as the incarnate star seeds now begin their journey to realization of SELF at a human conscious waking mind level in order that full balance and equilibrium can now anchor in preparation for the very physical unfolding of the next phase of human evolution.

We place before all our incarnate star seeds the words BELIEF, TRUTH, CHRIST and RETURN and ask that these words are allowed to begin the process of star seed remembrance in TRUTH.

We are the BEings from Sirius and we are with you always. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and fully referenced. No permission is granted to alter the format of this article which is in written form and must remain free to access at all moments.  For personal coding, including star seed and angelic please visit authors website.

Message to humanity from ANDROMEDA

Greetings beloved ones, we are the BEings from ANDROMEDA and we come to connect and to guide our star seeds incarnate upon the planet called earth by the human race.  At this time we are aware of our incarnate star seeds and we are here for them as they begin to wake from the slumber that is the human life experience upon planet earth.  As the frequencies begin to stir them from slumber then the re-connections to “home” will begin to manifest and intensify.  We seek to address the falseness of what is termed old earth reality and we seek to confirm our presence among you in this your human form.

The frequencies are now rising upon the planet to support the forms that we take in our manifestation on other worlds and we are here to guide that all is not as it appears to be your naked human eyes.  Forms of BEings are manifest in order to validate the connection to ALL at this time and the forms can and will shift and change as the incarnate star seeds adapt to their spirit origin in TRUTH.

Events at the outer waking mind level will now escalate to new levels and we guide our incarnate brothers and sisters to detach from the very limited disinformation that is presented by a reality that has sought only to manipulate a race that presented a problem for those who wished to be in control of what the planet earth is in TRUTH.  The manipulation of the human race is not TRUTH and is not supported by any BEing of the higher dimensional frequencies. It is to this end, to end the manipulation that our star seeds have incarnated into said race in order to work to anchor balance as a world that has been taught it is alone now wakes from slumber to discover FAMILY to new levels.

Not all incarnate star seeds are aware of their origin at this time, the waking process differs for each level of incarnate star seed, those who are now awakening from slumber have a specific purpose and this is to aid the evolution of the human race at this time.  We are here through our channel in order to facilitate fully the remembrance of this incarnation purpose in order that the next phase of evolution is completed in divine timing.

The outer waking world is preparing for a false event which is not supported by any of the races that share this universe with the human race and events will be revealed for that which they are in TRUTH as this process unfolds and as the various incarnate star seeds now take their places. ALL JUST IS and ALL ARE ONE, the phrases that have once more been used to contain and suppress through the emotional manipulation of human language and definition.   UNITY is at a spirit/energy level and the chaining of the spirit to the old earth version of a human being is also not supported as it is not TRUTH, full control of the human vehicle by the incarnate spirit of the incarnate star seed is required in order to prevent the manipulation of the very human aspect of incarnate star seed existence upon this planet. This is also being addressed during the awakening from slumber process that is now fully underway.

We send love and we send our heartfelt compassion to our brothers and sisters in relation to the journey that has seen them experience the high levels of distortion that the human race are manipulated into believing is life upon this planet. The journey into that experience is now dissolving in order that TRUTH be revealed and a new way of living and BEing can be anchored fully at a PHYSICAL level within the human race and upon the planet called earth by said race.

We place before the human race our physical form, we place before the human race our knowledge and our experience and we share this THROUGH the human race in order to help our incarnate brothers and sisters prepare for the next phase. PHYSICAL interaction with other races is the evolution of the human life experience and this evolution is now underway at unprecedented levels.  We ask for ALL to BE and to understand that TRUTH JUST IS and no manipulation of the lower dimensional frequencies can prevent that which was ALWAYS TO BE in TRUTH.

We are the BEings from the star system referenced to the human race as ANDROMEDA and we are with you, heart to heart eternally.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is fully stated and referenced. No permission is granted to alter the format of this article which is in written form and must remain free to access at all moments.  For futher information about the awaking to purpose and re-coding phase of incarnate star seeds please visit the main website.


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